Monday, July 29, 2019

A Little Bakery.

It's a damp day, so no outside painting today.
I thought I would show you how far I am on the bakery I'm working on.
The floor is finished as of last night.

The cupboards are filling up nicely with merchandise, and baked goods.

Building up stock...have more cakes to bake, and breads in the ovens.

Cannot do much more until the walls are built,
A roof will be nice, too.

These cookies are for the builders.  
I hope they like chocolate....

I haven't decided on what color to paint the counter.....
Depends on the wall color.

I love this little sign for the outside, don't you?
Lots more work to be done.....
The mixer is on it's way.  Hopefully I will find some sweet cupcakes for the bakery before it's ready to open. Still looking on Etsy for something just right.
Working with miniatures has become something that I've come to really enjoy.
I will post more as the shop progresses.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Gotta love Summer!!'s been non-stop Summer since it's long awaited arrival here at our lakehouse.
Heat and humidity, sunshine, kids, flowers in the gardens, jam in the freezer, and fish on the hooks!
My favorite time of the year.
My sister and her crew will be here next week for fun in the sun with us...along with a couple of my own granddaughters to share in some shenanigans.
My soul is filled with joy!

Hearing the laughter of the kids as they paddle down the canals in the kayaks, enjoying each other...splashing, screams of delight, playing together in the water...soaking up the sunshine, and just having fun.
That's what summer is all about here.

Riding the golf cart, tubing behind the boat, fishing with Grandpa, swimming for hours (and wearing your swimsuit all day long), and even having your lunch out on the swim raft!
Campfires with roasted hot dogs, smores', fish fries, and lots of ice cream!
Maybe even a tea party with your favorite doll, under a canopy of tulle netting.

Flashlight tag, hide and go seek. Playing cards, and board games until late. Popping corn, or making root beer floats to enjoy while watching movies.
It's all part of Summer here at the lake.

Sometimes, kiddos even get to ride behind Grandpa on his motorcycle...OR, he takes them putt-putt golfing....whichever suits ones' fancy.
Gotta love Summer!!