Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You never know.....

It's still snowing here at the lake.
I've cut my hours back at the pharmacy, so I have more time at home, and also more time to visit with  my girls and their families. They live two and a half hours south of us.
I see them more during the summer months, because of vacation times, and good driving weather.

I was planning to sew things for my booth during the colder months, using the linens I collect...which I have done in the past.

When we first moved to the lake, I thought the kids would be here more often. 
When they were growing up, we spent many weekends at my grandparents cottage...swimming, fishing, hiking around the lake, sitting around the campfire, catching fireflies, and hunting for turtles.

Things change. People change. 
Spending long weekends at grandparent's houses at the lake isn't what it used to be.
We actually tried to sell our lakehouse. With the market the way it is, we ended up taking the house off the market.
I had to get used to the idea that we were here to stay.

While purging "stuff" these past few weeks, I found a few things that I made with the linens, and vintage fabrics collected over the years.

God blesses us with
We can share these gifts, or hoard them away.
Since the kids don't visit as often as I'd like, I might as well start using the linens I've saved for so long.

I can make things for my booth. Doing the things that I enjoy.
Then when the warmer months get here...maybe, just maybe, the kids will decide to come up for a long weekend. 

Who knows, someone might just catch a turtle.


  1. Don't you love having time to create?!
    I spy a few familiar things in your photos!!
    Hope you didn't get too much snow!

  2. That is so great that you have so many wonderful memories spending time with your grandparents, Debbie! I bet your grandkids will be up alot this summer:) I totally adore your heart, it's gorgeous! I didn't know that you still had your booth, how is it going? You should see all of the snow here, we must have at least 10", looks like we're back in the Midwest!! Hugs to you!

  3. All of a sudden it may change and then everyone will be back at the lakehouse again. It seems to go in waves. Love those wire baskets!

  4. ;)- You bloom very well. I love all your fun linens you have piled up there. We are best when we are creating, aren't we? The kids will come. They will come for you, and if a turtle pops up, well then that will the their icing on the cake. Invite them, and see what happens. Pouting never hurt either. Kids need to unplug sometimes, just like us. They'll find out they won't die if they can't text every 5 minutes.
    Nothing takes the place of grandma's house, no matter where it is, but being on that lake and all the wonderful things to do is priceless. Your job, my dear is to teach them to slow down, and really see things. That's what grandma's do best and with the way things are today, these kids need it more than any other generation.
    SO- sew away, day dream of warmer days and stay cozy. If you have any wine left from yesterday, you can sip a glass of that this afternoon as you coast through the day.

  5. Hi Debbie - found you via Sherri in NC (a sweet lady I had the pleasure to meet once - and once was not enough) and thought I'd stop by. See we love a lot of the same things when it pertains to decor - love what I'm seeing in your pretty home.

    Yes, hard to catch up with family and grandchildren sometimes, especially when the kids become teens - hope they return to the fold once 20 rolls around. Hope I'm still here then too of course!!

    Have a fabulous week - and stay warm.
    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  6. We always did the same when we were kids. we would either be at my Uncle's beach house, or at my parents cabin in Vermont. I think it depends on the family. Some kids are so involved in sports and extra-curricula activities that they have no time or little time for relatives. Plus sometimes when kids are little it is just plain hard to travel with them. But, I hope you get to see more of them come summer!

  7. I can just picture you sitting there at your sewing machine creating your beautiful linen treasures, sis. Makes me smile because I know you're smiling. :) Just be sure to save those last weekends this summer to stay at Heaven's Walk! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Hello Debbie...roll on summer for you when you will have lots of visitors !! Love your Bloom sign so very cute ! People do live much more separate lives now don't they ? When we were kids we always had a house full, there was always someone staying with us and it was great fun. Now children over here spend a lot of time "socialising" on their PCs (oops a bit like I am now!!) and they don't seem to see each other much out of school time. Stay creative and keep warm in that chilly weather ! Gail x