Thursday, August 11, 2011

Early morning bliss

What a glorious morning here at the lakehouse!
There is not a cloud in the sky.
I got up early, and went out on the dock.
 I squished down into the settee, and closed my eyes. I wanted to experience the morning with all of my senses.

I felt the sun on my face...warm and comforting.
 This might sound hokey...but I could actually smell things more with my eyes closed.
Do you realize you can actually smell water?  Here at the lake, the air carries several scents...the freshness of the water, a hint of gasoline from all the boat motors, bait(night crawlers), flowers, and the wonderful fragrance of rosemary and thyme.

 It seems like the birds sounded louder while my eyes were closed.
I heard the soft splashes as someone was on the water in their paddle boat.

 I also heard the familiar squeaks from the oars of a rowboat. That always reminds me of my Grandpa. He would get up early, and row out onto the lake for hours of fishing. I could hear him as he rowed away from the cottage, as I lay in bed, waiting for Grandma to call us for breakfast.

 When I opened my eyes, I saw everything around me a little clearer.
The work of the spiders that seemed to connect everything together on the dock.
Each of their webs a work of beauty.

It made me think about God, and how He connects all of our lives together.
Relationships that are past...the present...and the future.
My love of living at the lake was birthed at the cottage where my Grandparents lived.
My Dad's love of nature.
And now, my granddaughter Zoey, and her fascination for bugs and spiders.
If you look closely at each picture, you will notice a web somewhere in the picture.
Even the slightest pieces in nature have a meaning, and a purpose.
I love the way God connects us.....even with spider webs.


  1. Debbie this is so beautiful! I am so glad that you got to soak in the beauty of the morning. My love of the lake came from my grandpa as well, he so loved the lake and yes I do believe that you can smell the water, it has very fresh and soothing scent. :) I am so glad the God connected us together in His web of love and I can't wait to see you soon!

  2. Debbie- I feel like I am right there with you. I love the Lake too-although ours is much rougher than your own little piece of Heaven.

    Love all your pictures and I can smell all those wonderful lake side smells from here. Thank you for sharing your morning with me---please tell me you had a little cuppa coffee while you were there-then my day will be perfect! xo Diana

  3. Sounds like a beautiful morning at the lake-enjoy:@)

  4. Man, you are in the zone, lol!

    Cam I come over?


  5. Good morning, beautiful your webs and I know those smells so well. You will also see things you never saw before if you put in ear plugs and close out the sounds. Doug taught me that. The colors are more intense, the details more defined.
    The creaking of the oars and water dripping off of the end are my favorite water sounds.
    I'ld even bet your grandpa was sitting there with on the dock this morning...gazing through the webs at the water...remembering a little girl who spent her summers with him.
    Great message this morning, and you know we are all so connected and God is the common web.
    Have a great day and make a splash for me...

  6. Debbie,
    What a beautiful post!!! Your pictures are fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your morning with us!!! I love how you pointed out the "web" connection, I would have never found all of you and all this beauty if it wasn't for the web!!!
    Wish I was there enjoying the morning too!!!

    Suzann ~xoxo~

  7. I know exactly how you feel, Debbie and wish I could experience it everyday. What a wonderful way to start your day. Your pictures made me feel like I was right there with you enjoying a cup of coffee and the lake breeze. I hope your day unfolds as sweetly as your morning!


  8. What a lovely post! I did notice all the webs, before I read it... seems there a lot of spiders by the lake, by us also.. LOVE your candle stand.. my 1st thought was, "she has a lamp on her dock"!! What a great idea... I may copy that one. I am looking forward to mornings like yours. We got possession of our new lake home this week... now the fun begins... : )

  9. A beautiful post, I felt I was right on the dock with you. I close my eyes sometimes too when sitting in the garden and seem to pick up more sounds with one sense shut down.

  10. Beautifully inspirational post today, sis. :) I wish I could'ave been there to enjoy it with you.... ♥ Luv ya!

    xoxo laurie

  11. What a great post, Debbie! You are always so great at giving us gentle reminders to slow down and notice and appreciate things! Things that we might otherwise miss!! Have a great weekend:)

  12. Beautiful post Debbie. Love your photos to go along with it. Thank you for sharing such wonderful inspiration.

  13. What a tender and appreciative post...your little bit of heaven on earth is serenity herself. I felt as if I was right there with you on the dock...My father once had a writing studio on the was equipped with bunkbeds where we could sleep when he wasn't I know the sounds of the lake when my eyes are closed...such a dream...

  14. Thanks for sharing your peace with us.

  15. What a beautiful morning! I love when I can take the time to tune into nature like that. I love to slip outside when everyone else is still abed so I can enjoy the first sounds of the day. Yes, you can definitely smell water and I love the smell of the ocean. When I am on the bridges on my way to/from work, I like to have the windows open so I can smell the bay and hear the sea birds as I travel. So refreshing!

    I hope you have a fabulous weekend!