Monday, December 30, 2013

Gifts for our shabby cottage.

I sooo love the "shabby" look.
This pretty little table fits in perfect here at our cottage.
It's my birthday present from the husband.

Hubby also gave me this lovely charcoal/grey sofa for Christmas.
It's quite a change from all of the white pieces I usually buy for our cottage.
The sofa compliments everything in the room.
I LOVE it!


Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Blustery Saturday.

It's a blustery day.
The kind of day when you can hear the wind howling outside the doors, and windows.
It hasn't stopped snowing since I climbed out of bed this morning.

Time to plug in the Christmas lights, and turn on the holiday music.

I guess I could pull out a few more
I'd rather curl up on the sofa, cover up with a quilt, and find some favorite decorating magazines to look at.

What makes it more fun is knowing some of the bloggers in some of the magazine features!

Even though you don't know them personally, you've met them through blogging.
Sometimes we are blessed to be able to meet up in person.'ve become friends through emailing each other.
Blogging opens up a whole new avenue for people to connect.

Since it's such a bad day for travel....
I have decided that enjoying a few of my favorite magazines will be my form of entertainment for the day. 
I'm sure there will be at least one person's home I will recognize as I look through the many magazines, I have here at my cozy cottage, on this blustery winter day.
I hope you enjoy your weekend.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Quiet Sunday.

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon here at our cottage. It's nice to have some time to sit and relax for a few hours.
Our Christmas season has started off with two fun parties, and another one scheduled for tonight.
The neighborhood party was last night.
We had a wonderful time!!!

My party, for the pharmacy, was last weekend.
Hubby's work party is tonight.

Hubby's family meets the weekend before Christmas.
My kids get together the weekend after.
Then I plan to have some gal pals over during the week before Christmas week.
Yikes....there doesn't seem to be enough time to meet with everyone!

I'm trying to keep things simple this year.
A lot of the decorations are staying in the bins.
I don't have the extra time to pull it all out, then put it all away again in such a short time.

There are always a lot of candles here at our cottage.
With the glow of the Christmas lights, the fire going, and all the candles...we have a cozy holiday feel here at the Lakehouse.

There's goes my quiet afternoon!!
The snowmobiles are here!
They are racing up and down the frozen canal...sigh... was nice while it lasted........

Thursday, December 5, 2013

A few more decorations...

Good morning.
I love getting up early this time of year. Turning the lights on the Christmas tree. Listening to Christmas music, and lighting some balsam scented candles.

A few more vintage decorations came out of the bins the other day.

My mother's mother had  bottle brush trees, and wreaths at Christmas time.
I've always loved them.
Whenever I find them, I scoop them up.

Mercury glass is another favorite.
I have candle sticks, vases, bottles, ornaments, etc.
Silver is my number one favorite, but pink is right up there, as is the aqua color.

I'm not putting out as much as I used to.
With all the kids having homes of their own...I've given them a lot of the decorations that we had when they were little.
I don't do all the Santa's, and snowmen anymore.
Now it's more vintage, and shabby pieces that I use to decorate with.
The colors are less traditional here at our cottage, but they are soothing, and we do have some "bling" here and there!
I hope you are having fun decorating your homes this is short, make it happy!