Friday, June 8, 2018

A peaceful evening......NOT!!!!

I am seated at the beautiful blue table that is filled with my favorite books.
It's a warm evening here at the cottage...almost summer like.
The sun is setting, and the last of it's bright rays are filling the room with a gentle glow.
Everything looks peaceful, from where I am sitting.

These are the books I find myself reading this time of the year.

Lots of this happening around here!

I do love the early sunrise, with the birds chirping, mourning doves calling, and the sound of boats quietly going by on their way out to fish.
Evenings are the same. Doves cooing, boats meandering by slowly, and people out, enjoying the warm weather and sunsets.

Now that school is dismissed for the summer, the grandkids will be up for vacation.
Time to sprinkle some shells on the beach for them to find.
They love bringing home a collection of different shells every summer from the beach here at the cottage. Even though it's not the ocean....they love it all the same.

Then there's Cita. She's growing fast, and what a character!!! She loves playing, and running through the house like a maniac!!
It's not easy sitting in my chair, trying to type while she is on the loose.
It would be much more productive if I did this while sitting alone in my car!!

So what seems to be a peaceful evening, really is one that is full of one active kitten!!
She will grow soon enough. Until then, we will enjoy the rough and tumble antics of Cita....the kitty that can be crazy, AND sweet.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Enjoying the lilacs.

The lilacs are just starting to open here at the cottage.
Bringing them inside means the flowers will fill the air with their intoxicating fragrance.

I love to fill vases, and jugs full of them!

It will be a while before the lavender blooms.
One lovely flower at a time here at the cottage.

Our growing season is short, so we savor each flower as it blooms, and dry as many as we can to enjoy them throughout the seasons.

A sweet little bird gifted to me by my dear friend, Giselle.
She certainly knows me well.

A recently found 1920's sofa for the sun porch.
Great for spending lazy summer days watching the boats go by....or reading on a rainy afternoon.

Speaking of reading....

The sunshine pouring in through the windows has been heavenly!
I do love a bright home, with big windows...especially facing the water as it reflects the sun this time of the year!

Have a happy weekend!
Enjoy the sunshine, and whatever is blooming at your house at the moment!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Spring at the Lake.

Now that Spring has finally arrived here at the Lakehouse, the sun comes streaming in through the windows so bright..... Everything looks fresh, and new!!
I changed the table in the dining room.
The big round one is now in the living room, and a farm table is gracing the pretty rug on the wood floor in the dining area.

The design on the rug shows more, and the trim and base of the round table also shows so much more now that the dining chairs aren't blocking their view!

The color and wood carvings are beautiful!

The table also fills up the large space in the living room.

I am ready for the warm weather, and working outside.

I noticed the Spring bulbs are popping up out of the ground. 
With a couple of good rains, we should have some flowers!!

The tree frogs were chirping this evening.
The sound always warms my heart.

I plugged in the dragon flies.
They entertain us as their wings open and close, as if drying their wings in the warm sun.
As I type, I can look out my window and see the waves being pushed by the wind. It's a sight for sore eyes after such a long Winter. A Robin hops along the ground searching for worms, and a Mourning Dove is cooing for a mate.  Two fishermen are out for Crappie. How I've longed to see green grass.
It's Spring at the Lake. I am glad.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Focus and be thankful!!!

Enough is enough!
I'm not talking about the weather this time, I'm talking about my complaining about the weather!!
I read Diana's blog post (Nana Diana Takes a Break), and I felt a blow to the heart.
People are dealing with REAL issues, like health problems, and here I sit, whining about snow.
Time to appreciate what I have, and live in the moment!!
Been there before...shame on me.
Last night I took a paint class. I haven't painted in years.
It was fun to just get out of the house, and do something that I used to enjoy, and spend time with a friend.
The painting wasn't my best....the important thing was the fun I had while doing it.

There are so many things that I surround myself with that make me happy,
no matter what the weather is!!!
Why do I get so wrapped up in what it's doing outside, when there are so many other things I could be doing?

Sewing, baking, cooking, reading, taking care of the bunnies, dried floral arrangements, etc.

When I am not at work, boredom and laziness set in this time of year.
Instead of pushing myself to get off my bum, I just sit....waiting for Spring.

After reading Diana's post, and doing as she requested, I watched two fat Junco's outside the window fighting over the feeder. They were so comical with their tenacious nature. Not worrying about the cold and snow...they just went about their business as usual.
Pecking for seed on the ground, under the snow.

Prayer time before rising helps start my day...but lately, when I open my eyes and see the storms blowing first thing in the morning, my heart has been so negative. 
I need to start being thankful before opening my eyes!!!
There is SO MUCH MORE to life than a season!!!

