Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Searching for the roses.

I went into the Cottage Garden searching for roses.
I knew there were a few blooms in there, because I could see them from the upstairs window.
What I found were hundreds of buds getting ready to open!

You can see more rose buds to the left of the spikes in this image, and more on the arbor.

There were few blooms, but the ones that I captured were stunning.

As I made my way out of the garden, I found the pretty Yarrow that the Butterflies love so much.

Lavender Speedwell....great for drying.

Some of the Lavender is starting to open.

A climber making it's way up the back of the house.

Lavender Veronica welcoming visitors along the walkway. The red species is almost ready to bloom as well.
In just a few days there should be a profusion of roses...filling the air with their glorious scent.
You can be sure I will be back out in the Cottage Garden with my camera taking more photos as the petals unfurl.
I doubt I will have to stand in the upstairs window to find the blooms!!!
Have a happy day.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A lovely afternoon.

What a beautiful afternoon!
I've been outside painting the mailbox, and front door.
Before coming inside for a break, I decided to cut some peonies.

My favorite are the pink for the color...but for fragrance, I love the white ones!
They fill a room with their scent!

I love putting them next to my bed.

I have more painting to do, and some weeding to get caught up on.
Break time is over for me.
I hope you are enjoying your afternoon!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Some neat stuff!

While I'm waiting for the rain, I thought I would show you what I found recently.
I love this French runner for the table with just a hint of a blue grain sack stripe down the center.

I've been looking for charger plates for my creamy white Target dishes for quite a while.
When I saw these on sale recently at Joss & Main, I couldn't pass them up.

Wouldn't they look beautiful on a wedding table?

I saw this distressed metal table a few months ago on an online shop.
I passed it up the first time.
When it became available again, I bought it!!

Eventually I plan to put it behind the settee.
For the summer months, the furniture is brought all together for extra seating.
Where as in the winter months, the room is divided for watching television.

I really  like the rustic look of the metal table, with the elegance of the candle sticks.
It ties in with the eclectic look of the room.
Still waiting for the rain to start.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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