Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring-time at the Lakehouse

I just returned from Tete's blog. She took a walk in the rain, and took some great pics of what spring looks like at her house.
I've been seeing so many lovely photos of flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees in blog-land.
Soooo...I thought I'd share a few shots of what spring looks like here at the lakehouse today.
Keep in mind, we are under a winter storm warning.....

Don't you just love my fenced in cottage garden area? The wind blew the little fence over by the shed...adds to the warm feeling of a spring-time afternoon.

And, here we have the boat. Notice the colorful shrink-wrap?  Usually we have the pontoon in the water by now...we decided to wait just a few more days...maybe Easter Sunday???
 This...this is my potting table. all ready for those bags of potting soil, shovels, pots, and even new plants, and flats of flowers.....any day now.....

Here is the view from my kitchen window. Can you see the buds on the lilac bush just outside the window? all covered in snow? Aren't they lovely?
Yes, it's been snowing for about three hours...just a couple more days, then freezing rain moves in.
So, there you have it....my spring-time pics. So refreshing, don't you think?
I wore my flip-flops to work today. I'm NOT giving up! Mother Nature must be experiencing PMS.
I'm hoping she gets put back on her anti-depressant, or even Midol...whatever it takes!!!!

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