Sunday, November 30, 2014

One bedroom is finished!

I finally finished painting one of the bedrooms upstairs yesterday.
After arranging, and re-arranging furniture, I think I have things the way they will stay for a while.
The linen cupboard is stuffed with vintage quilts, and all the RA bedding it can hold.

The Salt Glaze by Martha Stewart gave the room a whole new feel.
I really like it with all the white trim, and painted panel board.
The room has more of a cottage feel to it.

I shopped the house for different pieces to add to what I already had.

I keep changing pieces between the two bedrooms upstairs.
The next room to be painted is the one right across the hall from this one.

I still have to hide the cords inside the little mantle.
Otherwise, the room looks pretty cozy, and romantic.

Ooops, I see the bed skirt needs adjusting.
A little tweaking here, and there will help finish this room...then on to the bedroom just across the hall.

I've been wanting to hang this piece of vintage architecture found at the huge flea market we went to this past Fall.
It fits well right above the window.
I had to use the flash for this photo.
I don't like using the flash at all....but couldn't get the pic to focus without it.
The colors look awful!!!
At least you get an idea of what it looks like.
For those of you that read my previous post....the little gypsy wagon idea lasted for just a few days. The bed was difficult to get in and out of...but was a fun idea while it lasted.

This arrangement works so much better!
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Painting the bedroom.

And so it begins....
When the seasons change, and I can't get outside I start painting the inside of the house.
There seems to always be something that needs to have a coat of paint slapped on it.
It might just be some trim, or touch up, or a whole room.
This year it's the upstairs bedrooms.

The job takes time...meaning...I do it at the pace of a snail.
I'm never in a hurry when I paint.
The cold weather will be here for a while.
Why rush the job?  I've got ALL winter!

Our cottage has been put together in a very "slap-stick" fashion.
An addition here, a little room over there, another add-on up here.
Who ever did the work WAS NOT a professional!!!
I believe he got his papers from the Academy of Lincoln Log Builders.
I fear, some day, one of the little additions will just fall off into the canal and go floating out to the lake to be used later as an ice shanty.

I realized I was losing my I took the little yellow pill for the ADD so I could finish this post and, hopefully, have it make a little bit of sense.
sigh..........So I've been painting one of the bedrooms.
I finished one of the many little additions, and decided to put the bed in there.
It's very small, but very cute.
It kind of looks like a little gypsy wagon.
I'm not quite finished decorating this wee spot, but thought I would give you a peak.

We slept here last night.
The rain was dancing off the roof, lulling us to sleep.
It was quite romantic....until I started thinking about the room suddenly falling off the house, floating down the canal...out into the lake, and waking up to some guy sitting at the foot of the bed with an ice fishing pole in his hands.
Maybe I should call the doc, and have him "up" my medication.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Give Thanks....

I LOVE the Thanksgiving holiday.
The only thing I have to shop for is food.
Cooking, and baking for my family brings such joy to my heart.
Having all the kids, and grandkids around the table enjoying themselves makes my heart sing.
I thank God for such a wonderful family.

Instead of waking up to a snow storm, this morning I opened my eyes to sunshine and blue skies.
The light came bursting through the windows from all directions.
It was glorious!
By the way....the thing on the floor that looks like a "gift" from one of the dogs....I am "thankful" was just one of their chew toys...wink*

Winter has come early this year. So many have experienced horrific amounts of snow already. The weather has been causing havoc all over the world these past few years.
I pray for safety, and travel mercies for those traveling in the difficult conditions that seem to plague us in all areas.

 I am thankful that I can hear....because when I walk into one of my daughter's homes, I always hear the sound of little feet running toward me, and the voice of a child yelling "gramma!" 
It warms my heart when they have their little arms open wide, and they jump up into mine...hugging me tight around my neck, and giving me a kiss to let me know how much they love, and missed me.

I am thankful for "time" to spend with those that I love, and care about.
Life is short.
Don't waste it worrying about situations that you cannot change.
Pray for those that reject you....but stop leaving behind the ones that care, trying to win over the ones that don't.
You lose what God has for you, by hanging on to what satan reminds you of.
Enjoy life.
Stop dreading your days.
One day you will look back and wish you had all those days to live over again....but once they are's too late.
There are people asking for one more day, moment, breath....
Let's be thankful for what we matter how big, or how small...
Live day by day....moment by moment...just breathe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Realizing why we keep what we keep.

When I did the last post about the things we keep, I started thinking about why I keep certain bits, and bobs around.
We used to live in a farmhouse built in 1848.
I would lay in bed, and wonder about the people that lived in the house years before us.
Did the moms tuck their babes into bed under handmade quilts, and read them stories just like I did every night?

