Saturday, August 31, 2013

My niece, Michele...and prayer.

This is my niece Michele.
She is the sweet young lady that you have been praying for.
I would like to thank every one of you for keeping Michele lifted to the Lord.
She received the results of her CT scan this past week.
Praise God!! she got good news!!
 Michele is receiving eight rounds of an experimental drug that will hopefully shrink the tumor in the colon, both lobes of the liver, her hip, and the tumors in the spine. If they can keep the tumors manageable, then Michele will be able to take maintenance drugs. It's not a cure...but it gives her more time with her babies...and who knows...possibly a miracle.

 The CT scan showed the chemo has reduced the size of ALL of the tumors!! Especially one of the tumors in one of the lobes of the liver. Michele has four more rounds of chemo to go. Each time it totally wipes her out for the full two weeks. Then she goes in for the next injection. the end of the two weeks, Michele says, "Life is good".

 Michele has been an inspiration for me. She doesn't complain...she takes one day at a time, and finds a blessing in the smallest thing.
I...on the other hand...have complained for so long about this house not selling, I feel ashamed of myself.
I have missed so many blessings day after day, moaning, and groaning about what I want...when I should have been thanking God for all of the miracles , and blessings in each and every moment, of each and every day.

I have sooo much to be thankful for, and have shown so little gratitude.
My niece has been my wake-up call.

God has blessed me above, and beyond what I could have ever imagined, and all I could do was whine, and cry for more. More of what I thought would be better!
I wanted to move here at the lake.
When the kids didn't come visit like I thought they would, I wanted to move back home.
I've been like a spoiled child...demanding, and selfish.
Whatever I want, I feel I deserve.
Well.....I don't.
I didn't deserve to be healed of a brain tumor...but I was.
I didn't deserve to survive a perforated bowel, but I did.
I didn't deserve to make it through cancer, but here I am. 
I didn't deserve Jesus to die on a cross for my sins, but He did.
EVERYTHING I have is due to HIS grace and mercy.
It's HIS will I must trust!
It's HIS plan I must wait on.
I watch Michele, and she has that sweet, submissive spirit...taking each day as it comes, and appreciating each breath.
I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Thank you for praying for my niece, Michele...she deserves your prayers...for she knows what it is to be humble, and gracious.
May God bless you for your kindness.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Remember the song by Lionel Richie...Easy Like Sunday Morning?
That's what this morning feels like here at our lakehouse cottage.
Soft, and relaxed.

The sun is enveloped in clouds, yet the air is warm.
There's a soft breeze causing little ripples to form on the water.
The filtered sunlight dances on each individual ripple, causing the surface to look like diamonds sparkling on top of the water.

I love mornings like this.
The only sounds you hear are the songs of the Finches.
The party people from last night are still sleeping, so Sunday mornings here at the lake are always quiet.

Hubby left early for a trip down state.
I work tomorrow, so I stayed home.
Sometimes it's nice to have the cottage to myself on a peaceful morning.

My niece gets the results to the CT scan that will tell if the chemo is keeping the tumor in her colon from getting any larger...tomorrow.
Please pray for a good report.
Thank you for keeping her lifted up to the Lord.

Here's a peek at my favorite way to enjoy a morning muffin....served on a recent estate sale rose plate, placed on layers of luscious lace, and linens.
While sipping fresh orange juice from a pretty little antique glass found at a sweet little cottage shop.
Is it worth all the fuss?
You betcha!!
I hope your day is "easy like Sunday morning".

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Life is Good.

It's Sunday here at our cottage at the lake.
It finally feels like summer with clear skies, and warm sunshine.
Charlotte, one of my granddaughters, spent the past four days with us.
She's four years old, and a ball of energy.

We spent most of our time outside in the sand, sun, and water.
Our dogs have been napping ever since Charlotte left.
She wore the two of them out!

The grandkids have been here quite a bit this summer.
I work part-time at the pharmacy, so when I would have enough days off in a row, I would be able to have little ones spend a few nights.

