Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Roses with holey leaves.

Every year it seems the roses just get better, and every year something comes along that tries to destroy them.
Usually, the Japanese Beetles, deer and rabbits invade the gardens.
This year a new bug decided to feast on the leaves of the rose plants.
Aphids come and go, but this was a little green worm.
They ate holes in almost every leaf, until I found the critters!!

I've been deadheading, and trimming off chewed leaves....but the roses look a little sad right now.
They would probably prefer to grow in someone else's garden...somewhere with less invaders!!

The leaves are coming back, and looking a little healthier.
I really need to get caught up on deadheading, and weeding.
There are lots of roses, so far.
I am worried the Japanese Beetles will be here soon, though.

This white climber produced so many roses, but got hit hard with the leaf chewer.
I had to really cut it back....what a sad state of affairs.

Now that everything is up, I can add the mulch.
It looks so much nicer after that is put down.

Went to Tractor Supply with my youngest daughter over the weekend, and was happy to find this little calf for 20% off!! It's another Red Shed item that goes with the other farm animals I've purchased there.

There are plants popping up in front of other plants....that means transplanting!!!
Now that the temps have dropped a bit, I will be able to get out in the gardens and move things around again.

These are pretty roses.
They don't produce many flowers...but I sure enjoy what they do give me.

These little sweeties grow under the Rose of Sharon.
They peak there heads out now and then, to see if anyone is looking.

The New Dawn Roses were all but destroyed by the beetles last year.
They are coming back this Summer.
Pretty low to the ground...but I am so happy to see them coming back!!
They will get clipped today.

This is another New Dawn Rose that was coming back, but the worm ate so many of the leaves!!
I tried cleaning it up, and am so grateful to see it blooming!
Hopefully, it will fill the arbor once more.

More holes in leaves.....but at least there are blooms!!
If it's not one thing, it's another here at the lakehouse.
I am grateful for the little things, because at the end of the day...they are the BIG things!!
Have a great evening.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Loving what I've been given.

Jim worked until almost dark last night putting the thin strips of wood on the top of the pergola.
The mini solar lights are put up, and set for warm white.
I sat out here last night, and it was so peaceful....until the mosquitoes started buzzing in my ears!!

I stayed out as long as I could, and then had to retreat inside.
I just love the job Jim did on this little garden oasis.
It's surrounded by Iris, Daylilies, Hollyhocks, climbing roses, Peonies, and Blackeyed Susans.
There is also Phlox, Veronica, and Clematis.
There will always be something in bloom throughout the Summer months.
I am still waiting for the rambling rose to arrive from Heirloom Roses for the arbor we made using a hay ring from Tractor Supply.
The HoneySuckle is growing on the right side. I used chicken wire to train it to go up that side of the ring.
It will fill in nicely.
I added my wonky ice cream table and chairs to this new garden, and put a brick boarder around it to keep the black mulch from spreading.

I never really knew how to prune my roses back properly. Heirloom Roses sends a video when you order from them. After watching the video early this Spring, I went out and pruned my existing roses.
What a difference in the roses this year!
Not just in rose production, but in the size of the bushes!!
they are three times the size they were before!!
It's amazing!
I must admit, when the roses from the company first arrived, I was a little doubtful they would even survive.
I have since changed my mind!
I have plants that are filling out beautifully, and are even producing roses already!!
My husband was VERY skeptical when the boxes of Heirloom Roses kept coming containing rose plants with barely a leaf on them.
Now, he is convinced that Heirloom Roses is a great company, and worth all the money I spent....lol.
This is not an advertisement for the company....just my personal opinion.

I am also very pleased with the Red Shed items I got at Tractor Supply this year.
They have the cutest things for the garden and porch, if you like "farm"  decor.
We moved from our hobby farm, to the lake, so all of the cute things at Tractor Supply really made me happy this year.

The peonies are really popping!!
The hollyhocks are from Land of the Giants!
I am so happy they grow so well for me, since they are one of my favorite flowers!
I brought them up from the farm.

This is the largest hollyhock I have ever grown!
There have been some tall ones here at the lakehouse, but this one is so big around!!

See it on the left??!! 
Pretty big, huh?
Anyway, this is the view from under the pergola.
It's beautiful at night.
This morning, there was a dove just about four feet away, hiding under the flowers, cooing.
It made my eyes fill with tears...just so serene.

This is where I am sitting, typing at my computer.
Enjoying the outside.
Watching the Dragon Flies flit from one place to the next.
Hearing birds of every sort.  Baby birds chirping from nests high up in the trees.
Listening as the breeze catches the wind chimes, and they bump against each other.
Gently pushing my feet into the pea gravel under the vintage patio table and chairs I purchased from Like Mother Like Daughter in Howell....one of my favorite shops.
Recognizing the slow rumble of thunder in the distance...hoping it carries much needed rain within the darkened clouds.
Appreciating my husband that built this space for me to love.
God is good to me in so many ways.
Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Early Summer....

We went from freezing, to near 90 degree temps in just a week!
I will not complain. I LOVE Summer!!
We are in a drought situation, however, so it's a good thing we are on the water. We can irrigate with the canal water.
So far, this has been a good year for the flower gardens.
Everything is growing very large! lol.
I am able to dry lots of different roses already. Even the new roses ordered from Heirloom Roses!!

I was deadheading roses yesterday, and just cannot part with the spent roses.
The house is full of little containers that have roses, and peonies in them. 

I love the pink peonies, but the white ones are the most fragrant for me.
My computer is right next to this pitcher that is filled with them, and they smell heavenly.

This is the tray I keep ready for outside dining.
It even holds flowers to enjoy.
The white roses are just beautiful this year!

When deadheading roses, some of the stems are really short, so using vintage sugar bowls to hold them works well for me.

The mini solar lights are on the pergola.
Jim has the smaller strips of wood to put across the top yet....but I love the way it looks in the evenings with the tiny lights on.
The hanging lanterns will be added once the top is finished.
I found Martha Stewart seat cushions at TJ Max last week.
I am enjoying the early Summer here at the lake. 
If we can keep the rabbits and deer from eating the flowers, and vegetables....I will enjoy it even more!!  lol.
Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

"Hello" to June!

Memorial Weekend was busy here on the lake. Lots of people up for the four day holiday.
All is quiet again, since everyone has returned home.
We spent Sunday afternoon on the water, relaxing in the sun.
I have a few small roses on one of the Bonica rose bushes I ordered from Heirloom Roses, already. They are such a beautiful color of pink!

The driveway is getting resurfaced tomorrow, so everything is up on the porch.
I will be happy to have it done!
It is so faded, and needs to be filled in.
The porches will then get a couple of coats of charcoal paint.
The white is so hard to keep clean!!

I am fertilizing the plants this year.
I let them go last year, and they all got so leggy.  I plan on keeping them looking healthier this Summer!!
The newest garden area is looking nice.
I am enjoying being outside so much this year.
I have been having issues with the deer chewing on the plants, however.  So much time, effort, and money goes into the gardens.  Dealing with all the damage the deer do is so frustrating at times!

The Honeysuckle is starting to reach the right side of the hay ring arbor. I attatched some chicken wire to guide it along.
There's a clematis on the front of the left side that is starting to climb.
I am still waiting for the rambling rose to arrive from Heirloom Roses for the left side.

The annuals are filling in nicely, as the perennials get established this year.
Saying "farewell" to May, and "hello" to June already.  Summer goes by much too quickly!  I trust you are able to get outside and enjoy the weather.  
Have a wonderful week!!