Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vintage table linens

I collect vintage table linens, and feel it's a shame to have them stored away in a cupboard. They are so beautiful, and add so much to a room when draped over a table, a chair, or even a bed.I used a very large table cloth to make the pillow covers for my sofa. They are easily cleaned by just throwing them in the washer, and then hanging them in the sun to dry.I love how crisp they look after ironing them.

I especially like Irish linens. The cut work and stitching is remarkable! If you have a larger piece, you can use it for curtains. Depending on the size, and how many windows you want covered. The piece above was a very long table cloth. I needed valances for the guest bedroom, and this piece worked out well, and covered both windows.

This little table cloth is one of my favorites, and I always use it somewhere to show it off. Right now it's hanging on the door. Just flipped it over the rod, and poof...a curtain! I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I love seeing the design showing as light passes through.
Another way to use the corners of the linens is to make envelope cases. I have lots of them on the beds...small, medium and large! Napkins and vintage hankies also make cute little pillows.
Of course, just draping them on a table is a great idea too. If you have to fold them for storage, why not put them in an open cupboard, or a basket.
Whatever way you choose to display your linens...enjoy!

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