Did they have horses to ride?  Or need them to pull their wagons?
Did they love the slamming of the screen door in summer like I did?
The oak bead board, wood floors, and pocket doors?

How many hands turned the handles on the doors to gain entry to the home over the years?
How many children ran up, and down the stairs, and over the floors through the years?

I miss our little farm where my girls grew up.
I miss the horses standing in their stalls as we brushed them. The smell of the sweet grain, and  fresh cut hay.
I miss hearing the girls laughing as they snuggled up in the hay with a new litter of kittens.

I realize where my love of old, and vintage things came from.
The days from my girl's childhood.
When we lived in our farmhouse.
When I decorated to keep with the style of the house.
The happy times for me.
I love what's present, and what's ahead. I will enjoy the old door knobs, and doors, chandeliers, quilts, furniture, bead board, etc. as I continue on with the chapters of my life.
I thank God for the many warm, happy memories I have.
I love having treasures around to remind me of the times in life that brought joy to my heart.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

The things we keep.

Isn't it funny what we keep?
If you look around your house, do you see some things that you absolutely love?
Yet, someone else might think a particular piece might be just a piece of junk?
What they see as junk, we see as junque'.

 I save objects found on special trips.
I think shells are gorgeous!
Whenever we take a trip to the ocean, I look for seashells.
They are scattered about the house, and always remind me of the wonderful sandy beaches, and sunsets we enjoy so much while spending time in Florida.

Drying flowers to use in sachets is a must.
Filling the house with the scents of lavender, and rose warms my heart.
Using sweet annie, or just hanging a bunch to experience it's scent is so enjoyable for me.

Saving tags from items that have been sent to me is another thing I do.
Sounds goofy, I know...but if someone is going to take the time to print up special tags, and write a sweet note, and tuck it inside a package just for me, then I'm going to save that note to remind me of that dear person.
I see a pattern here....I think it's called hoarding.

I like old door knobs.
Silly thing, yes...but think of all those hands that turned those knobs.
What kind of house did it come from?
Was it from a child's room?
An old farmhouse?
What kind of history does it hold?

Vintage dishes are so pretty.
People walk by them as they sit on shelves in second hand stores...not getting a second glance.
Just think of the person that so lovingly painted the designs on these pieces of art.
I marvel at the care that went into such lovely items.
Each time I pass them on my shelves, I have to smile at their pretty faces.

My Grandma had teas.
She didn't use bags. She steeped the tea.
I did the same.
I had teas for ladies in my home, just like my Grandma did.
We still use this old piece.

How many sunrises, and sunsets did these roses witness?
Keeping them through the long winter months gives me hope for spring.
They add a rustic beauty in decorating. Plus when used in dried floral arrangements, you get a touch of romance.

Think of all the clothes these buttons graced over the years.
How many busy hands threaded needles, and attached one of these to a shirt, or dress, or skirt?
Where did they all come from?
I have many more resting in dishes, and pitchers, waiting to be sewn to sachets, and other pretty items here at Lakehouse.
They look cute enough just resting in dishes in the old farm cupboard...don't you think?
Whatever our reasons for keeping the things we long as it doesn't become an obsession, and it doesn't become more important than God, and's okay.
Filling our homes with the things we love, is a part of who we are.
I might be a little quirky...who likes old door knobs???? whatever you like, and it brings you joy...I'm happy for you...
**Hopefully we won't be seeing you on "Hoarders" next season.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Take time to react.

I don't know about you, but I used to react to situations on impulse.
If someone said something to hurt me, I instantly went on the defensive, and acted out.
It took years to understand that taking time to think things through was a better way.

I understand that people say things out of anger, and hurt feelings.
They feel the need to lash out.
The louder they yell, the better they feel.

Especially if they can do it in front of others.
They make a direct hit!
It helps relieve their own pain.

The world tells me to be ruthless, and quick to react in return.
If I'm called the name, then play the game, right?

*I ask for your forgiveness for making you so angry with me that you felt like you needed to say what you did, the way you did it.
I ask God to help me slow down when reacting to you so that I may treat you with compassion, love, and truth.

For the Lord is compassionate, gracious, and slow to anger. He is abundant in faithful love, and truth. Psalm 86:15.

By not making judgments, but slowly and deliberately acting with tenderness, and self-control, we will bring honor to God.
We will build the people up around us, and keep conflict from building.

I don't see that as being self-righteous.
I see that as trying to be proactive, and doing God's will.

For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God. Rom.3:23.
I'm sorry for your loss, dear one.  The Lord look with favor on you and give you peace. Numbers 6:26.