Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mannequin, dress form, or dummy?

My scarves, necklaces, belts, and eventually a few shoulder bags have a place to hang.

A friend of mine had three dress forms ready for her estate sale. 
She reserved this one for me.
She's a vintage beauty!

Once the bedroom gets arranged the way I have planned, this gal will be up there next to an antique dressing table, and a dressing screen.

UNFORTUNATELY...we are still waiting for Mr. Lakehouse to finish making the mantle that goes in the living room, so the little mantle piece can go in the bedroom....can you hear the hair growing on my legs?
I now resemble the werewolf in the movie, "Werewolf from London".
To keep it from dragging along on the floor. I back comb the hair, and have it done in an up-do.

Anywho.....depending on what size I am, the form can accommodate my clothing.
I actually bought her more for accessories, than clothing.
At first, Mr. Lakehouse was confused(hahahahaha, how NOT unusual that is).
He couldn't figure out why I would buy a mannequin that didn't have arms, legs, or a head????
Oh my.
I tried explaining to him that this was a dress form, and not a "dummy"(as he kept referring to it).....which he still didn't grasp.
Which made me wonder who the dummy was.
So, he was all creeped out to think she'd be standing in our bedroom at night, with no head(which I thought would be less creepy, than having someone staring at me every night with just a head, and no limbs).
Once the bedroom gets all prettied up...I will share pictures, and a post.
Until then....
Au revoir.


  1. LOL-Seriously, Debbie- Did you REALLY expect him to get it? They NEVER "get it"! Maybe you could even it out with one of those male "butlers" that has the seat and the "shoulders" for holding a suit jacket and in place of a head and thingy to hold a hat...etc. Would he "get that"? Hope you get your mantle done soon that you are mistaken for the abominable snow man who has been sighted just North of you! Happy Palm Sunday to you! Weird day here----xo Diana

  2. My husband would have said and thought the same thing! lol

  3. crack me up!!! I think your manny is a pretty little thing (with or without arms) I had one once that sat in the corner of our bedroom and IT did scare me a couple of times before I got used to her.
    hugs from here...

  4. Shes doing a darn good job for an armless chick, eh?