Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vintage treasures

Good Sunday morning~~~
I'm doing a continuation of yesterday's post.
The treasures from yesterday's sailing adventure are now resting in their new home.
These cases are under the table, but still need some white paint on them. I thought I'd let them get used to their new surroundings before shocking them with a coat of white.
These home made wind chimes have been tinkling all morning in the sun room.

The round mirror seems comfortable with the other vintage mirrors on the mantle. I like the idea of using the pellet stove(used all winter) as a place for another vignette.

Seems like no one understands this little wire lamp shade frame. I just think it's the cutest thing. I'll be looking for just the right little white lamp to put it on. For just ten cents, she was worth being rescued from a trash bin.

Since I've added blue to the dining room, the addition of the blue dessert dish, and serving bowl helps bring the color in to the dishes. It's such a beachy color with the white.

I was so happy when I found these shell dishes. They go with my set of dishes perfectly!
There were other pieces that needed homes yesterday...but this lakehouse is getting kind of full.
After de-cluttering all the country stuff I used to have, it seems I'm re-cluttering with vintage treasures.
That's okay though, I wouldn't be happy any other way.
Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yard sailing

Hello to all of you ladies that LOVE to spend hours hunting for treasures at yard sales, garage sales, auctions, and flea markets!!
Every Memorial Day (weekend) it's a tradition here at the lake to go yard sailing. We locate the largest vehicle(preferably the size of a yacht), and head out at about eight o'clock in the morning. You must "sail" through each sale, so that you don't miss the best stuff at the next place.
I cannot believe the good deals this year! The wicker headboard was $5.00!!!! $5.00!!!! Wooohoooo!!! Another person was looking at it, and the second she walked away I called "dibs".

Then there were these three sea shells that I absolutely had to have....after walking around them for about five minutes, I picked them up to look at them closer. I thought they were fake. But after my close inspection, I realized they were REAL! The owner was watching me, but wasn't sure I was going to take she said she'd give them to me for a good price...hmmmm.....when she said 50cents for all three, I almost laughed out loud! But, I graciously took them off her hands, ran around the corner of her house, and jumped up and down!

The further we "sailed" the better the buys. The round mirror...a buck! The glass pitcher...a dollar! The blue dessert dish...25cents! The blue glass bowl with the other dollar! The loofah's $2.00. Net...fifty cents.

Then there was the box of vintage fabrics....oh my, how I love vintage fabrics!!! Ten dollars...maybe a little high, but so worth it to me. The large suit case I got for $5.00, and the round for $10. They were originally $20 a piece.
The two glass shell dishes sitting on the fabric...50cents. The wire frame from a small lamp shade....ten cents.
I also found a beautiful beachy wind chime....$5.00.
My friend, Veniesa, also found steal of deals.
The trunk, and back seat of her yacht were full. So we headed home...all giddy about our purchases. I was holding the round case on my lap....gently petting it...almost in tears, because I was soooooooooo happy to have it!
It was a great morning!
After returning home, Hubby and I climbed onto our real boat, and headed out for an afternoon on the lake.....
Life is good.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good morning~~~It looks to be another beautiful sunny day here at the lakehouse.
People should start arriving soon for the holiday weekend. These quiet mornings will be replaced with the sounds of lawn mowers, boats, jet skis, golf carts, and LOTS of laughter!
I don't mind...that's what living on the water is all about. People enjoying themselves.

The iris are blooming! The really dark color ones are still tight, but all the others are loose and fancy free...swaying in the breeze.

I remember walking home from school, past an elderly ladies house. Her gardens were full of iris. All different colors, and sizes. Being only ten years old, I still loved seeing them. I wanted to have them in my own yard when I grew up.

Some grew along the fence, and I could stop and smell them. I looked forward to seeing them every year.
Now I have my own. Some are transplants from our old house. Some we found growing wild along the roadside. And some I purchased.
They are such a graceful flower. They add a bit of a Victorian feel to the gardens.
Even after the flowers are gone, the leathery, blue-gray foliage adds texture to the beds.
As the weekend visitors to the lake walk by, they stop and look at my iris. I love hearing the little girls say what pretty flowers they are. Takes me back to my memories of wanting these lovely flowers in my own yard when I grew up.
Have a wonderful day...and don't forget to stop and smell the flowers.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good morning lovelies~~I'm feeling a little "under the weather" this morning. Felt like staying in bed longer than usual.

I thought a cup of tea and a good book would help me feel better.
I received a new book from Melissa on Mother's Day..."Winter Garden", a novel by Kristin Hannah.
I found the tea cups while down state last weekend. Kelly took me to a little shop that is (unfortunately) closing it's doors. After seeing these Royal Doulton "The Chelsea Rose", bone china cups and saucers, I just had to have them!

I love the delicate floral design, and trim. They look wonderful next to vintage linens.

Too bad there weren't more pieces, but I'm so glad to have found these. They will work well when sharing tea with a friend...or even just one cup by myself.

Even though I don't have enough pieces for a table scape...I thought this little setting would be nice to share.
I'm feeling a little better already. Listening to all the birds singing. Hearing the Morning Doves cooing their soothing calls. Watching the sun dance off the ceiling as it reflects off the water. Sipping some English tea, and curling up with a good book.
What a glorious morning.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the package

Good evening to you~~
I received the most beautiful package in the mail today! I just sat it on the table and stared at it for awhile before opening it.

Look at all of the sweet little extras...even doves cut from pages of a book!!! Oh my gosh, I love it!!
I ordered a table runner from Tracy at French Larkspur. Isn't it just the neatest thing ever?!
I have another list of things to order!!!! The blue stripe runner is the next thing, then napkins, plates, pails, soaps, etc, etc, etc.
You MUST go visit her shop! It is fantastic!!

