Monday, April 18, 2016

Bloom where you are planted.

As you can see, we are still waiting for Spring to arrive here in the "north".
We have no flowers blooming, and our boats are still docked on dry land!
This is obviously the "street" side of our house.
The other side being the "canal" side.
We took down both of the wood arbors. and the fencing that was old and rotted this past weekend, and are replacing it with iron pieces we recently found at a favorite garden shop I frequent.... located in Midland.

The bricks need to be set in, and I bought two more roses that need planting.
It looks so barren right now.
Hopefully, everything will start filling in VERY soon!
The nights get below freezing wait.

Another thing I'm waiting for is the sealer for the wood floor.
The floor is ready for the milk paint, but I don't want to do that until I have the finish.
The walls were done to resemble faded barn wood.
We have the old, wide panel wood on the walls. I dry brushed over the blue that was on them and ended up with a faded/white washed effect.
I'm going to use the milk paint on the baseboard trim, after I white wash the floor with it.
Hopefully, the wide trim will be put up along the ceiling, as well.
The cupboard you see to the right....I'm not sure if it housed an old record player, or was a dry bar of some kind. The top opens, and the upper door drops down. The two bottom doors open, also, and there are brackets for shelves inside.But those might have been added later. After I finish painting, then distressing this piece, it will be used for the tv.
So.....while we wait for Spring to get here, and finally STAY!!! There are a few things to finish here at the Lakehouse. 
I envy all you folks that have flowers blooming, and roses ready to cut for your tables......
"Bloom where you are planted" I keep hearing in my head. Yet my heart yearns for roses.


  1. Debbie, Hi sweetie. I used to think I would move off to a warmer climate...but there's no way I can leave my children.So here I grow in Indiana. LOL. I have to say those iron works are pieces of art. I absolutely love that arbor. You know, for some crazy reason , I thought you lived in a wooded area with the water in back.Now I know you have neighbors...that is kind of a relief as I always worried about you in big snows. Oh please girl, don't ask me why I worried...I got my mom's big old worry genes. LOL I do pray all the time. But I have to throw in some "mom" worry. This morning I saw that our rose by the fence, that I planted for my mommy(worry queen.) has popped thru the ground in a new space, about a foot from the original plant. Yippee. Two roses now. I am hoping you get some really warm temperatures soon. Blessings to you dear friend, Love you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Hope it warms up very soon for you. I think you will enjoy those iron pieces in the yard. Look forward to seeing those posts. How fun to see what you are doing inside. I just don't have that type of creativity. Enjoyed visiting your site.

  3. Oh Debbie you have a lot of beauty to look forward to here. The distraction to your colder less spring days is the beauty that is the lake cottage is taking on. Love your wood floors and you will have so much fun arranging everything perfectly showing off those floors.
    Looking forward to the sun beaming down on your garden beds, and settle in on those beautiful floors.

    See you soon :)

  4. You make beauty no matter what....that is the essence.

  5. Your garden is going to be beautiful, love how it is set up. :-) Hope you have a great week.


  6. Dearest Debbie,
    Your "Bloom where you are planted" has locked into my head!!! I think it will run through my thoughts when I plant, lol. Oh such sublime beauty with your architectural iron work purchase. I love the Gothic Frenchness to it. Your walls - I love a rain/barn finish and it's one I adore doing. Your floors are going to look amazing with the milk paint finish. Your Spring will soon burst in flowers and interior changes and fill your heart with satisfaction and beauty. Soon gorgeous garden Roses will grace your home.

  7. Cannot wait to see how it looks. We are finally getting good weather here. I spent the weekend outside.

  8. Hi Debbie
    That Arbor is just beautiful, I love old metal of any kind. Looks so pretty where you placed it in your yard. Loving how the floor and walls are coming out. I bet you cant' wait to finish it all up. I look forward to the end results. We don't have any roses here yet. The leaves are just popping out on the trees and rose bushes. Its been chilly here still but today was so lovely.
    enjoy your day Debbie
    hope you are feeling good

  9. Your yard is going to be gorgeous. You're gonna be sick but I spent 2 days cutting out a rose bush that took over my lilac tree. What a horrible job that was. Enjoy your week girl friend!

  10. Timing, Timing, God's timing is Perfect~! Everything seems to be coming along and will be beautiful in His time! Blessings, Cindy xo

  11. You have had some fun outside, even while waiting for those roses to bloom! I love those iron fences, they are so unique, and your floors will be so beautiful when done! I hope spring hurries up for you!!!!!

  12. You certainly have been busy. It's going to be so nice when you are finished. Daffodils and Tulips are putting on quite a show outside here. Roses won't be out till sometime in May. I love the fencing you've put up. Little things like that do make a big difference.

  13. Your garden is going to be stunning! I love the iron fences, they are very romantic

  14. From the look on the street with the green lawns and lush evergreen trees, we can't tell the weather there is actually below freezing at night:) We really take California too much for granted, lol.

  15. Hi Debbie,
    Looks as though you have been quite busy with the garden and the new room. Love the walls! I love the way you used the metal gates in your yard and I cannot wait to see it all in bloom. I really need to do some planting in our yard but I've been too lazy. Keep putting it off til tomorrow! Guess I'll just Bloom where I'm planted! Love that.