Sunday, February 28, 2016

I like it just fine...this old cottage.

There are pros and cons to living in an old cottage home.
This place was not original to the waterfront property.
The house was moved here, and added on to a little at a time....a room here, an addition there.
I'm not sure how many previous owners there were. but they each had their own individual way of decorating.
Because we don't have the funds to gut the place, we have gradually worked with what we have.

There once was a "thing" called "Z-brick" that people used to cover walls. It came in a variety of colors, and these walls were covered in the grey and black version of the brick.
Instead of ripping the walls out, I painted the "bricks" white.
Sadly, there wasn't any mortar between the bricks....just some caulk material that they used to adhere the bricks to the walls with.

Recently, (FINALLY) I mixed up some mortar and added it to the bricks.
What a messy job!!!!
You can see in the corner that the house either settled a GREAT deal, or someone didn't measure correctly.....hmmmm.
Anyway....I like the way it turned out, even if it looks a bit 80ish.

My husband thought it would be (in his words) "sharp" to have black and stainless appliances and black counters, and a black sink.
It didn't matter that I wanted everything WHITE!!!!
...anyway....I ended up painting the counters with white paint specially made for counters.
UGH!!! a thick and sticky process!!!

The black sink hubby put in was acrylic, and ended up being a scratched up MESS!!
I finally got this HUGE gorgeous,white sink a few months ago, and am as happy as a lark.
It's not a perfect kitchen, but I like it all the same. in an old cottage is good for me, because I can "junk it up" the way I line with my decorating style. 
It really doesn't bother me the way the house is put together (much), as long as the bones are good.
That way, I don't feel bad about adding pieces that I find at antique markets, and junque shops. Like old doors, and vintage window sashes, shutters, and iron brackets all over the place. It's all a part of who I am. 
This old cottage might not be your "cup of tea"......but I like it just fine.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Guest room .......finished!!!

The guest room is finished!!
I was inspired by Dore' at Burlap Luxe to paint the room in grey and white, and try to do the bead board in a wash of white.
I don't know if you can tell by this photo that the bottom part of the wall was washed?
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!
Thank you Dore' for the inspiration to" step out of the box"....and try something different (for me).

The textured plaster walls were done with some white that was tinted with just a hint of grey.
It gave "just enough" of a contrast with the white trim, and bead board.
The medallion hanging on the wall was found in a little shop where my daughter lives.
It was a cream color.
I dry brushed it with white, and am pleased with the effect. Using a damp cloth to wipe off the raised areas worked perfectly.

Target has this same bedding on sale right now....argh.

Some pretties.

A little faux fireplace for some warmth, and candles for some romance.......

and there you have it.....the guest room.
Next project in this romantic cottage here at the lake.....the kitchen.

Friday, February 12, 2016

A sneak peak.....

Just a sneak peak at what's going on here at the Lakehouse.
The guest room is being painted.
The upstairs bedrooms have deep slanted ceilings, and have an attic feel to the rooms.
Luckily each room has a window, that lets in plenty of light.
The upper walls are textured, and lower walls have a bead board look.
I mixed a very small amount of grey into some white for the upper walls, and finished painting them on Tuesday.
Today I will be painting the bead board and trim with white.

This new quilt set from "Summers At The Cottage" arrived this morning.
It's from the RA Shabby Chic Collection.
I had the white ruffled pillows from the same online company from a previous order.
The quilt and shams are a beautiful pale blue with pretty rose ruffles.
I will share more photos when the room is finished.
Have a great weekend!!