Friday, June 24, 2016

A morning walk in the cottage garden.

I took a walk through the cottage garden this morning, and was pleased to see all the roses blooming!
The New Dawn climbing rose is doing well on the new arbor we put up this spring. 
A Nelly Moser clematis is growing on the opposite side of the arbor, and is beautiful this year.
The Hollyhocks will be opening soon.

Another New Dawn climber growing in the obelisk we purchased with the arbor and iron fences.

We just planted this lavender rose this spring for it's fragrant blooms.

Love New Dawn....starts out this gorgeous pale pink, then fades to white.

Yellow roses were always my favorite.
As I've matured, pinks have become more pleasing to me.

I really enjoy the formation of the old roses.

These beauties remind me of the ruffles on a ladies dress.

I planted a few Knock Out Roses...but only two bushes survived the winter.

There are still more flowers to show their pretty heads.
The lilies are almost ready!
The veronica, and yarrow are slowly peeking through.
No hurry.....there's plenty of summer left to enjoy the flowers.

Like this gorgeous white rose!

I'm working on a new brick path since we put in the iron arbor and fences.
The cottage garden isn't very large....but big enough to keep me busy. Along with the other gardens around the cottage.
Have a wonderful weekend.....and take time to smell the roses!!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The roses are blooming!!!

The roses are blooming!
There are a few different varieties here at the Lakehouse, and they are slowly starting to open...a few at a time.

The peonies are opening up, too!
The last ones will be the pink ones.
The whites smell just like hyacinths.
It smells like Easter in the cottage right now.

I am loving all the shades of pink roses!!
I noticed a yellow one was waking up when I got home from work today.
The New Dawn roses should be open in just a few more days.

We planted two lavender bushes this year.
I'm anxious for them to show themselves.
They are the most fragrant of roses, it seems.

Having flowers from the gardens in the house again just warms my heart.

I think, out of all of the roses in the gardens, this wild, yet delicate looking pink rose is one of my very favorites.
The fragrance is intoxicating, the color is glorious, and the shape is magnificent.
It's not exactly what most people think of when we talk about roses.....but to me, it's perfection.
As the days go on, there will be many more roses to come.....different colors, shapes, sizes, etc.
I LOVE this time of the year!!
Enjoy each day, and take time to smell the roses!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some sweet pictures.

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen anything so sweet in all your life?!
My youngest daughter and her family have a small hobby farm, and they raise these darling dwarf-lion face bunnies.
They have a few for sale, and these are the pictures Melissa posted of the fuzzballs just today.

These are some of the recent babies available.

So tiny and cute!

These little puffkins are used to being handled everyday by my daughter, and granddaughters.
I hope they all find loving homes.
I just wanted to share these pictures with you, because I thought they were so stinkin' cute.
I hope they made you smile.
Have a good week!