At the beginning of summer, I was visiting my niece, and going to a few doctor appointments with her.  Michele has colon cancer which has spread to her spine, hip, and both lobes of her liver.
She has two VERY young children. Michele is receiving chemo to try and keep the tumor in the colon from getting any larger(it's at 32 cent. right now). There will be no surgery, or radiation.
She is a very sweet young woman that never complains.
Michele gets the chemo once every two weeks. She is sick for almost two full weeks after each treatment. Brendan, and Layla are being taken care of by their future adoptive parents most of the time. If Michele starts feeling better(usually two days before the next round of chemo), she spends time with the children.
If you ask her how she is doing, she will say..Life is good.
Michele is an amazing young woman.
If you could find some time during your prayer time, would you please include her in your prayers?
She needs a miracle.

The situation with my niece has had an impact on me about our house not selling.
I was becoming very bitter, and depressed this summer. I know God could sell this place in a heartbeat so that I could live closer to my children, and grandchildren.
I've been up here for twelve years!!
Why won't He let me be closer to my family?
It's the desire of my heart!
I know He sees the whole picture, and He has a plan.
I know I'm supposed to trust His will.

Still, I feel like I've lost my joy.
I don't have a church family up here.
No close friends that I have connected with since quitting my job at the bank.
We were all very close, but have all since moved on with our children, and grandchildren.

I guess I thought my family would come up here in the summer time...just like we did as kids.
We stayed at my grandparents cottage almost all summer long, and every weekend, for sure!
But things are different now.
People are too busy now, I guess.
I travel to see them.
Instead of family coming here to fish, swim, enjoy campfires, and boat rides...I go to their houses.

While I'm down there on a hot summer day, I'm thinking how we could all be out on the boat, or swimming. How the kids could be playing in the sand, or staying up by the campfire. Or they could all be playing flashlight tag when it gets dark.
And I think about Michele, and her children.
How they will never be able to go on a boat ride, as a family.
They won't stay at a cottage for a vacation week.
She can't take her babies for a golf cart ride, or sit at the campfire, and make smores.

And I wonder.....if we move...will I ever spend a weekend at a lake with my grandkids?
Will I take them on boat rides? Will Grampa teach them how to fish?
Will they sit by a campfire and roast hotdogs, and smores with us?
Sure, my daughter Kelly has a pool....but is it the same as spending a few days at the lake with Gramma and Grampa?
You give up some things when you live up north.
But you also gain some things.
You have times when your grandkids spend days with make memories that you cherish.
Building drip castles on the beach. Learning to swim across the canal. Rowing a boat for the first time.
You lay in bed and talk before falling asleep....those are the times you get to hear how much you are loved, and how much fun it is to stay at Grampa and Grammas' house.
Those are the moments that mean so much.....
When someone says...I hope I can come up and stay again.
Our house is still on the market until October. 
If it sells, fine. If it doesn't....then I'll have a whole winter to spruce things up more...if that's what His plan is... to put the place back on the market again next spring.  If not...Life if good.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I don't care, I love it!!!

Good Tuesday to everyone.
We had a busy past few days here at our cottage at the lake.
Kelly, Erin, and Melissa were here with their families.
It was a crazy, fun time for me, and Mr. L.
I had to work yesterday, so today is the day I catch up on all of the laundry.

Melissa had this large shabby chic mirror that she decided not to use in her home, so I had her bring it up with her, so I could buy it for my cottage.
I've been wanting a large mirror to lean against the wall, but couldn't find one that I liked.
Melissa bought this one from Home Goods quite a while ago.
Hmmmmm.....too bad she decided not to use it.....yeah, too bad.

I am still looking for a vintage mirror for above the buffet.
Something not quite this large! Something that won't pull the wall down when I hang it.
I'm sure I will find "just the right one" some where. 

In the meantime, I am enjoying my new treasure.
I like how it reflects different areas of the room...depending on where you are sitting.

I know the pieces in my home are a huge mish-mash.
Some pieces look like they belong in the trash heap....AND
I don't follow any particular "style".
But there is a new song out right now...I don't have any idea who sings it, or what the name of it is.
I only know two lines of the song, and I sing it to myself ALL THE's become my "anthem", so to speak.....
I don't care, I love it, I don't care, I love it, I love it, I don't care, I love it, I don't care, I love it!!!