Monday, March 5, 2018

Still in Paradise.

We're still here...on Sanibel Island!
Enjoying the sun, beach, and warm weather.
 Jim has been fishing almost everyday from shore. He catches small fish, and releases them. He is having fun identifying the different fish he brings in.

 The beaches aren't real busy. But almost everyone is looking for shells. Today was the best day for finding different kinds of shells....LOTS of tiny ones to add to my collection!
 There were hoards of birds on the beach this afternoon. They came in for the waves of minnows that were moving along the shore line. You can see the minnows.....they are the dark patch close to shore, just behind the waves rolling in.

There were all kinds of shore birds, along with pelicans, and seagulls that would follow the little fish as they swam back and forth with the waves.
 You can see the shells scattered on the beach from the tide coming in and going out.... leaving these treasures on the sand for visitors to the island to gather and take home.
I love this place.


  1. Wow, Debbie! You took some great shots! I love the bird photos. Bet you are getting nice and tan, did I tell you how envious I am of you??!:) Enjoy each and every moment in paradise, my friend!!!

  2. Enjoy every minute. Soooooo jealous.

  3. You are in heaven, Debbie! All those birds, and the lovely color of the ocean. Enjoy!

    Jane xxx

  4. Good Morning Debbie
    that beach looks just amazing, I love the birds and the water looks so pretty. Have the best time collecting shells. My husband would be fishing also*** enjoy the rest of your vacation*

  5. It all looks amazing. Only three more weeks and I will be enjoying the sunshine state of Florida.

  6. Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures of paradise. I could almost feel the warm sun on the beach. It's cold and more snow coming our way here and the photos were just what I needed to see as I patiently wait for Spring !

  7. You are in paradise!! Gorgeous place and photos