Sunday, May 3, 2015

First Antique Show of the Season.

My youngest daughter, Melissa, and I went to the first big Antique show of the year for us.
The weather was just gorgeous!
We didn't spend a lot of money, because we knew exactly what we wanted.
I found oodles of lace, and doilies for my home, and to use for lavender sachets.

This pretty vintage drawer was a bonus.
Melissa was looking for pieces for her chicken coop she is putting together with her husband Kevin.
They are decorating the inside with vintage pieces, and even photos!!!
It's going to be so cute!
Melissa is very creative.

These pieces will work perfect for some lavender sachets.
I can use them as squares, and will embellish them with other pieces of lace, and trims.

I LOVE using doilies in my home.
Layering them makes me a happy person.

I rarely pass up cloth napkins.
We use them all the time here at the Lakehouse.

This cut work piece really caught my eye. Love, love, love it!!!
This one is very detailed.

After the show, we shopped a couple of stores in Howell.
I bought a few pieces to start a little fairy garden on one of the shelves in the sun room.There is a little birthday cake under the bell jar on the garden bench.
I will let my wee granddaughters find the tiny shells from the fairies.
Each day they are here, I'll put a different type of tiny shell on the beach rocks for them to find.
I've collected MANY shells from Captiva, and Sanibel Islands. Every year I scatter them over our beach area for the grands to find. They LOVE it!!! I have jars full of large shells, down to these teeny tine ones. If you have a HAVE to have shells!!
I hope your weekend was enjoyable. Mine was a blast!
Have a GREAT week!!


  1. Debbie it looks like you and Melissa discovered wonderful finds today at your first antique show, I think your fabrics, laces and textile pieces will be ever so pretty worked into your lavender sachets. I personally do not think there is anything more creative then looking at bits and bobs and envisioning new life to preserve the legacy of these treasured finds. I always, ALWAYS look forward to your posts.

  2. It is so lovely ,good fine
    Have a good week

  3. Wonderful lace pieces and napkins, Debbie. Ask me how I know you make the most wonderful lavender sachets ever!?!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!
    You know- I have a TON of shells, too, and I will have to scatter some of them on the beach for the kids to find. The only problem is that MyHero is down there constantly with the tractor-"cleaning and raking" I would have to do it just before they got here. GREAT idea!!! xo Diana

  4. Debbie, That is wonderful that you and your daughter had such a great time together. Love your laces. What finds. That drawer is adorable. You will have to show picture of the chicken coop now that you have peak our interest. I love the fairy things also. I bet the girls do love finding the shells. Cute ideas. Blessings to you dear friend. Love you, Susie

  5. I love all your lace - your sachets will be gorgeous!

    How adorable about the fairies and the shells. That's something they will fondly remember many years from now. xo

  6. Debbie...We have something in common. I always pick up old white or cream lace, dolilies and trims at antique shows and flea markets. Love all the pretties that you got.

  7. Beautiful finds! The drawer is such romantic and i love the way you displayed the vintage items. Your collection of shell is adorable.

  8. It does appear you found some treasures for sure. I love to go to antique stores and browse around. More days than not I'm thinking my house is one big antique store. I especially love the little fairy garden with the shells on the shore. That is a great idea !
    It's always good to spend a day with your daughter, I know I love it when I can do the same with mine. Hope your Monday is a wonderful one !

  9. Hi Debbie, You found some gorgeous treasures and I too just love anything lacey and hand crocheted. I have pieces all through my home as well. Love to use my grandmothers pieces to decorate with and those I find junkin, I use to create with.
    Love you darling fairy garden and the shells. Your grands must really have fun when they come to visit. You make it so special.
    I have a stone beach we made here by the pool area. I scatter shells all over it and glass stones that glitter. It's so fun to sit there in the summer and feel like it's really a beach of sorts.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Have a nice evening.
    Hugs, CM

  10. Debbie,
    It looks like you found some wonderful treasures. Love all the pretty linens too.
    Have a great week.
    Kris :)

  11. What a great weekend you had with your daughter, Debbie! I just love all of the vintage linens that you found. That cutwork piece is gorgeous! I've never seen anything quite like it. What a fun idea to add the shells to your fairy garden for your grands to find:) You are creating such special memories for them. I LOVE my lavender sachet, thank you! I sent you an email the other day, I hope you got it. You made my day!! hugs and love to you:)

  12. Oh what a fun day you and your daughter had! Finding such beautiful treasures made it even more special! I can't wait to see what you create out of these beautiful linens. And the old drawer really caught my eye! Would love to see Melissa's chicken coop once she is done! Hope you have a wonderfully fun day crafting up some amazing pieces! Hugs to you :)

  13. Hi Debbie, I was just visiting your blog about the time you left a comment. I had to sign out and sign back in on a different email to leave you a comment! I love all the laces, you found some beautiful pieces! I scored fairly well myself last's so much fun! You do such a pretty job of showing them whereas I just heaped it all in a pile and took a picture! Sweet idea with the shells and your granddaughters!
    xoxo Faye