Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Friday morning to you~~

I was looking at Melanie's blog the other day, and saw the gorgeous lilacs on her counter. The box she had put them in made me remember this old cobbler's box was upstairs...just gathering dust. I brought it down and gave it a wash of white. After bringing bunches of lilacs in yesterday, I thought maybe they would look nice with the white box. they are!

When I came downstairs this moring I could smell the lilacs....heavenly!!

It's a little cloudy this morning. I wanted to try some hazy shots, and thought this would be a good morning to try them.

You are noticing only one dining chair, aren't you. That's because the rest are being painted with white(from black), and also the robin's egg blue that I mixed up a couple of weeks ago.

This is the first "misty" shot I tried. It turned out a little TOO misty. So we'll try another.

Hmmm...not as bad. I just got a new camera. Trying to figure out all the settings has been fun. Hopefully with time, the pictures will get better.

Well, it's time to get ready for work. I hope you are able to get outside and cut some spring flowers for your table today.


  1. Beautiful, Debbie! Love the addition of your Playlist, too! Can hardly wait to see the rest of your chairs blue and white! :) Love ya!!

  2. We don't seem to have lilacs around here. But much of everything else in this humid city in East Texas. Welcome to Blogland!