Sunday, March 18, 2018

The snow is melting, but the water is still stiff!!!

The snow here at the lake is melting, but the water is still stiff!!
The night time temps are still dropping down into the single digits, so there will be no kayaking for a bit, yet.
That means no gardening, yet.
Getting things done inside will keep me busy until it warms up enough to be outside for any length of time.
I found these shutters taken from an old plantation home in southern Florida, recently. They were painted white, but underneath they had the same  blueish/green paint that my dining room table is wearing.
After distressing the shutters, I put them in the dining room doorway....LOVE!

These OLD shutters have been "hanging" around for a while.
I could never find just the right spot for them here at the cottage....until today.
I helped The Mister put them up over the kitchen sink, and viola!!!  LOVE.
They were a nasty mustardy color when I purchased them. I painted them white, and distressed them. They are wearing their original vintage hardware, which adds to their uniqueness.

Open or closed, they add a little bit of a shabby/beach vibe to the kitchen...which warms this girl's (that lives in a romantic cottage at the lake) heart.

Since returning from Sanibel Island, I decided it was time to decorate for Spring/Easter.
Since my bunny pillow is on the iron crib, I moved the colored mercury eggs to the living room.
Giving the space a bit of a welcome to the change in seasons.

Adding vines with some tiny flowers also helped give the room a nod to Spring.....

and welcomes the Easter holiday.
The past few days have been beautiful here at the Lakehouse. Gorgeous blue skies, with no clouds, and light winds. The temps are still cold, but tolerable. The doves are cooing, and the Redwinged Blackbirds are singing out their mating calls.  The setting sun is moving farther north in the western  sky.  Just a few patches of snow, and thinning ice brings the hope of the coming Spring.
Have a happy week!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Back from Sanibel Island, and waiting for Spring.

We're back from Sanibel Island. Back from the sand, the sun, and the warmth. Reality set in as soon as I saw the snow, and felt the blast of cold air. The distinct feeling of sadness washed over me as we traveled farther and farther north...away from the island paradise I love so much.
 I brought home shells, and memories of the time spent by the sea.

 and LOTS of photos of the amazing sunsets....
 Filling the cottage with treasures found on the beaches warms my heart and soul.
I always bring back plenty of shells to scatter on our beach for the grandkids to find when they stay here in the summer-time.

I found a few nice things for summer while shopping on the island with my sister.

 My obsession with shells is a little over the top.

 I absolutely love this piece of a shell I found after a windy, high tide day.

 The mister found these two alphabet shells for me.

I found the mermaid signs at well as the cute white, ruffled top in a previous picture. If you are ever in Venice, you HAVE to visit Posh!! it's amazing!!

I am so looking forward to Spring. The warmth and sunshine, and sun dancing off the water like sparkling diamonds as I look out our bedroom window will be glorious!! 
It might not be Sanibel Island, but Summer here at our cottage is the next best thing. 
The grandkids finding seashells on the beach, playing in the water, and enjoying the sunshine is a joy  like no other.
As I wait, I will remember the warmth of the southern beaches, as I surround myself with all the treasures from the sea.
Have a happy day.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Still in Paradise.

We're still here...on Sanibel Island!
Enjoying the sun, beach, and warm weather.
 Jim has been fishing almost everyday from shore. He catches small fish, and releases them. He is having fun identifying the different fish he brings in.

 The beaches aren't real busy. But almost everyone is looking for shells. Today was the best day for finding different kinds of shells....LOTS of tiny ones to add to my collection!
 There were hoards of birds on the beach this afternoon. They came in for the waves of minnows that were moving along the shore line. You can see the minnows.....they are the dark patch close to shore, just behind the waves rolling in.

There were all kinds of shore birds, along with pelicans, and seagulls that would follow the little fish as they swam back and forth with the waves.
 You can see the shells scattered on the beach from the tide coming in and going out.... leaving these treasures on the sand for visitors to the island to gather and take home.
I love this place.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Paradise...Sanibel Island

Here we our favorite place on earth....Sanibel Island.
The weather has been wonderful, and the skies are as blue as the sea.
 Sitting on the beach, watching pelicans dive for fish, seeing dolphins come up to play, stingray drift by along the shore, and having an egret stand right next to us while we sat in the sun is all part of the experience here on the island.

 The sunsets are amazing, as most of you know, I'm sure.  Falling to sleep with the sliding door open to hear the waves crashing on the beach is like being in Heaven.

 The flowers.....I miss them back home this time of year. Seeing the gorgeous florals down here does my heart good!

 Being able to kayak is a real treat for me. Poor hubby got stuck with a two man hoagie, because I nabbed the A couple of dolphins were playing while I was out in deeper was exciting to see.  Getting in and out of the kayak is a bit more challenging in the surf, than it is at the lake back's actually pretty comical.

 Of course, there are the shells!!! A hobby of mine, an obsession of I love the grey-blues, and the ones with orange stripes in them. As you can see, scallop shells are one of my favorites. Pure whites...LOVE!!  Whites with blush pinks...LOVE, LOVE!!! I look for the tiny shells for my fairy garden....all kinds.  We sprinkle shells on our beach at the lake for the grandkids to find in the summer.  This is just a few that I've found, so far.

We will probably do some shopping today. The wind is whipping the sand on the beach.
Of course, there is always the pool!!
Have a fun day!