Friday, January 22, 2016

A little paper flag.

While shopping in a wonderful little shop in Howell, Michigan last weekend, I came across a cup full of these little paper flags.
They reminded me of a summer spent in France, years ago.
Memories flooded late husband and I spending time with his family.
We were so young, 19 and 20, on break from college that summer.
Meeting his relatives for the first time.

They owned three homes.
One in Paris, one in the country, and one on the Normandy Beaches.

Seeing all of the sights in Paris was like a dream for me.
You learn about such things in school, but never think you will ever see places like that in your whole life!
Patrick was used to it all....being there several times since childhood.

Spending time in the country, seeing all of the vineyards was amazing!
Tonton and Tantine had a huge garden that they used for preparing meals.
Tonton was our tour guide inside, and outside of Paris.

My favorite place was Deauville, on the Normandy Beaches (on the English Channel).
We spent hours around the simple table, in mismatched chairs....eating, drinking wine, and talking and laughing while the sea air came in through the open windows.
As you walked up the winding staircase to the bedrooms, you could still see the chips in the walls where the butts of the German's rifles gouged the plaster as they searched the cottages during the War. 
I asked why the plaster was never replaced. Mamme' said it was left as a reminder of the cruelty of war, and hopefully it would never be repeated.
That little paper flag brought back memories for me.   Good memories, of good people...along with some history.
Funny how something so small, and insignificant to some, would cause a lifetime of memories to flood into my brain for just a matter of minutes.
I'm glad I found that little paper flag. It brought joy to my heart.
I hope something fills your heart with joy this weekend!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Finding a little inspiration....

We are experiencing the January thaw here at the lake.
I've been going through my home decor magazines, instead of doing some touch-up painting as I had planned to do today.
I had seen a pretty rose swag in the latest issue of Romantic Country Magazine, featuring Jo-Anne Coletti's lovely home, and wanted to try to make one similar for the Lakehouse.

I use strips from older RA pillow slips when making my rag strip projects, so I used some for the rose swag...along with the usual gauze bar towels that I also use.
There were some white paper roses in the cupboard, and those seemed to call my name....
The project turned out differently than the one in Jo-Anne's feature...but that's quite alright. I wasn't going for an exact copy...just something similar.....something that would fit in here at the Lakehouse.
I do appreciate the inspiration that Jo-Anne's beautiful home invokes, however. I find her to be an amazingly talented woman.
Have a happy Sunday!

Sunday, January 3, 2016

After the holidays.

The holidays are over, and the decorations are put away for another year.
There are some things that will be left out, however.
The JDL lace angel wings are part of the decor here at the Lakehouse.
Angel wings are found throughout our cottage all through the year.

This year's project will be white washed wood flooring for the living room.
It was supposed to be put in last year....but the Mr. doesn't like to rush into things.....EVER!!!

He did surprise me with this tea cart for my birthday, though.
Also, two beautiful charms for my Pandora bracelet!

Isn't this card pretty?
I received it from Bron at in a Christmas card.

Bron also sent this lovely lady! she's just perfect for here at the Lakehouse, isn't she??!!
If you love shabby chic, go visit Bron's blog. she's  from Australia, and has a wonderful blog with awesome photo's and great posts!!!
Have a fun Sunday!
Winter has arrived here in the Midwest!