Friday, February 12, 2016

A sneak peak.....

Just a sneak peak at what's going on here at the Lakehouse.
The guest room is being painted.
The upstairs bedrooms have deep slanted ceilings, and have an attic feel to the rooms.
Luckily each room has a window, that lets in plenty of light.
The upper walls are textured, and lower walls have a bead board look.
I mixed a very small amount of grey into some white for the upper walls, and finished painting them on Tuesday.
Today I will be painting the bead board and trim with white.

This new quilt set from "Summers At The Cottage" arrived this morning.
It's from the RA Shabby Chic Collection.
I had the white ruffled pillows from the same online company from a previous order.
The quilt and shams are a beautiful pale blue with pretty rose ruffles.
I will share more photos when the room is finished.
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Oh I love your new bed set! It is gorgeous, and it will be wonderful to see your photos of the work completed. Painting is such a big job, but it always feels so good when it is finished! Don't work too hard :)

  2. Wowwwww! Everything looks such romantic! Your new bed set is fabulous. I'm looking forward to seen the next job.
    Hugs Alessandra

  3. Oh my gosh, it looks gorgeous! So shabby chic and romantic! I love that bedding!!!

  4. Debbie, I bet that sweet blue bedding will go well with the bit of grey painted walls. I love the ruffled pillows too. Blessings to you dear friend, Stay warm. Love you, xoxo,Susie

  5. Happy Friday Debbie,
    Dreamy... Ruffled luxe bedding with a touch of feeling like you are sleeping in a rose garden ... Inviting one into feeling invited and pampered. Looking forward to the rest of your enchanting refresh.
    Love ya sweet Debbie,

  6. Debbie, I am just drooling over your new bedding! I adore the ruffles and color. It is so you! And so me, too:) I love white beadboard. Your makeover sounds wonderful!!

  7. I love that quilt set with all the ruffles and the color is so perfect.

  8. I"m not usually a fan of ruffles but your new blue set is very cozy looking and romantic. How fun to have that. What lake do you live on? How exciting and fun. Does it get cold where you live?
    When we lived in MT (south of Helena) we lived off of Canyon Ferry Lake. Was so beautiful with lake and mountains. When there was a full moon in winter it shown on the ice of lake, so beautiful. I still miss living there. We've lived in KY after MT and now in western CO.
    Would love to hear about lake where you live and what it's like living there.
    Your new bedding is delightful with the light blue and ruffles. Nice and romantic for Valentines day. Happy weekend

    1. Hello...thank you for visiting here at the Lakehouse. Yes, it's cold here in the mid-west, with lots of wind and blowing snow! I, too, love the moon when it reflects off the water at night. Also, when the sun dances off the waves like little diamonds in the early morning. It's wonderful when it reflects off the ceiling as I lay in bed first thing in the morning.
      I hope you visit again.

  9. These cold days need a little something to brighten us up and it sounds like you are doing a good job of it there. Nice to be getting things done inside while it is way to cold to be outside. I love the new bedding !

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I really love your beautiful RA! It's the prettiest shade of blue. I just finished a set of hat boxes in that same shade of blue for a customer. Your bedroom is looking pretty as ever!


  11. Beautiful. I love her website. She has a new line at Target for girls, so it only goes to full. It's not as lush, but she repeats the ruffles in blue or pink, and it is priced nicely. xoxo Su

  12. Hi Debbie, love your new bedding. How pretty your room and so shabby chic. RA is using the prettiest shade of blue in her lines now and they work so well with the pinks, light greens and even soft lavender. Have fun with your decorating. So lovely!! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your love! Blessings xo

  13. Wow, is that ever going to be so beautiful, Debbie. Can't wait to see it all put together..Happy Valentines Day..Judy

  14. Just gorgeous! Your guests are going to feel so special! I must check out that line of bedding.

  15. Looking so forward to the reveal.
    As for the character of the roof lines, be it sled roofs, vaults, or cape barn style, this is what makes rooms so exciting to decorate around.
    The new bedding will be the icing on the cake.
    See you soon my dear.

  16. Hi Debbie, how exciting to be painting and redecorating, l absolutely adore the new bedding. The colours are beautiful and the ruffles...who could resist!! Hope you have a fantastic week.

  17. That bedding is beautiful. Love it. Enjoy your week. xo

  18. Debbie, looking good so far and sounds beautiful!!