Sunday, August 29, 2021

Still the same...

It's Sunday afternoon.
It's been hot, muggy, raining off and on, and windy.
Today is one of those days that I just feel like sitting inside, and enjoying my afternoon while appreciating all of the things that I have been given.
A blogging friend of mine said recently that my posts have become religious.  She was wondering if something had happened in my life that made me turn my blog into more of an inspirational blog.

Actually, I used to have two blogs.
This one, and Seashells and Lavender.
The other blog WAS an inspirational blog.
I was away from posting for quite a while, and when I came back, I thought I would combine the two blogs, and post what was on my mind on this one.
So much easier to keep one, instead of two.

So....nothing has changed as far as my heart goes, or my circumstance.
I am the same person as I was when I started this blog several years ago.
If you ever read Seashells and Lavender, you would know my heart is for God.

My decor is basically the same, as you can see in the photos. I still love the same things that I always's just that my heart for God will come first and foremost.
If that doesn't appeal to readers, that is okay.
I am not here to please man, I am here to please God.
I love you all as much as I ever did.

I have never had a large following, so that is not an issue for me anyway.
We are called to share the Gospel.
So when I post, that will be included.

Summer is slipping away, and with that, the flowers are starting to fade.
I am drying herbs, roses, and as many other florals as I can for wreaths.
I have already used some for gifts, and would love to make one for myself before all are used up.

Seashells are still throughout the house.  I doubt I will ever tire of them.
They give me hope of Summer during the long Winter months, as do my dried flowers that hang from the beams in the kitchen.

A recent order to Bluebird Lane for more krinkled satin ribbon filled up the basket for embroidery work this Winter.

These sweet hearts were put together by the owner of my very favorite shop here in town! Morning Glory Mercantile.
I am hoping to make some lavender sachets like these for gifts this coming season of cold weather.

Shabby French pieces are such a favorite of mine to decorate with.

Flower frogs for someone that LOVES flowers!!
As Bob Seager says....still the same.  
Just feeling free to be more myself.