Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to you!
My email has been down for quite a bit, so I had to switch from hotmail to gmail.
My new address is in my profile if you need it.

The weather here is very nasty for the poor trick or treaters. 
Cold, windy and raining....and  some flakes here and there.

A good night to stay inside and sit by the fire.
My stomach has been feeling a little off the past week....symptomatic of Crohn's Disease.
I doubt I will be doing much in the way of partying tonight.

The white chalky brand of liquid relief for the stomach will be my drink of choice for the evening.
No ice....just straight up for me, thank you.

It should clear up in a couple of more days.
It's kind of like the tide....some days you have high tide, then it rolls back out. There have been times when a tsunami came crashing in....those days you need more than the chalky liquid drinks.

Things could always be worse.
It could rain on Halloween!!!
Hopefully the weather will let up long enough for the kids to get out and have some fun.
They look forward to this all year long.

I'd hate for them to get colds and flu because of the bad weather.
Ahem.....have you had your flu shot???
Just a plug from your friendly pharmacy tech.

AND don't forget about setting your clock back if you live anywhere around me......I deplore daylight savings time, by the way.  Does Hallmark make a card for that?
I sincerely hope that the weather is nice where you are, so the kids can enjoy their evening.


  1. Debbie, It's dreary , windy and chilly here. The threat of rain for the rest of today. I can remember being so cold to trick or treat. Wearing coat was never fun over the kids costumes. But I hope they all are safe tonight and do not get sick. Loved your photos Debbie. I hope you get to feeling better. It is never fun being sick. I will like that extra sleep tonight...not that I have ever slept thru the night for many years. Some insomnia. Blessings my friend, Love you , Susie

  2. Hello My Dear, so sorry about your tummy, I think I have had more tummy pain this last month, but praise God it is feeling better. I appreciate the reminder of getting my Flu shot, as I know they can really help. And I just wrote a note to turn the clocks back...
    I do not the time changes in the spring or the fall. We are having a lovely fall day and I think I will go out for a little walk. I will be staying home as I usually do. I had a very bad experience on Halloween many moons ago. I do hope you get back your spark soon and have a peaceful Sunday...
    Hugs, And Blessings Always, Roxy xo

  3. Hi Debbie,
    It's looking warm and cottage in your cottage and the setting is right for a spooky Halloween.
    I'm so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I did not know you suffered from this awful disease. My son has Crohn's and has had many problems. I'm praying one day there will be a cure. Do get better soon.

    Happy Halloween to you too!


  4. Your candlelight is oh so pretty, Debbie! It's cold and dreary here too tonight, not the best for the kiddos. Hope you are feeling better soon, I didn't realize you had Crohn's. Take care and get some rest!

  5. Happy Halloween,Debbie. I am so sorry you are having issues with your Crohn's Disease. I know how miserable that is for you! Enjoy your drink of choice...yuck!
    Your photos are gorgeous- beautiful candlelit pictures.
    It is raining here and has been raining all day. The poor kids are all bedraggled and making a short night of it around here. It is in the high 40's so it is chilly, too.
    Hope you feel better and I hope you have a wonderful night. Love to you- Diana

  6. We got Trick or Treat in and then the rain came. I was so glad that it waited to rain after all the kids got home. I hope you feel better real soon.

  7. I hope you feel better soon. Your room looks beautiful for enjoying the evening. Here the kids don't even need a sweater. Hate to think how cold it is there. xoxo Su

  8. Debbie I am sorry that you are having a difficult time with your Crohn's disease. I am sending you a warm cyber hug and pray you will feel better very soon. Loved your photos taken in the beautiful candlelight of your home, inviting and warm feeling.
    Unlike many with the cold and rain the day into evening was delightfully mild for Halloween in our area.
    Be well sweet friend!

  9. Hi Debbie,
    Happy Halloween. It rained pretty heavy most of the trick or treating time. Kids still came even with having umbrellas and coats on. Suppose to be back up in the 70's this week. This is the craziest fall ever. Have a great Sunday and great beginning to the new week ahead. Hope you feel better.

  10. I wish you well, first off dear. Your home looks warm and cozy and perfect for relaxing and getting better. My bug lingers so you are in good company...not the same, but miserable to say the least.

    It rained all day here and we did not have a whole lot of trick or treaters...poor kids. Just sitting back ow watching Ghost, Missed Practical Magic and I love that one.

    Take care sweetie, I'm thinking of you and sending warm wishes.

    Jane x

  11. Good Morning Debbie
    Those pictures of your home with all those candles*** so cozy and warm looking. Love them. Sorry you are not feeling well, you will be in my prayers. We had a fabulous Halloween night here, lots of kids. I love windy, rainy weather!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend Debbie and feel better**

  12. Oh my how lovely all the candles are! They do warm up a chilly night. Hope you are soon better. The rain held off here till early this morning but there were only a few stopped by for Halloween here. I sat out on the porch with my coat on. I did get that flu shot this past week and hopefully won't catch any of those germs floating around. They say we'll warm up again a few days this coming week. Hope you have a Happy Sunday!

  13. A pretty grouping of candles like you have gives off a lovely ambience.
    I have a couple of friend with Crohn's and I know they have times when it flares up, hope you're feeling better soon.
    Rain for Halloween here and we had our usual dozen or so kids.

  14. So sorry about your tummy troubles Debbie! Drinking white chalky stuff does not sound like fun:( I love your candle display! Very pretty and romantic...and that little white desk over in the corner is one of my favorites!

    I hope the weather cleared up for the kids! We don't get any trick or treaters here but we always make sure to have candy on hand just in case:) I hope you had a lovely weekend and are feeling better...hugs!

  15. Hope you are feeling better.

    It POURED here for Halloween, all day. Ruined it for all the kids. :-(

    Have a good week sweetie pie! xo

  16. Hi Debbie, Hope you're feeling better this morning. I know it's no fun and the drink of choice is yucky!! Keeping you in prayers.
    Finally stopped raining here long enough on Halloween for the kiddos to get out. Today is misty and rainy again with lots of fog. Perfect day to create and stay inside.
    Happy November and wishing you a good week ahead. xo
    p.s. love your photos!

  17. I hope you are feeling better. I love your candlelight, it' s so warm, cozy and inviting. Your cottage is just gorgeous and soothing. There' s always a romantic atmosphere.We had a sunny Halloween in hte north of Italy, very strange for this period of the year.

  18. Hope you are feeling better Debbie,
    I have a family member with ~ Crohns and a friend with it as well. Praying for stronger and healthier days ahead of you.
    The weather has been colder here with some light rain storms, the others day we had a bit of ice in our rain, we often get snow but it will only stick for a day or so, coming and going some years we get enough that last a few days here on the High Desert of Sounthern Ca. We are heading for a stronger colder winter this year, ones like I am sure you experiance.

    Your Autumn setting lit in the candle light of dart feels so cozy, looking forward to your holiday postings.

    Wellness prayers on their way.