For instance, my grandchildren. They are such a joy to me.
They make me laugh in the bleakest of times.
There could be the worst of storms right outside the door...but when I am with doesn't matter.
I will be with them this weekend.
This little girl, Sadie, will be making her First Communion. Her family attends the Catholic Church in their home town.
I will be baking special cookies for the event.
There are so many things for me to focus on, and be thankful for.
It shouldn't take a blow to the heart to remind me!!! but I'll take whatever works! Thank you, Diana!!

Monday, April 16, 2018


I took this picture just a little while ago, when it was still nice outside. I was looking out the window while sitting at my computer, and the wind wasn't blowing 30mph at the time. The snow was falling almost straight down....not sideways like it is now.....and ice pellets weren't hitting the window.....

Aaahhhhhh,, these enchanting spring blizzards here in the Midwest.
It doesn't get any better than this!

My poor bunnies are stuck inside their little house, and have been since Winter started....many months ago.
I was out with them today, Spring cleaning their sweet little house. For what, I know not.
As I was gathering up the straw from the floor, I realized it was futile. So I exchanged the soiled for fresh, and made things ready for what seems to be an unending season of cold, ice and snow.

I came inside, took off the smelly clothes from rabbit-house cleaning, and showered.
Then I sat down and wanted to cry.
It's mid-April!!!
Last year at this time I was working in my flower gardens. The window boxes were painted, and ready for filling. All of the shutters, and doors had fresh coats of paint on them, and the porches were sporting a new color.
Has the earth shifted on it's axis?
Is Houghton Lake now the new location of the devil's triangle?????
What the heck???!!!

We need new sand on the beach, so I can sprinkle shells on it for the grandkids to find!
My kayaking muscles are so depleted from this long Winter, I no longer have arms like Popeye, but more like Olive Oil!!!
My middle is looking more like Wimpie's everyday!!

I don't even bother trying to exercise inside.
I have sooooo much stuff in here, it would be like doing aerobics in a Home Goods Store!!!
No...I do not have any exercise equipment.....they don't make it in a "shabby chic" nope, none here!!
I know I'm not the only one waiting for Spring, right? There has to be others. Unless....I fell down the rabbit hole, and I'm on the other side of the mirror.....Alice????!!!! helloooooo.......

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just a little longer....

I've seen Robins, Red winged Blackbirds, and heard the doves cooing. 
I keep telling myself to think Spring.

It's time.
Time for warmth, and sunshine.
Time for green grass, and buds to appear.
When I open my door, 

this is what I keep seeing.
As I am typing this, I hear a flock of geese flying over.
Spring and Summer are MY months!! 
Being outside in the sunshine, and warmth brings joy to my soul.
I am trying to be patient.

Getting things done inside keeps me busy....but......

the desire to use pretty summer table ware is difficult to put off.

I am anxious for the markets, and greenhouses to open.

Sipping ice cold tea, and lemonade out on the dock while watching the grandkids play in the water is a favorite Summer past-time.

Whipping up a big country style breakfast for summer-time guests is another favorite thing for me to do.

I so look forward to the change from this cold, snowy season to the warmth of Spring, and the heat of Summer!
With it comes tending to the gardens, sitting in the sunshine, having oodles of company for Summer get-togethers, kayaking, long days spent out on the water, and fun evenings around the campfire.
Sigh........Just a little longer I keep telling myself. Be patient, just a little longer.
Think Spring.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

The snow is melting, but the water is still stiff!!!

The snow here at the lake is melting, but the water is still stiff!!
The night time temps are still dropping down into the single digits, so there will be no kayaking for a bit, yet.
That means no gardening, yet.
Getting things done inside will keep me busy until it warms up enough to be outside for any length of time.
I found these shutters taken from an old plantation home in southern Florida, recently. They were painted white, but underneath they had the same  blueish/green paint that my dining room table is wearing.
After distressing the shutters, I put them in the dining room doorway....LOVE!

These OLD shutters have been "hanging" around for a while.
I could never find just the right spot for them here at the cottage....until today.
I helped The Mister put them up over the kitchen sink, and viola!!!  LOVE.
They were a nasty mustardy color when I purchased them. I painted them white, and distressed them. They are wearing their original vintage hardware, which adds to their uniqueness.

Open or closed, they add a little bit of a shabby/beach vibe to the kitchen...which warms this girl's (that lives in a romantic cottage at the lake) heart.

Since returning from Sanibel Island, I decided it was time to decorate for Spring/Easter.
Since my bunny pillow is on the iron crib, I moved the colored mercury eggs to the living room.
Giving the space a bit of a welcome to the change in seasons.

Adding vines with some tiny flowers also helped give the room a nod to Spring.....

and welcomes the Easter holiday.
The past few days have been beautiful here at the Lakehouse. Gorgeous blue skies, with no clouds, and light winds. The temps are still cold, but tolerable. The doves are cooing, and the Redwinged Blackbirds are singing out their mating calls.  The setting sun is moving farther north in the western  sky.  Just a few patches of snow, and thinning ice brings the hope of the coming Spring.
Have a happy week!