Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Good morning~~~~I can hardly believe it's August. You are probably tiring of the pictures of flowers on here, but I am holding on to summer as tight as I can. The gardens change throughout the summer season. Seems it's time for the yellows to show their sunny faces.

The little Mexican daisies have blight this year...but the flowers are still cute as ever. The bee balm loves showing off for the buzzing bees.

My granddaughters make sure the window boxes on the playhouse are kept watered..but this one looks a little droopy.

This trumpet vine tries to take over, pushing on the clematis....causing it to look like a jungle as they climb together up the corner of the garage.

Always a happy sunny yellow, the black eyed susan's and yellow cone flower add fun to all the gardens.

The window boxes are spilling over with geraniums!

It's bittersweet for me when August gets here. The heat of summer, the sunshine, and all the different flowers showing up here and there. The sun rising in the summer sky...but a little farther south as the days go by. I know there are a few weeks left to enjoy the water, flowers, gulls, and passing rain showers....but I can't help feeling a little sad ....knowing the season is slowly slipping away.....
So if you don't mind, I will keep sharing pictures of the gardens for just a little while longer.

Now get outside and enjoy the sunshine!!!

Love you guys!
I'm sharing with Dusty Bay for the Blog Hop...for the first time..


  1. Your flowers are just beautiful and I just enjoy when you post pictures of them. I've tried to grow black eyed susans twice but they just don't do well for me, yours are so pretty.


  2. Oooh... Love the flower pics of your place, makes me smile. : )I didn't do any annuals until last week.. We have a white house, porch all the way around & I always do red geraniums.. porch boxes, hanging baskets, big pots on the porch & we were just gone too much this summer to bother.. so just last week I bought a few...(really cheap:) NEXT YEAR my house is going to look like yours... :) (said with fingers crossed )

  3. hi,
    you have beautiful flowers in your garden.I love the yellow flower.
    have a nice day,

  4. Well, I am looking foward to Fall, although I love long summer days and the warmth of the sunshine. Hey, I love the fairy sticking out of the window box on the playhouse thing!

  5. Wow! I sure like the flowers that you have. It surely is great with nicely built window boxes like custom window boxes. You can try and visit http://www.windowbox.com for some nice selection of window boxes that best compliment your flowers. What is the name of those red flowers by the way?

  6. Your flowers are very beautiful and I love your window boxes. They are perfect for showing off your flowers. Enjoy them while you can. Fall will be here quicker than we think. I hope so anyway. I'm ready for it. This heat is melting us here in Mississippi. lol

  7. You have such beautiful flowers! I really love the settings you have created with the trellis and window boxes, beautiful!

  8. Ohh...Debbie! I love looking at your flowers. It makes me smile to see what you have accomplished there on the lakefront. My own flowers are so sad this year. I have neglected my yard and it shows. I absolutely LOVE the arbor by your mailbox. It is gorgeous. I also love your window boxes. I can almost feel the breeze coming in off the lake. Your post made me feel just a bit nostalgic for the upcomind end of summer. Although the heat has been awful and Fall is my favorite time of year, I really want to hold onto some summer for a little while yet. Thanks for the lovely post! Diana

  9. Hey sweetie! It's me! lol! You know that we never get tired of oggling your flowers. You have such a green thumb, girl! Those windowboxes are sooo beautiful, and your hollyhocks continue to amaze me. The photo of them by your arbor is like something out of a gardening mag.....

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

    PS Oh, and I think it's a grand idea that Diana drives that mermaid car while we create havoc around Sanibel! lol! What an impression WE would make, huh?! lol!

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I never tire of seeing your beautiful garden! Everything looks gorgeous! I love your clematis, and your little picket fence area and window boxes are a wonderful inspiration!
    It gets so HOT here where I live that I always look forward to fall. It's probably more like your summers (in the 70s and 80s).
    Enjoy the rest of your summer days.
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  11. Debbie- you post all the flower photos you want! I enjoy your blog so much and can't wait to see what comes next! Love the bee balm!
    Hugs- Tete

  12. Your flowers are so pretty!! Mine did really great in late Spring and early Summer, but when we got really hot weather here everything changed...they now look really terrible! So please keep showing yours for me to enjoy and drool over. LOL...

  13. August means Summer is soon ending. I'll be glad to get rid of this heat. Your flowers are lovely! You are quite the gardener and the arbor is beautiful.
    Come on over to my giveaway.

  14. Hello Debbie - your garden looks lovely. Your hollyhocks behind the gate look incredible - just fantastic! Thanks for sharing - and for joining the Garden Blog Hop!