Monday, October 4, 2010

Where did the time go?

Happy Monday to everyone.
We had company at the lakehouse for the weekend. Kelly  and her family came for a visit.
We had a wonderful time! Everyone helped make apple pie for Sunday dessert...and was it yummy.
As I watched the kids play, I couldn't help but wonder how they got so big so fast.

 Our youngest baby is already rolling over! I was hoping Sadie would stay an infant for longer than just a couple of months.  Since this might be our last babe, we are all hanging on to her "baby-ness" as long as we can. You would think that after our 15th grandchild was born, the novelty would wear off...but it doesn't.

Each new little bundle that comes along is just as precious as the previous one.  We have pictures all over the place of kids and grandkids! As I replace school pictures, each year I marvel at the difference in each child.
 Jessica was our first granddaughter. I still remember her pigtails, and little heart shaped lips. She will be driving before we know it....bittersweet. She's grown into a lovely young woman right before our eyes.
This picture of Maddie and Kayla laughing is one of my favorites. We were in Frankenmuth that day. So much fun to watch the girls having a good time together. Brings tears of joy to my eyes.
Here is Kayla now....with hair!  She started kindergarten this Fall...another bittersweet moment.
I'm running out of places to put pictures! The shelves, tables, and cabinets are full!
Not to worry tho....if, by chance, we are blessed with another baby, I'm sure I'll be able to squeeze one more picture in somewhere.


  1. That is very sweet Debbie:) I know time has flown with my girls:) Have a great day:)

  2. It is amazing how much room there is for love is'nt it? Your kiddos are darling. hugs♥olive

  3. You're so lucky, Debbie!


  4. Wow, 15 is a wonderful number of grandkids! And they are all so sweet.
    You might try collages of them...and you may need to fill those empty frames...LOL.
    I have seen these little trees somewhere where you can hang little framed photos on the limbs. You could paint it white and it would look so cool in your home.
    Or you could get them all together and do one major photo! A friend of mine did this and it is so cool.
    They all wore jeans and then each family had their own color shirt and they all looked good together, but you could tell at a glance which kids belonged to what parents. They took it in an old barn and then on a fence.
    I just tweeked a header I found online with Picnic this morning. They added new free add ons for Halloween.
    Check them out!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. Hi Debbie,
    What wonderful pictures! I great that you have 15 grandchildren! Lucky you! I love how you have displayed all of their photos, especially how you used the vintage flower frogs. I love that look! We just got back last night from 2 weeks in the U.P. and just loved it! I thought of you as we passed Houghton Lake :) The Keweenaw Peninsula is amazing in the fall, I miss it and Lake Superior already! And I missed you, too while I was gone! It will take me awhile to get all caught up on blogging! Have a great night :)

  6. Debbie, they sure do grow up so fast! I don't have grandbabies yet but my own girls have grown up way too fast! They are now 29 and 27-the time has just flown by!

  7. Debbie, Your children and grandchildren are so blessed to have you as mom and grandma. Yoor love for them is very evident! =)

  8. Wow - 15 grandchildren. That is wonderful. Keeps you busy shopping for the holidays!!!

  9. Such a bittersweet post, Debbie. Your grandkiddos are all sooo photogenic and adorable! And I can't believe that you have 15 of them. You truly are blessed..... :)

    Hugs ~ xoxo laurie

  10. Oh, Debbie- 15 grandkids! How did that happen? Weren't you just a young Mom yourself the other day? Your "babies" are beautiful-from young to oldest...just beautiful.

    I know, when I had my first hands-on granddaughter I couldn't believe that I would ever love another as much as her..but I did...and I do...and now we have a little hands-on grandson and I can't believe that I would ever love another little boy like I do are right- the more you have-the more you love. What a blessing. Debbie- we are just blessed beyond belief, aren't we? xxoo Diana

  11. How full your life is! Beautiful grandchildren!

  12. I know how you feel about those babies. This past year our family was blessed with 3 new ones but before that the youngest was 5 years old.
    I'm so glad I retired so that I can have more time with them.

  13. Hey sista! You asked about the mirror that was on my dresser. Imagine asking about a mirror! lololol! And no, I didn't bolt it to the ceiling like Diana did with hers (hehehe!). It's still there. We just placed the cabinet right in front of it! :)

    Smooches ~ xoxo laurie

  14. You have such a wonderful touch at displaying pictures. I'm right with you on how quick those kids and grandkids grow up. Each picture brings back its own memories which is why I love photographs so much. They really keep the memories alive don't they?