Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday is laundry day around here. I love hanging linens on the line. They seem so much brighter, and smell so fresh after a few hours drying in the breeze, and sun.

Climbing into a bed that's been made with line dried sheets, and cases is the BEST!!

I remember Monday mornings in summer, laying in bed, and hearing the scrunch of the clothes pins as my mother pushed the wooden pins onto the laundry. The clothes line was tied to hooks attached to the back of the old house we grew up in. I loved that sound, because it was associated with summer vacation, hot days, and sunshine.

Back then there were no disposable diapers. I was the second oldest of eight kids. I remember rows of cloth diapers, baby t-shirts, bibs, and little white socks. My dad's white shirts. Our white blouses. White linen table clothes and napkins. Sheets and pillow cases. Whites.

Seems like things have come full circle. My clothes line is full of "whites" today.

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  1. Ahhhh....sweet summer memories! I've been searching forever for an vintage clothesline pole. Do you know how difficult that's been?! lol! My dad finally gave in after my endless begging and gave me one of theirs.