Sunday, April 29, 2012

Catch a wave.

Life is like riding the waves on the sea.
While on vacation in Florida, I was watching the waves roll in to the shore.
Each wave comes in, then crashes on the shore, then is pulled back out to sea.
Who knows what happens under the water as the current takes the wave.

I want to ride each wave. Experiencing what happens as it rolls across the sea.
Whether it's a huge one, or just a small rolling wave.
My life has it's wonderful celebratory moments, and those quiet, peaceful ones that all bring untold joy.

While enjoying the ride, I'm aware there are under currents.
Life is full of unexpected situations.
Sometimes things happen that are heart wrenching....we sometimes come up for air, feeling battered by the storms, waves, sand, and terrible things we run into while being pushed and pulled by the current of life.

We climb out of the foamy waves, stand up, look out over the water, and see more waves to ride.
With more beauty, more experiences, more joy, more under currents, and the One that is always there....riding each and every wave, and current with us.
Catch a wave.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I can only imagine

We had to cancel our trip to Sanibel Island this year, because of more health issues.
That meant more tests, more waiting for answers, more biopsies, and still more waiting.

We had planned to stay at Sanibel with Rog and Laurie (from Heaven's Walk) for two weeks again this year. Things didn't work out for them either. 
It seemed we would be staying home this year.
Sometimes God has something planned for you that you cannot even imagine.
Something that you will forever remember in your heart.

Another couple we know rent this house on North Captiva Island each year.
They decided to rent later in the season since their family wasn't joining them this year.
They also rent the bigger house next door when all the kids vacation with them.

Norm and Susie told us the house had two bedrooms, and if the results of all my tests came back with good reports, we were welcome to share the place with them for a week.
We had to wait until the third week of March until we could commit ourselves.
Norm and Susie would be down there anyway, so they were happy to have us join them if we could make it.

Jim and I drove down to Florida. We took our time, and made the trip a part of our vacation.
We had to take a boat over to the island.
The only mode of transportation there is by foot, bike, or golf cart.

The wildlife was amazing!
This guy was constantly following us around on the shore, and on the dock.
He knew the guys would eventually clean fish, and that he would get a meal sooner or later.

The shark catch started out small, and got larger as the days went by.
Fishing off the dock limited the size of shark caught, but not the flavor.

We ate LOTS of different types of fish all week.

After our week with Norm and Susie, we headed over to the Atlantic side of Florida.
We stayed with friends Joe, and Debbie at Barefoot Bay for a few days.
I was sitting on the dock with my feet in the water, when a mother Manatee came up with this baby.

There was another small Manatee with them.
I was amazed how they came right up to my feet in the water!!!!

I realized how blessed I was to not only see these majestic creatures in their own habitat....but to see them right at my feet!

It made my eyes tear to see these gentle giants, and experience their sweet souls for those few minutes in my life.
I'm sure they forgot all about me as soon as they swam away.
I'll never forget them.
They were the highlight of my trip.
An experience I will hold in my heart, and thank God for when I see Him.
When we think our plans are the best....and then when they fall through....we get upset.
Just look what God can do.
Tete, the song you play on your blog holds true for me....."I can only imagine."

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Thank you, and God Bless!!!

A package came par avion yesterday.
Royal Mail, postage paid UK.
The envelope itself was very impressive.
Upon opening the package, I found two blocks of soap sent from Gail who lives across the "big pond".
Her beautiful blog, "Where The Moon Sleeps" is a place I love to go and visit.

Gail has the most wonderful gift of photography.
She is a talented lady as far as crafting goes, also.

I had noticed in some of her posts, she has these lovely blocks of soaps.
I inquired about buying some from her.
This package came in the mail, not only with the soaps, but with all of these other treasures, as well!!

The dried leaf, stamped with "secret garden".
The hearts, and pretty tag that Gail made(I told you she was talented).
The medal with "The Shroud of Christ" on the front, and the Eucharist on the back is a very special gift.
Then there is the little bunny included with the other gifts, too.
Thank you, Gail, for sending this delightful package over the sea.
I was also blessed by Diana, and Tete with Easter surprises!
Diana sent a wonderful card, and the most delicious fudge egg I've ever eaten in my life!
Tete graced me with the cutest little tin lamb, and a precious sign for my kitchen. The card is the cutest thing ever!
Bloggers never cease to amaze me with their giving, and thoughtfulness.
Thank you ladies!
God Bless You!

Monday, April 9, 2012

The "ugh" space.

Do you have a space in your home that makes you go "UGH" every time you walk in it?
Well, this is my "ugh" space.

I recently added the manny to the mess.
I have plans for this little space....but am still waiting for Mr. Lakehouse to build that mantle!!!!!

Until that happens, I just keep walking into this area, morning after morning....getting ready for work.
Doing the hair, and makeup thing.....ugh.

I can't believe I'm showing you this mess.
I'll just remind you later of the "before" pictures I shared in this post.....when I reveal the "after" pictures of the space all pretty and re-done.
Do you have an "ugh" space in your home? Oh please tell me you do, even if it's in the garage.  If not, skip the comment section of this post....I already know how bad this looks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Waiting for the real thing.

It's Spring here at the Lakehouse, although there are no flowers blooming.
So to make it look like Spring has sprung indoors....out came the silk  flowers.

The top of the entertainment center now looks something like a little garden nook.

We have birds, nests, flowers, and eggs.

Not as pretty as the real thing, but as close as we could get.

Looks like a "pretend bird" built a pretend nest, and laid pretend eggs in the urn.
How sweet.

Oh look...a "not real" bunny is hiding in the basket under the silk wreath!!!
Doesn't it look pretty nestled in with the fake....oh, I mean "faux" eggs?
To make it all smell "real", I added a lavender sachet made from some vintage linen and lace I collect...yummy.

I'm patiently waiting for the REAL flowers to start blooming here at the Lakehouse. 
Until then, these bits and pieces of "not real" ones will suffice.
I hope your Easter week is filled with anticipation, and joy!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mannequin, dress form, or dummy?

My scarves, necklaces, belts, and eventually a few shoulder bags have a place to hang.

A friend of mine had three dress forms ready for her estate sale. 
She reserved this one for me.
She's a vintage beauty!

Once the bedroom gets arranged the way I have planned, this gal will be up there next to an antique dressing table, and a dressing screen.

UNFORTUNATELY...we are still waiting for Mr. Lakehouse to finish making the mantle that goes in the living room, so the little mantle piece can go in the bedroom....can you hear the hair growing on my legs?
I now resemble the werewolf in the movie, "Werewolf from London".
To keep it from dragging along on the floor. I back comb the hair, and have it done in an up-do.

Anywho.....depending on what size I am, the form can accommodate my clothing.
I actually bought her more for accessories, than clothing.
At first, Mr. Lakehouse was confused(hahahahaha, how NOT unusual that is).
He couldn't figure out why I would buy a mannequin that didn't have arms, legs, or a head????
Oh my.
I tried explaining to him that this was a dress form, and not a "dummy"(as he kept referring to it).....which he still didn't grasp.
Which made me wonder who the dummy was.
So, he was all creeped out to think she'd be standing in our bedroom at night, with no head(which I thought would be less creepy, than having someone staring at me every night with just a head, and no limbs).
Once the bedroom gets all prettied up...I will share pictures, and a post.
Until then....
Au revoir.