Tuesday, April 15, 2014

First post at new blog...Seashells and Lavender

First post at the new blog.
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

A fresh start.

This road we travel is full of twists, and turns. Ever changing as we reach each new milestone.
When I look back just four years ago, I was in a totally different place.
Physically, my face, and body didn't reveal the signs of stress, illness, and aging.

This little cottage was decorated with the antiques, and vintage furniture that I still love.
I can see more of a shabby/country flair that was popular just four short years ago.
How quickly trends change...and how I strived to stay on top of what seems to be  popular in decor "at the moment".

Add a few years to these little bodies.  Ethan is now starting to drive. Maddie is in junior high. Kayla competes in gymnastics. Zoey has a three year old little sister. Charlotte has a little sister that has taken her place...crying on the floor now.  Anson is playing ball this summer.
It's all going by so fast....this road I'm traveling on.

My quest for keeping up with the changing styles, here at the Lakehouse, had caused me to take some side roads on life's journey.
I wanted what I saw on other people's blogs.  My home wasn't ever as beautiful as the ones I was seeing every where else.
My focus wasn't on the road I originally had started out on. 
I could classify myself as "coveting" my neighbors' goods. 

Blogging was not turning out to be what I had intended it to be.
I had prayed for God to use this blog as a "beacon in the darkness".
It was to be used "for HIS glory".
I had changed....and I didn't like where I was at.

Everything happens for a reason.  I truly believe this.
Blogging was just a small part of my life that needed correction.
I'm still struggling with areas, and issues in my life that I need to change. 
One area is in judging others.
Whatever one's reason is for what they choose to do, should be their business.
 I shouldn't use someone else's life as an example when trying to prove a point.
I've got enough dirt on my own floors to clean up.

Over the past four years, a lot of changes have taken place here at the Lakehouse.
There are a lot more ruffles, roses, and even some French dining chairs around the table.
My grandchildren are growing, and multiplying  faster than the hollyhocks in the cottage garden.
God has healed my body from uterine cancer, and a perforated bowel.
The Crohn's disease has been in remission for three years.

My little booth, Seashells and Lavender, is still thriving.
I don't know how much longer I will be renting space...but for now, it's good.

We have made a few changes this past winter inside our cottage.
The walls were the same color for almost ten years.
Painting them lighter sets a brighter mood.
I feel like we've finally found furnishings that we BOTH like.

The road has been long, and at times, rough.
It shows in my eyes, and on my face.
As of today...I'm looking neither to the left, nor the right. I shall try to keep my eyes focused forward.
I will leave the things behind that need to be left.

I am closing down the Lakehouse blog.
I will be starting fresh, with a new blog called Seashells and Lavender.
I am hoping it will be a reflection of my commitment for the year 2014.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Friends and Joy

The more I blog, the more amazed I am with the people I meet.
The personalities, talents, willingness to share, hearts to pray, thoughtfulness in sending cards, and gifts...just because.

Some of the connections cannot be coincidental.
I feel God has set people in my life that I truly need to encourage, and nurture me along this road I'm on.

This year is the year of JOY for me.
I am consciously seeking joy each day.
Even in the midst of sorrow.....I will look for an ounce of joy that will lift me up out of the depths of sadness I might be experiencing on a particular day.

There have been times when I can honestly say that my joy came from a blogger.
Sometimes, from someone I just met as a new follower, or a blogger that I am getting to know better. Or someone that I've known since I started blogging.

It might just be a word of encouragement. 
Other times, it comes as an email from a friend that really knows my heart. This person knows me, and relates to my situations. She's able to be open, and honest with her advice, and her love.
This kind of blogger friend was definitely Heaven sent.

I appreciate all of you that visit here at my little cottage at the lake.
Your comments are treasured.
I read them all!!
This IS the year of JOY here at Lakehouse.
I hope I pass that along to you as we go along this journey together in the seasons of 2014.
Have a joyful afternoon.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The dining table is finished.

I'm in a rush to get ready for work...which is no surprise...I'm always running late.
I just wanted to show you how the table turned out.
The Mr. stripped the paint off the top, and I painted the legs white.

She's kind of built like me.
Flat on top, and chunky in the leg area.
Actually, I'm not "flat"....just longer than I used to be, which gives the effect of things looking "flat".
Anyway, she looks pretty, and shabby with the changes in color. I like the mix with the delicate chairs, and the wonky chandelier.
Gotta run!
Enjoy your day!!!