Saturday, July 9, 2022

Bluebirds and Mandolins

You are never too old....
You read in the Old Testament about people like Noah, and Moses living to be 4oo years old, and you think holy cow! I am 68 years old and my body parts are sagging down over other body parts! what would I look like at 400 years old?!
My bra cup size has gone beyond letters, and is now into the in 40-long.
What will it be once I would reach 100 years old???
I no longer wear panties.
I wear pantiloons.  I need something that goes down beyond the knees!
No wonder women wore layers of long skirts back then!
Maybe it wasn't layers of material, maybe it was layers of skin????  oh my.

I can no longer go sleeveless!
If it's windy, it sounds like people are applauding!
After a while, I realized it was my upper arms slapping each other behind my back!!
Now I know why those poor old Jewish women wore long sleeves out in the hot desert sun. It cut down on chaffing on the upper arms!!
And those collars that look like cowl necks?
you got it!! double chins!!
I know, because I have them already!
I have a perpetual turtle neck!

They say to be happy in the skin you're in.
how do you do that, when you are constantly tripping on it?
I never knew what a fupa was until a couple of years ago.
I grew an apron/fupa.
Gravity plays these cruel tricks on our bodies.
I want to live a long and happy life.
I think living to 400 years old would not be something on my bucket list of what might make me a happy woman, however.

Whatever plans God has for my life, I am up for them.
I am body might not be the prettiest, or unsaggiest...but my heart is in the right place....I think it's still in my chest area, anyway.
The outside parts might be trailing along side, or somewhere behind....but my spirit is ready and willing.
We just need to be willing to trust God. It doesn't matter how old we are, He will use us in His service for His Glory.  Seriously.....I am hoping I won't be 400 years old, however. I fear I will be just a lump of flesh laying on the ground....BUT....I can do whatever He calls me to do, right?  right?  xxoo


  1. Right there with you. Great post. Getting old just "ain't for sissies"..but I want to be tough and get there..and try to remember to thank God for waking up each day. Love your inspirational Blogs to help us keep in touch with reality and who is the reality . :0)

  2. They do say as long as we are alive our job isn't finished yet, and I believe God has a purpose and place for each one of us. Beauty is not what we look like, it's what is in our hearts that counts. I'm still wearing shorts and short sleeves, No one I know cares how I look. My son used to tell me when we turn 40 we all look old to young folks. Ha! He wasn't very encouraging but had a good sense of humor. Take good care and enjoy the age you are, we don't get a choice anyway!

  3. Oh I am right there with you. I earned all these wrinkles I have at 64 years old. God has plan for all of us sagging skin and all. Let's hope as we age we can be around to continue to help other and see our future with our grandchildren change and become a more peaceful world. Have a great week. xoxo Kris

  4. I sure can relate, I'm 68, too. I just told my husband the other day that my boobs are in their final resting place!

    1. Hello Ellen....That's good news!!! One less thing to worry about! Thank you for stopping by, and leaving your comment. You made me smile. xxoo

  5. I came back to check on my comment and see that it didn't publish! I'll try again later! Sorry!

  6. God tells us in Job 12:12 that "Wisdom is with the aged, and understanding in length of day." That's reason enough for me to feel satisfied at the age of 72. I know and understand things now that I never comprehended in my youth. I'm content. Glad to see you blogging again, Debbie. Hugs.