Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Changing Seasons.

It's still snowing, and blowing outside.
The snow keeps getting deeper, and the temps keep dropping.
Winter in the Great Lakes region.
That time of year for extra blankets on the bed.
Warm woolen mittens, scarves, and hats with ear flaps.
Wool socks, and heavy boots.
Jumper cables, and tow ropes in the trunk of your car.
Flares, and bottles of water.
An army blanket, and batteries all ready if needed in an emergency while out on the roads.

The winds that blow the lake effect snows can be brutal...causing deadly white outs as you travel along roads, and highways.
It's especially dangerous at night.

Listening to the weather forecast is a must!
Heeding the warnings, and advisories could save a life.

Sometimes the weather is so severe, they close the Mackinaw bridge.
I am afraid to go over it on a sunny summer day...I can't imagine traveling over it during a winter storm!!!
One Fall....I took the boat from Mackinaw Island to the mainland, during an early winter storm......THE last ferry boat over for the season!!! NEVER again will I do that!!!
Gale force winds had the boat bouncing up and down in the waves. Snow, and ice were hitting the windows of the ferry. The waves were splashing over the bow of the small craft!  I feared we would sink!
I was terrified!
It's all a part of the Great Lakes.
Every season has it's surprise storms.
On the water, and off.

I guess that's one of the reasons people live here in the mid-west. The changing of the seasons.
We might complain about the cold, and snow. We might travel to sunny regions for a few weeks in the Winter months...but there is NOTHING like the Spring! Those first songs of the Robins when they return. The sound of the Red winged Blackbirds calling for a mate. The site of the first Snowdrops, and Crocus. The aroma of BBQ'd chicken on the grill in Summer! Fireworks, and warm evenings, with the laughter of children as they chase fireflies. Sitting around the campfire as the boats go by at night. Then the smell of the leaves in Fall. Warm colors, and sweaters. Football games, and apples. Pumpkins, and trick or treaters. Family gatherings as Fall turns to Winter, and the holidays rush in. That first snow fall, and kids wanting to play in the snow.
People complain every year. Every season. They seem to be in a rush for the calendar to turn the page. 
Let's slow down, and enjoy the time we have here. Last year went by so fast! Can we take stock in today? Realizing we cannot get any of this back? Once it's gone...it's gone for good!
Tomorrow will be here soon enough. Enjoy today, because it only comes around once!
Happy NEW Year everyone!  Make it a good one!!!


  1. Hi Debbie, what a beautiful post. It really brings back memories from growing up in Michigan. The winter are brutal but the springtime brings great joy. I still love the falls and the changing colors of the trees. Sights we do not see here in Texas.
    You are so right, we need to slow down and enjoy the moments of each day without hurry and complication. Yes, tomorrow will be here soon enough.

    Happy New Year filled with many blessings.
    Stay warm!!

  2. So true Debbie about enjoying the here and now, and not rushing towards the future. It will be here soon enough! It is super cold here too, though we don't have nearly as much snow as you do. Gee, I wonder why they never say "winter time, and the living is easy", like they do about summer?:) I want to try and complain less about the weather, in 6 or 7 months I'll be complaining that it's too hot and muggy!!
    Stay warm and cozy:)

  3. Debbie,
    Reading this post written from your heart I felt your love of the Great Lakes region. Your appreciation of four seasons and deep respect for your chosen area. I love living and experiencing four seasons, each unique and beloved. Very poetic as you wrote about the beauty and danger while showing beautiful photos of your home, allowing us to visualize the howling winds and accumulating snow in our minds eye.
    Philadelphia had its first real snowfall today and now it is frozen and bitter cold. I stayed inside snuggled under a throw as I am still sick.
    Debbie stay warm and well in your pretty Lake house.

  4. Great post on the changes of the seasons in the Midwest. I wouldn't want to live anywhere use. Each season is beautiful in its own way. It has been 10 years since I've been up to Mackinaw. I was very nervous when we drove over the Mackinaw Bridge!! Also very nervous when we took the Ferry over to Mackinaw Island!! I'm not a big fan of large bodies of water...but so glad that I did go over the bridge and on the ferry, because it sure was beautiful everywhere we went in upper Michigan.

  5. Beautifully written Debbie! A great reminder for me to enjoy today. Your photos are gorgeous too. Stay warm!

  6. Yes! Every season has it's own beauty, and to take time to enjoy each day is truly a gift!
    Happy 2015, Debbie!

  7. Sounds like you have exciting winters in your neck of the woods. You are right that there is nothing like spring. It's snowy and -6 F here in Iowa now.

  8. Such a wonderful post Debbie and I couldn't agree more! No matter where we live, it's human nature to complain about the weather. Here in Florida, I get tired of the unrelenting heat and wish I could have a few days snuggling under a warm blanket, feeling cozy! My stepsister lives in Canada, in a very small remote community. Her kids were supposed to go back to school on Monday, first day after the holidays, but they had a snow day. They were able to go yesterday but today are having yet another snow day! They're loving it:)

    Anyway, you know what they say...don't wish your life away! BTW, I love that little cherub sachet pillow...adorable!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment also:)

  9. Your statements are so true. Tomorrow will come soon enough. Enjoy today. Happy New Year to you !

  10. That was a beautiful post. I could almost feel i was there when you described spring and summer... I could also really relate to you being terrified on the ferry ride during the storm too. I bet you were ready to kiss the ground when you got off!


  11. Such a lovely post! I love winter, but in Milan, where i live , winter is not so hard like yours. I love spring too, its colours and its flowers. Stay warm, dear friend!

  12. Yes, we Michiganders live where we like to say, If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes! This howling wind and bitter cold certainly drive me indoors, but I love the sparkling snow crunching under tires and feet. I don't like the cold, but it makes spring that much sweeter.

    When I was a kid, back before seat belt laws, my parents drove over the bridge aty night with us laying in the back of a station wagon in sleeping bags. It was during a lightening storm. Lightening hit the bridge and all the bridge lights went out. After a few seconds the generators kicked them back on, but it was terrifying!

    Stay safe and warm my friend!
    Hugs, Deborah

  13. We've been experiencing very cold weather here in GA this week too. I do like to live in the present though and not wish each season away. I know that can be hard to do when harsh weather hit us. Hope you're staying indoors and keeping warm this Winter!

  14. Hello, I also have many memories of the storms that blew off Lake Michigan! I remember as a child it just rattled the windows of our home. But I always felt safe from the brutal wind! We would go and see the lighthouse just covered with ice!
    I loved your reminder to not want to hurry every season, but to enjoy the place and time we are in now! I am still waiting for a Word from the Lord for this new year! Maybe it is Patient :o)
    I appreciate your heart and friendship! This really lifted my spirits and brought back happy memories!
    Love, Roxy