Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Familiar faces in the gardens!!!

Hello......it's been awhile.
I've been waiting for Spring to arrive here at our cottage at the lake.
The gardens woke up, and some old familiar faces have emerged out of the soil.
What a delight to see my friends from past years.....

I love ruffles and lace, so it only be fitting that the flowers in my gardens be arrayed in finery that please my eyes and soul.

What glorious colors these ladies wear!

Some even wear the color of royalty.

These beauties were hidden behind the garage....so I invited them inside to be enjoyed each and every day.

The sun was so bright, you can hardly tell that these little darlings are actually a pale yellow.
They don't seem to mind, as long as they were able to be photographed for the post today.

Right next to the yellows, are the dainty blue and purples. 
They don't take up much space, but sure do make an impact!

New to the garden this year are some pink bells.
A cheery little flower that mixes well with the other Spring plants.

Another friend that is a very welcome sight this time of year.....the fairy-like flower...Columbine!
They grow profusely in almost every garden here at the cottage!
I love the soft colors, and delicate flowers!

They make a lovely wild bouquet for the mantel that just makes my heart sing!

The roses are finally budding. It shouldn't be too much longer....
I understand many of you are already heading into your summer gardening season....we have just started spring flowers up here, so we are behind most of you. It can be frustrating at times....but I am so happy to (finally) be getting flowers!!
Have a fun week!


  1. Oh Debbie your flowers are just beautiful*** We have almost the same flowers here. I love Columbine, aren't they so sweet. I don't have any roses yet either. Tons of buds though just bursting to come out. Can't wait to see more pictures of your garden as summer approaches. Enjoyed the pictures so much

  2. So happy to see these pretty faces! It means summer is just about here! I've thought about planting iris. Do they tolerate a bit of shade? I used to grow columbine as well and I think it was choked out by my ferns. I'll start planting new perennials once they go on sale in mid July.

    Hope you are having glorious weather. We had some heavy storms today.


  3. Oh my Debbie, your flowers are gorgeous! It must be so much fun spending time out there among all that beauty! It looks like an English cottage garden:)

  4. The roses are budding here too. It's a lovely time of year. Your pictures are all wonderful. I like the description of your Irises as ladies. That made me smile for sure !

  5. Oh my! I love irises but when I saw your columbines!!! They are gorgeous! I can't wait to get out of this dark woods and start planting a big flower garden! I'll be able to have all these pretty flowers you post (if I'm able to still garden by the time we get it set up!) I'm joining a garden club in AZ next winter but I did go to a few events before I left and my mind is packed full of ideas (I need help with the arid gardening). But I did plant 2 more rose bushes and a very pretty tree called a Desert Willow. Once established they only need water once every 2 weeks! The flowers look like little pink orchids so if this one lives I'll find places for more. You must have a very good green thumb! Your flowers are always so pretty. I have a couple of Hollyhocks coming up, unfortunately it's just too dark here for sun loving plants but some day I'll have sun and probably be complaining about not enough rain! Love your post!

  6. Hi Debbie, You have done a fine job with your gardens. I love all the pretty flowers. Such unusual ones too. I know you have been so very anxious for spring to arrive...now it is almost summer season. What an odd spring we have had. I am praying we have a long-long pleasant summertime. By pleasant I mean not "hot" just warm. LOL. Blessings, love you my friend, xoxo, Susie

  7. Hi Debbie, your garden flowers are gorgeous. The colors are glorious. What a wonderful gardener you are. Each photo is beautiful and your garden is inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing. Happy June!! Blessings, xo

  8. Gorgeous blooms Debbie...I love the columbines what a lovely colour they are ...happy summer days !
    Gail x

  9. Hi Debbie...What a SHOW!! aren't your blooms GORGEOUS and well worth the wait hey....love the two tones of the irises and l'll bet the ones behind the garage were so happy to come inside to be admired and photographed:-) Love your columbines they're just divine, we commonly call them granny bonnets here in Oz...l've never seen so many combinations of pink...l have lots of pink ones in the garden but they all bloom the same shade of pink. Your mantle vignette is really beautiful, the frenchy clock beside the columbines is wow!! Have a wonderful sunny weekend coming up.

  10. Beautiful Debbie! My MIL used to have bunches of Columbine and I love them. Too hot here! In fact we are forecast to hit 117-118 this weekend, so plant choices are limited! I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your 'spring' garden! Blessings, Cindy xo

  11. Hi, dear Debbie! Your garden flowers are just gorgeous and your bouquet is stunning. I love all of your pictures....very sweet and romantic as usual. I missed your cozy cottage.

  12. Ahhh Debbie just beautiful. Your garden is just gorgeous with the new blooms.
    Happy Friday.

  13. Hello, your blog is an absolute delight, I love your photos and your house very much. Hugs from Spain :)))))

  14. Wow, those irises are ESPECIALLY glorious!!!! What standouts!

  15. You have some stunning irises, they come in such gorgeous combos don't they? Our irises are just blooming now too and the peonies are getting ready.