Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer memories.

It's Saturday, it's sunny, and it's HOT.
The flowers are starting to feel the effects of all the heat.
We water constantly, but this time of summer, things start to look a little worn.
The Nasturtiums are ready to add their vibrant color, and oniony flavor to our salads.

The Hollyhocks are topping out. It's kind of sad to see them climb to the top, because I know their time is limited.
 While snapping pictures, this little hummer(right in the middle of the photo) buzzed by, and decided to feed on one of the Hollyhocks.

 I LOVE the bright colors of the nasturtiums, don't you?

 The potted plants on the bakers table by the back door are still looking nice. Everything has grown over the edges of the pots.

This mother hen, and her chicks are peeking out from under the bee skep. They like hiding underneath to keep cool.
 I have enjoyed the bakers table this year. The plants are tumbling over the drawers. I wish summer lasted longer up here at the lakehouse.
I'm trying to slow down, and "see" all the beauty around me. It seems to go by so fast.
I'm hanging on tight, to every moment.

I know it's been super hot and humid this year...but I don't mind. It reminds me of summers when I was a kid. Playing outside ALL day long. Swimming, fishing, catching frogs, turtle hunting in Grampa's wooden rowboat, campfires, roasted hot dogs, and marsh mellows, hikes around the lake, staying at the cottage for the whole summer, and even swimming in the soft rain. Moments with my siblings that I will forever cherish.
Even tho we've all grown and moved away....I still think about the times we spent at the cottage in the summer time.
Growing up was hard for us. Our mother was mentally ill. She was abusive in so many ways. She caused unforgettable hurt...but we always had each younger brother was my closest friend for many years. My older brother  took me night fishing with cane poles that seemed to be ten feet long! Dee and Patti were my three younger sisters could really be a pain,LOL, but I love them all. We understand...with no words spoken. 
There are things I'd rather forget.....but times I will always remember.....the good times.
Here's to SUMMER....and the good times!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Missing my little ones.

I've been absent from blogging for a little bit.
I'm working more hours at the pharmacy lately...NOT liking that at all.
I LOVE my job, but don't want to work more than three days a week anymore.
Hopefully once they hire a couple more people, I will be back at three days a week again.
 When I work more, I don't get to see these happy faces like I'd like to. Having one day off, then working a day or two, then one day off again, doesn't give me time to drive down to see my grandkids.

I usually have to ask for a weekend off to get two days in a row off.
I really miss the kids.
I get so down when I don't see them.
I went to the water park for one day, then to a couple of birthday parties...but that's about it.
Right after school let out, three granddaughters came up for about four days...that was wonderful!!!
I'd like to go downstate and stay for a few days. Visiting each family for two or three days each.
School will be starting up again in just a few short I'd better put in for some time off real soon.
I hope you are able to enjoy your families this summer.
Have a great weekend!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cooking with gas.

Well, well, I sit here at the snack bar looking at other blogs, I realize I didn't show you the new appliances.
I love the continuous cast iron grate on top of the stove.
The self cleaning oven is AWESOME!
Once it cools down outside, I will try baking something.

Of course, since it IS so hot, I'm using the slow-cooker today.  MMMMMmmmm...the chicken sure smells good.


The stainless fridge has french doors, and a bottom freezer drawer(which I LOVE)!!!
I thought I would miss using the old Heartland stove...but I really don't. I guess it's time I got with the program, and cook with something a little more up to date.
See ya!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hollyhock love.

Do you have a special memory from childhood?
 One of my memories is standing behind the barn, and looking up at these very tall, beautiful flowers.

My mother hated them! She called them nasty weeds!
 How could anything so pretty be considered a weed???!!!!

 I was especially drawn to the light pink ones.

 At our own farm, I was determined to grow these gorgeous so-called weeds.

For almost twenty years, I've had Hollyhocks in my gardens.
 When we moved to the lakehouse, I brought as many seeds as I could with me.

 The Hollyhocks are very popular here. Every fall, the ladies in the neighborhood come over to collect the seeds for their own gardens.

 One neighbor actually did a water color of  my cottage garden with all the Hollyhocks. It is hanging in her living room.

 Some years, I get more flowers than other years.  It doesn't matter...I'm just happy to see these beauties every summer, grace the gardens here at the lakehouse.

 My granddaughter, Maddie, and I make Hollyhock dolls when she stays with us.

 Miss Holly is lovely, don't you think? Especially carrying her lacy parasol.

Do you have a special flower that brings you joy year after year?
I LOVE almost every flower...but am partial to my Hollyhocks.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Garden friends

Good evening.
Just before dark, I decided to take a little walk around the lakehouse.
All the purple flowers were still awake.
The lavender was just getting ready to go to bed.
 There were also these big yellow guys that kept trying to get me to take their picture.

 The Manarda saw the camera, and pushed their way in the picture, too!
Thyme is such a cute little flower. He and all of his friends got together for a group portrait.

The daisies kept calling...."over here!" So, of course, I had to oblige.
 The pansies thought I'd forgotten I had to go back and snap a picture.

As I rounded the corner, I was ambushed!!!!
The trumpet vine, and clematis were already there, waiting for me.

They were an aggressive bunch, and made me take an extra pic....they said they wanted to share them with some friends.
 Sitting quietly was a set of twins. They didn't say a word...they just smiled for the camera.

The black eyed Susan's were being a little loud and obnoxious.
But I think they are pretty cute, the way they stand up straight, and look you right in the eye.
 The purple veronica and colored yarrow wanted to be I took a quick shot and left them be.

Just as I was getting ready to come inside, the clematis gave me another shout....
"hope you have a great night!"
I will, I assured them...I will.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moving things around a bit. it hot or what??!!
Mr. Lakehouse...being the brainiac that he is...decided to build a campfire to roast hot dogs.
Hello!!!!!! it's almost 100 degrees outside!!!
 I've been inside ALL day because the Crohn's Disease decided to give me problems. It started last night.
It's almost 7:00pm, and I'm just starting to feel a little better.
That means NO hot dogs for me...just clear liquids for a few days.

 I moved a few things around the other day. Keeps it feeling "fresh" in here.
The hutch in the dining room had to be moved, because I needed the corner for my Heartland stove.

 The flea market birdcage got a new place to rest. I also added a few vintage cups to the inside.

I hope you had a nice weekend.
We are supposed to get even hotter temps. for the week.
That's okay though....It was a crummy spring.
I love seeing all the flowers dancing in the sun this time of year, don't you?
Enjoy your evening.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A garden walk.

It's Friday evening here at the lakehouse.
We had a gorgeous day.
I took a walk with God this afternoon, and this is what we saw.
There is no rhyme, or reason to my gardens...just mass plantings of the flowers I love.
WARNING: Lots of pictures.

The Hollyhocks are popping up in weird spots this year. I just didn't have the heart to pull them, because they are my very favorites!
It's getting dark...I suspect the garden fairies will be out soon....dancing and playing in the flowers.
Thank you for joining us on our walk today. I hope you enjoyed yourself.