Monday, December 28, 2015

Happy New Year!

Fierce winds are blowing here at the Lakehouse.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse.
It's nothing compared to what has transpired for the folks south, I'm sure.
With loss of life due to storms, and tornadoes.
What a horrific holiday season for so many.

Losing power for four days is nothing in comparison.
We spent the holidays with family three hours south of here, and cherished every moment.

My middle daughter and family gifted me with the two large candle jars on the mantle, and this pretty knob that holds this JDL scarf for Christmas.
All fitting presents for the Lakehouse decor.

The Jessica Simpson bedding has already found a new home with my 14 year old granddaughter, Maddie.
The colors just didn't "fit" here for my taste.
I thought it would be a nice "change" for the winter season....but it just wasn't "me".
The RA bedding suits my style, and makes my heart sing.

Jessica Simpson's bedding is beautiful!
I'm just more comfortable with the RA line, I guess.
So....the ruffles and roses are back, and I'm a happy girl.
Sometimes....staying with what we know is a good thing.....the grass isn't always greener....ya know what I mean?

Happy New Year everybody!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!

The weather outside's not frightful....if not for the fog it would be delightful!
The temps are mild for this time of year.
Instead of snow, we are getting some needed rain.
The forecast for Christmas Day is sunshine and more warmth.
The days are still short....making evenings cozy with candles, and firelight.

Angel wings are a big part of my holiday decor this year.
To be honest....I haven't really decorated much at all.
Just a few pieces here and there.
Angel wings are everywhere! 

Even without the holidays, I still love angel wings.
Bottle brush, and feather trees are found throughout the house for a romantic touch.

You will find the tiniest of lights here at the Lakehouse, and lots of candles to add the warmth of the holiday season.

If you look hard, you will see this little guy also.
He's waiting for the right time to make his entrance.
I hope Christmas week is special for you and your family. 
Enjoy the season, and what the holiday brings your way.
I pray our true focus is Christ, and the gift He offers to the world.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

A vintage-Christmas tablescape

I apologize for not responding to comments on the last two blog posts.
I will be getting to that in the next two days....promise.
I've been away from this computer more than I've been here, mostly checking some facebook posts when I do turn this thing on.
I answer one or two blog comments, then I'm off again.
Feeling very unmotivated these days.

I did see Amy's FB post about holiday tablescapes.....from Maison Decor.
Amy and five other bloggers got together for a nice presentation, and they all shared their ideas on some gorgeous settings for pretty tables for the holidays.

It gave me some ideas for a tablescape using vintage pieces for my own Christmas table.
Goblets and glasses from antique shops. Silver and linen  from an antique market. Butter pats collected from various shops, and shows.

Some of the pieces used down the center of the table are antique, and some are reproductions.
When gathered together, they make a nice vintage looking display for the Christmas holiday.

The pretty chargers were a sale item from Joss & Main, and the plates are from Target.
Fitting with the theme of a White (shabby) Christmas, here at the Lakehouse
Please put Diana(from Nana Diana takes a Break) on your prayer list. Her family is dealing with a health issue....concerning her husband. Prayers would be a GOOD thing!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The accent pillows have arrived.

The accent pillows for the new bedding arrived yesterday.
They give the bed a more "finished" look.

I like the vintage look the pillows have.....but am already missing the familiar ruffles that I'm used to.

And there you have it.....The Jessica Simpson bedding I am using to decorate our bedroom for the long winter months here at the Lakehouse.
A nice change.
Have a happy week.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Changing it up for Winter.

Good Saturday morning.
It's a bright morning here at the Lakehouse.....even brighter now that I've changed the dressing on the window here in our bedroom.
As some of you know, I collect RA bedding....sheet sets, and duvet covers, quilts, comforters, and pillow covers.
I also have RA decor books.
In the last book that I ordered, recently, I was reading about Jessica Simpson's home. thing led to another, and I ended up looking up Jessica Simpson's bedding line.
If you are feeling like you need a little bit of a change in just one room for the long winter months.......something that will blend in with your shabby chic decor that you already have....then may I suggest you take a look at Jessica Simpson's line of bedding?

Everything was already in this room, except for the window sashes.
They were brought up from the dining room.
The shutter and birdcage were moved over from another area of this same bedroom.
The side table is the same, minus the dust.
The sheets are from RA.
The shelf was already there.

There are three more pillows that go with this comforter set.
I am still waiting for them to arrive.
They are sold separate from the comforter and shams.

I love the embroidery on the pillow shams.
I am more of a floral type person when it comes to bedding.
I tend to gravitate to roses, but this motif is really beautiful!

I realize this set has a bohemian vibe to it....maybe that's the bit of a change I was needing to break up the long winter months here at the lake.....but it blends in so well with the shabby chic decor that I already have here at the Lakehouse.
I don't plan on changing the whole house over to a Boho look!!!
I just bought a new comforter set to compliment the RA bedding that I already collect.

This is a fun look for a change....but I am a romantic at heart.
Come spring, the ruffles and roses will be back.
Have a great weekend!