Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flower boxes

It's raining and pouring, but I don't hear an old man snoring. I DO hear all the birds singing though.
The window boxes are in!! I like the way they look from the inside as much as from the outside.
I used to try to have all six boxes match. Making sure each one had all the same flowers in them. Arranging the flowers to be in the same spots as the previous box I had put together.

A couple of years ago I realized how uniform....and kind of boring it all looked. NOT saying your window boxes shouldn't all match!!!! There should be some kind of "constant" in them.

I love seeing flowers spill out over the edge of the box. Wave petunias, nasturtiums, ivy, sweet potato vine, and especially verbena look lovely as they grow down the front of each box.

I admit, there are times when I use the same color scheme. Like the year I had all white flowers. That was beautiful!!! This year I'm in a "whatever" mood. My gardens aren't real formal. They are more "cottagey" looking...or maybe a little too WILD looking for some.
Anyway...this year the boxes are filled with a variety of different colors and flowers. Of course the old pick...geraniums are always somewhere in the mix.
So..this year, the boxes look like miniature gardens. With all the colors that attract the eye, and the hummers. We love sitting at the table, watching the little hummingbirds collect the nectar from the flowers. The huge bumble bees also make the daily visit to the flower boxes.

There are even some herbs added to this years show.
With all the rain we are getting this morning, I'm sure the flowers are happy, because they look very nice from where I'm sitting.
Since I LOVE gardening, being able to have the flowers right outside the windows is a real treat. It almost feels like the gardens are a part of the dining room.
What a blessing to be able to see...
I hope you have a wonderful day.


  1. LUV your windowboxes, Debbie! Can hardly wait to see pics of them from the outside! Makes me want to put them up on my front windows!! :)

  2. If it ever stops raining, I'll be able to get outside and take some pics!!
    Thank you for the encouragement Laurie.

  3. Hi Debbie! So very nice to meet you! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & leaving such a sweet & thoughtful comment! Wow! You have been through so much in your life! You sound like such an inspiring & positive person! & So great that you have an awesome Hubby to share life with! I read your post about the pharmacy & getting to know the customers.. That would be so hard for me..

    Your blog is Beautiful! Your header photo is Gorgeous! I love your window boxes too! & That chippy window & your Beautiful bottles.. Gosh! So many pretty things to look at! Our taste in decor is very much alike! :) I've wanted to put up window boxes too.. Did you guys make them yourselves? They add such a nice cozy feel to a house..

    I'm adding you to my sidebar so I wont miss any of your posts! & I signed up as a follower!

    Hope the rain clears up & the sun shines bright for you guys this weekend!

    Big Hugs ~ Teresa

  4. Oh my goodness Teresa!!! Thank you so much for the nice words of encouragement!! That was very thoughtful of you.
    I am happy to have found your blog. Your header is just beaufiful! I absolutely love all of your little quotes you add on your sidebar.
    Yes, we made the window boxes out of cedar. I painted them white.
    Blogging is becoming such a blessing, as I get to meet such sweet spirited ladies such as yourself!
    God Bless You!