My farm table is really long...but this runner hangs over the edges! I absolutely love it!! I must have said that already, right?
Seriously...go to French Larkspur, and browse Tacey's awesome store! I guarantee you won't leave without placing an order.
Have the nicest evening ever.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The pillow shams are finished.

Hello dearies~~~is it hot or what?!
I really don't mind tho...since the winter here at the lakehouse was VERY long. Bring on the heat and humidity!
The large pillow shams are finished. They look so nice with the quilt. I love the "cottagey" look the bed has now.

I've been working on the bedroom for quite a while. Just when I think I'm finished, I find another treasure to add to the room.
My friend, Debbie(the one that brings home all the wonderful stuff from Florida) had more linens for me to see. Hmmmmmmmmmm....I didn't think I'd NEED any more, but after going through the boxes, I DID need more!! Plus there were two sets of vintage pillow cases!!
I love our new quilt! Especially now that the large shams are finished. I liked the look of my pillows I made from vintage table clothes, but wanted more of a Euro sham look. So I asked Kim to make the shams to match the quilt. I wanted ruffles around the edge for a more romantic look. AND I was concerned that a normal size Euro sham would cover the the shams are smaller than normal.

Eventually, I'm hoping my hubby will replace the old painted panel boards with beadboard...white, of course.
Until then, I will just keep adding new treasures to the room.

The room is so bright now! It's kind of hard to sleep in. But that's okay. I absolutely love waking up to the sun dancing off the walls and ceiling as it reflects off the water just outside.
When a breeze comes through, the lace curtains billow..carrying the scents from the flowers under the window....into the room.....mmmmm. So nice.'s almost time to go to bed for the night...and after the busy weekend, and working until seven tonight, I'm ready!!
Have a good Tuesday.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flowers in buckets

Good day to all you bloggers that love this wonderful season of flowers in buckets, pails, vases, glasses, baskets, jars, and anything else that will hold them.

I was looking for something in one of the cupboards, and saw these galvanized buckets that I've been saving for....????what? When I realized they would look nice with the wire topper, and birds on the table.

I had cut just a few Columbines to bring inside, and thought the colors would go nicely with the buckets.

To keep the water from leaking out, I just plunked a couple of mason jelly jars down in the buckets. Worked out pretty well.

I know I've already posted this tablescape, but with the addition of the flowers, it changed things just a little bit.

I am anxiously awaiting my new table runner from French Larkspur to arrive. It is like Maria's at Dreamy have to check out all the wonderful things that French Larkspur carries.
I already have another order ready to be sent in!!

AND....I found a few treasures while shopping with my daughter this weekend...just wait until you see what I brought home!


Fun weekend

Whew...those long drives home wear me out!! Glad to be back at the lakehouse tonight.
We stayed at my oldest daughter, Kelly's, house for the weekend. I snapped a few pics while we were there. The words on her foyer wall are new. I really like them! Her Columbines are so pretty, I just had to take a picture of them.

Kayla is our red hair, green eyed, four and a half year old granddaughter. She's a little gymnast, and was showing us her round offs, cartwheels, back bend with a walk-over, handstands into a back flip, and splits. Kayla is in the class with the 6-8 year olds. She is very good for her age! She says she's going to the Olympics, and I, for one, believe her!

This is Anson(aka Bubba). It was his second year birthday party on Saturday. He is such a little sweetheart!

Here are some of his guests. As you can tell, it was a "pirate" themed party. The kids were hilarious with those parrots on their shoulders!!

The cake Kelly made was just too cute! and it was very yummy!! Everyone had a great time, and Anson got lots of cool presents.
By the end of the day, I was exhausted. The kids were still going strong, but this gramma was ready for bed!
We got to see Ethan(he's almost 12), Kayla and Anson's brother, play soccer this afternoon before coming back home.
The three hour drive was enjoyable. I drove with the convertible top down, and the radio playing oldies tunes. I love my Sebring Touring!! I don't feel like a gramma while I'm driving it on the highway! or anywhere else for that matter.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. The weather sure was great!
Have a nice evening.

Friday, May 21, 2010

window boxes

Hello, and Happy Saturday~~~
The window boxes are filling in nicely. They have a long way to go before they are actually spilling over..but with all this rain, they are getting a good start.

As you can see, the boxes don't match each other. I decided to do each one different this year. I was in the mood to have them all look like individual little gardens.

They all contain geraniums...but the fillers are different from each other.
I don't know why I chose to do it this way this year...but I DO like it.

Maybe next spring I'll do them similar again.
That's the fun of gardening, isn't it? Change...textures, colors, species, heights, etc.
Once they are really full, and hanging down below the white boxes, I'll take more pictures so you can see them in all their glory.
In just a couple more weeks, all six boxes should be overflowing with beautiful bursts of color.(and you won't even notice the green inserts the plants are in). It's so much easier for me to be able to drop each little garden into the window box. Then at the end of the season, I can remove the insert with the spent plants. The box is cleaned and ready for the next year.
I hope you are able to get outside and do some planting this weekend. Or maybe you want to just sit on the deck, or patio and relax.
Whatever your plans are....enjoy the outdoors.
Hugs to all.

Garden fairies

Well hello there~~you finally decided to wake from your long winter's slumber. And you've brought your friends.
I just love Columbines. They are lovely little flowers, and their colors are so delicate.
They pop up randomly in my gardens. I look forward to seeing them every spring.

It amazes me how their skinny little stems can hold the larger heads up. The foliage is also pretty. It looks like little tutus on a ballerina.
The light pink ones are my favorites.

These meander through the they are taking a walk through the other flowers, on paths visible only to the fairies.

It won't be long, and these little beauties will be hidden by the larger flowers. But I know they will be there. Dancing with the fairies.
Enjoy your Friday.