Sunday, August 19, 2012

Slow down!!

It's Sunday evening.
The sun peeked in and out of the clouds all day, keeping the temps in the low 70's.

I took more Fall decorations to the store today.
Some went in my booth, and some will be used throughout the rest of the store...getting things ready for the shoppers looking for items to warm their homes for the coming Autumn season.

It seems too early.
I still want to pack up the cooler, and spend a whole day out on the boat...watching the sun sparkle on the waves as they dance along the surface of the water.

There are more sunsets to watch over the lake.
More sand to sweep off the porches.

More roses to enjoy........ the days go by, the darkness comes earlier. I'm not ready.
I do love the sound of the crickets in the evening now. Sadly, it's a reminder of what's to come.
We still have a little more time left in August. I am hoping the weather will change, and the sunshine will return...bringing back warmer weather.
I will stay positive.....until I watch the weather channel.
I hope it's sunny, and warm where you live!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Some outdoor rearranging

The little rose garden I put in is coming along nicely.
The climber is moving up the arbor, and has quite a few more buds getting ready to open.

I was moving some pieces around outside today, and decided to lug the heavy cement base over to the rose garden.
Actually...I ended up using the dolly. It worked so much better than trying to roll that two ton Tilly from the back of the house to the front!!!!
The bowl of thyme wasn't very light either! Maybe it would have been a good idea to remove the cement angel before carrying the cement bowl first.

Don't you just LOVE these roses?
They are a Pink Double Knock Out least that's what the tag says.
Can you tell I'm new at rose gardening?

I hung two of my favorite urns today.
They were in the sunroom.
A Robin built her nest on the light fixture, and she raised two clutches this year.
She left.
A sign of the season slowly winding down.
I'm not ready.
It's going way too fast.
I'm still enjoying my roses, and moving things around in the gardens.

We just had a soft rain. It perked everything up outside.
 I think I'll go back out and play some more before dark.
Have a great evening!! Thank you for stopping by.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

We got a HOG.

I realize our posts are mostly about decor, and gardening.
Some of us talk about the trips we take, and changes going on in our lives.
We even get a peek into each others lives from time to time.....discussing things we enjoy that have nothing to do with decorating, or gardening.
This is one of those posts.
So if you want to click off, and move on, I totally understand.

Mr. L had a motorcycle for many years.
We used to take long rides to watch the sunsets over Lake Michigan, or drive up the coast along the big lake  for a couple of days.
It was wonderful, until my health problems caused the bike trips to stop.
Mr. L ended up selling his bike, and he hasn't had one for over ten years now....until.....

Mr. L bought a brand new Heritage, Classic, Soft Tail 2012.
He is soooo happy to finally have his Harley!
The first long ride he wants to take is down to see Rog and Laurie at Heaven's Walk!
Hopefully we can both get the same weekend off from work to take the trip down-state.

Of course, I needed not one, but two pair of riding boots!

These I found in Nashville two weeks ago(knowing the bike was ordered).

Pretty sweet, don't you think?

I'm ready to take a ride when Mr. L gets home from work this evening....yeah, baby!!!!
I may not be a spring chicken, but I'm not quite an old bag....yet.

Oh...I almost forgot to show you my cute bracelet I found the other day.
It was at a place called "The Old Spud Warehouse"....nothing to do with motorcycles at all!
It was a home decor, jewelry, Anne Sloane Paint, clothing, antique kind of store.
Hmmmm...I guess this post did have something to do with a decor it makes it "blog" worthy after all.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Pay day means shopping!

Yay! it's pay day at the pharmacy, AND from my sales at my booth!!
That means I could do a little shopping at the other booths, and I could go over to the little "cottage shop" and pick up another item I had on lay away.
I took this pretty little table off lay away today.
I love all the detail.

A booth right next to mine had two flower frogs I picked up to add to my collection.
They matched my round one really well.
The others I have are green.

I also found two of these heavy iron candle holders. 

They almost look like they are in a "fencing" stance.

I didn't find much today, but what I did find made me very happy...especially since I planned on just picking up the table.

While paying for my table I noticed this switch cover sitting at the desk, and ended up purchasing this too.
I don't know where I'll be putting it, but where ever it will go, it will look very pretty.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Thank you for stopping by~~~~