Saturday, June 1, 2013

We painted the swing!

What a beautiful Saturday it is here at the Lakehouse!
The flowers look so cheerful this year.
I LOVE all of the bright colors.
Usually I keep to just three muted colors. This year I went for more of a cottage garden look.

The mix of flowers match  my gardens.
They are a hodge podge of color, and kind.

We finally moved the arbor/swing, and painted it.
It's been a dark stain color for years. I've asked Mr. L if we could paint it for over ten years....he doesn't like to rush into things.

When it was finished, he remarked how much he liked it white....oh my!!!

It was sooo worth the wait!
I LOVE it!
I'm sure we will be sitting in the swing, watching the boats go by tonight.
I will be sipping a glass of wine, and Mr. L will have a few beers.
As we watch the boats go by, and relax on the swing, and I sip my wine, the dogs will be running to the edge of the seawall yapping their heads off!!! at each and every boat that goes by! ARGH!


  1. Wow! Your header and your flowers!!! I love the bright colors, I can't believe how full and beautiful they are already. The arbor and swing turned out beautiful and worth the wait and what you have done with it is amazing. Enjoy you relaxing evening, wish I could pop on over for a beer!

  2. LOVING your header...just gorgeous!
    Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon!

  3. What a gorgeous profusion of color in that new header. Love the swing - so romantic and pretty. I'd like that at my lakehouse too. Enjoy your evening.

  4. The swing is beautiful! I love it when a project turns out perfect-enjoy:@)

  5. Debbie, I love the mixture of colors in your flowers. The swing looks great...and cozy with the nice quilt. Enjoy this evening. xoxo,Susie

  6. Hi Debbie,
    I love your beautiful garden flowers and your swing is 2die4. Love the pretty pillows and the lacy cover. I know it must be really relaxing to sit out there and watch the boats and doggies.


  7. Oh, Debbie- Your flowers are so so so very beautiful. I really love how they look. I have always chosen the subdued colors, too, but seeing this makes me smile. I haven't done any outside plants yet because I am going to be gone for several days and won't plant them until I get back-SOMEONE here won't remember to water and deadhead.

    LOVE your swing! Now I WANT one- or maybe I could just come and hang out with you. Surely, Jim can drink his beer in a chair close by while I sit with you! xo Diana

  8. Debbie...your swing is gorgeous!! You must be so thrilled with it! Why does it take so long for our hubs to see the light?? I wish I were right there with you on that job but we haven't even gotten the furniture out yet here. I haven't mentioned it on my blog but you are a dear friend I can confide husband was diagnosed with cancer last summer. With surgery and months and months of chemo and radiation...he's just too weak, tired and sick to do all that needs to be done here and at home. So we make do. He's going to be fine...the cancer (colon) has not is the every other week of chemo that is hurting him. We have 6 more weeks. I know I keep it light on my blog...I have to. It makes me feel that life is good...and it is. I get to keep my hubby!

    Just wanted to ask you what the name is of the purple flowers in your window box? And though I may not be out looking at the boats going by...while Al sleeps I have a nice bottle of Pinot Grigio chilling! :)


  9. Holy cow....your flowers are ammmmazing, Debbie! Just beautiful! What a delight to the eyes!!! Your swing looks sooo pretty painted white and all floofed up for happy hour. GREAT job, sista!!! (When will Mr. L realize that everything looks better with a coat of white on it....? lol!)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Oh my Debbie, your window box is just gorgeous and exploding with color! I have a arbor I have been trying to get my MR to paint too. Your swing looks so pretty, what a beautiful evening that must of been swinging!

  11. Boy, that man is sure racking up the brownie points this week. I love the swing white, too. Love your flowers! I will just have to come here and visit when I want to see something really beautiful. No annuals for me this year. Its the first time ever. Gotta do what you gotta do, thought and I have plenty of annuals to keep me busy! ;)

  12. Oh it looks fantastic in your garden Debbie colourful and cheerful . Cosy swing ...think I will get the hammock out ready for when hubby gets's finally hot and sunny over here ...perfect ! Gail x