Sunday, June 5, 2016

Some sweet pictures.

Oh my goodness, have you ever seen anything so sweet in all your life?!
My youngest daughter and her family have a small hobby farm, and they raise these darling dwarf-lion face bunnies.
They have a few for sale, and these are the pictures Melissa posted of the fuzzballs just today.

These are some of the recent babies available.

So tiny and cute!

These little puffkins are used to being handled everyday by my daughter, and granddaughters.
I hope they all find loving homes.
I just wanted to share these pictures with you, because I thought they were so stinkin' cute.
I hope they made you smile.
Have a good week!


  1. They are so cute! I had to show my daughter because she has a bunny and she flipped over how cute these are.

  2. Oh Debbie they are so cute and just as precious as can be. I hope they all go to loving homes. Have a great week ahead. xo

  3. OMG, Debbie! If I didn't have a puppy, I would love to have one of these adorable bunnies! You are right, they are just too stinkin' cute!!! I especially love them decked out in their pearls! So, so cute, I needed a pick me up! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. Debbie!!! those bunnies are the cutest thing ever*** love them. We just had baby bunnies also. They are also dwarf lion head and there are two gray ones with alittle white. Oh my have you held them? You just never want to put them down. Have fun with the sweet bunnies Debbie

  5. Oh wow! The cutest, sweetest faces on them! I loved all the darling pictures of them, and do hope they can find a special home for each of them!!!!!! Hope you are doing well dear Debbie! Hugs sent your way :)

  6. Very cute and cuddly. Thanks for the smiles !

  7. They are so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing brought a smile to my face today. Enjoy your Monday!


  8. Oh my goodness, they are so cute! The first pic looks like a stuffed animal! Do they live indoors? We had a bunny that my mom found outside when the boys were little but it was mean and clearly not meant to be a pet! He hissed at me and bit me one day so I decided he needed to be back out in the wild. I'm kind of scared of them ever since...silly, I know cuz they're so cute!

  9. Hello, I so loved these photos and I think I want to hold one of these cute little bunnies...
    I so love this time of the year!
    Hugs xoxo Roxy

  10. God!!!! They are so cute!!! I love them so much, they are absolutely adorable and sweet. The shots are just gorgeous.I ' ve got a bunny. His name is Batuffalo

  11. OH TOO CUTE ! I would love to have one, but my doggies wouldn't be nice to the bunny.

  12. Debbie....DAMN but those fluff balls are CUTE!!!....l WANT them ALL. Please send them express post to Oz:-)
    I love how you've pimped them with pearls...haha!! Can't believe they even have fluffy slippers and mitts:-)

  13. Oh wow! Debbie,
    At first I thought they were a hobby making stuffed animal bunnies, then quickly I noticed they are real. We had a lop-ear for some time and would freeze 2 lit soda bottles of water and place it I. Their cage so to cool off In Our heated summers.

    I adore their photos and the ladies in pearls what can I say.
    Thank you for a sweet post placing a smile on my face.


  14. Too Cute!! Such sweet little babies! Blessings for a wonderful weekend! Cindy xo

  15. Oh Debbie...I'm in love !!! they are just the sweetest ..Have a nice week...Gail x