Tuesday, June 11, 2013

LOTS of flowers in the house!

It's Tuesday morning here at the Lakehouse.
My visitors left yesterday late afternoon.
It was a whirlwind of a day.
I cannot even describe how wonderful my day was.

We had a nice lunch, lots of laughs, and as you will see....so many flowers!!!
These Columbines were cut from my gardens.

I brought in quite a few Iris too.

We had oodles of roses!
I had bunches, plus my guests brought some from Laurie's house!
So by the end of the night, I started hanging the ones that were blown, for drying.

I still have some in little pitchers all over the house!

It was only 9:30 pm, but I was pooped.
This old broad was ready to relax.

Aaahhh...the sun porch.
I love being in here on a warm summers night...especially when the mosquitoes are on the hunt for human flesh outside.
It's not uncommon for me to fall asleep out here for the entire night.
Mr. L just turns off the lights, and lets me enjoy the peace and quiet of the Lakehouse.
I had a great time with my visitors. It was worth all of the cleaning I did these past few days. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.
In a few short months, you will understand why.....*wink


  1. I love it! So happy it went so well! I still am so excited and I thought of you many, many times yesterday. Your home and your flowers look beautiful and those roses hanging to dry....simply gorgeous! Someday I just HAVE to try that!

  2. There is nothing that makes me happier than having a clean house, company over, and lots of flowers! So glad you were able to share your beautiful home with friends, and I would sleep on that porch every night!

    xo Kat

  3. I'm so glad to hear you had such a fab day. I can't help but wonder what secret you are harboring.... :-)

    So far I have 2 bunches of roses and 1 bunch of sage hanging and drying. I always think of you when I'm doing that!

  4. Ok- what's happening in a few months???? You're killing me here!
    Love all your photos and your new header. So happy you had such a good time! Love that porch. I love those lights. I will have to look for some of those. Hope you are resting up today.

  5. The flowers are beautiful! Sounds like you had a special visit-enjoy:@)

  6. I love secrets- you know I do!!!! I am so happy you had a wonderful, wonderful day/experience. I LOVE all your flowers and your sweet, sweet summer porch. xo Diana

  7. Everything looks soooo gorgeous, Debbie! I'm so glad that I could pass some of my roses on to you! :) Don't you just LOVE those Majolika sprays?? My fav!! Glad that God blessed you with a joyfilled day, sis! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  8. Debbie...sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your flowers are just beautiful!! Hmmm...I wonder what your secret is? Can't wait for you to share it with us.

  9. You'll be on cloud 9 for a while...enjoy!!

  10. Oh you are a tease !!! wonderful flowers and your little porch looks just perfect for an overnight snooze ! enjoy your weekend...Gail x

  11. Wow, what you won't do for friends, eh? Enjoyed the trip through your house...it must smell divine!