Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Searching for the roses.

I went into the Cottage Garden searching for roses.
I knew there were a few blooms in there, because I could see them from the upstairs window.
What I found were hundreds of buds getting ready to open!

You can see more rose buds to the left of the spikes in this image, and more on the arbor.

There were few blooms, but the ones that I captured were stunning.

As I made my way out of the garden, I found the pretty Yarrow that the Butterflies love so much.

Lavender Speedwell....great for drying.

Some of the Lavender is starting to open.

A climber making it's way up the back of the house.

Lavender Veronica welcoming visitors along the walkway. The red species is almost ready to bloom as well.
In just a few days there should be a profusion of roses...filling the air with their glorious scent.
You can be sure I will be back out in the Cottage Garden with my camera taking more photos as the petals unfurl.
I doubt I will have to stand in the upstairs window to find the blooms!!!
Have a happy day.
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  1. Such garden beauty here Debbie,
    And so looking forward to the full blooms, I was just saying to my daughter last night I. The settling of dusk, can you believe this rose bush it has to be the prettiest year yet of it's blooming, the long stems were reaching to the sky :)

    It's always so nice to see the bloggers who's homes are always filled with romance to then see that not only indoors is it just so, that the outdoors is equally as romantically just so! You my dear have a garden to love, and I bet you are the envy of the lake?

    Beautiful week ahead of you and all its blooms.


  2. Wow! Your gardens are gorgeous, Debbie. I LOVE all your roses. You have worked hard to establish all that "pretty" around you and you are being rewarded. Everything looks beautiful!!!! xo Diana

  3. Hi Debbie
    Your roses and flowers are just so beautiful. Makes all that weeding so worth it right. I love all the different roses you have. I bet they smell heavenly
    have a great day

  4. Wow, oh wow, Debbie! Your gardens are just gorgeous! The roses are beautiful, and I really love the Veronica and lavender too. And the sweet little Johnny jump ups! I think they are one of the cheeriest flowers ever! You sure have a green thumb!!

  5. Your roses are so beautiful, Debbie! In fact, all of your garden is lovely. I enjoyed touring it today. :)

  6. I love the roses Deb, just so pretty and the rest of your flowers are gorgeous! I bet they smell so good!


  7. Debbie,
    I truly enjoyed the cyber stroll and can imagine in my mind's eye how fragrant and pretty it is in person. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers and looking forward to more photos of the roses.

  8. Just beautiful and I bet they smell heavenly. Roses and lavender are my 2 favorites! Enjoy your week my dear friend. xo

  9. You do have beautiful gardens, Debbie! I bet the fragrance is absolutely wonderful! Lovely blessings, Cindy

  10. Oh, I enjoyed your garden tour with the beautiful blooms so much! How wonderful to have so much blooming beauty in your backyard! Roses are a special favorite of mine, although the other blooms are just amazing too! Enjoyed the garden tour very much, and look forward to more soon :) Have a beautiful and blessed day!

  11. Your garden is so pretty, Debbie! I love the variety and those sweet pink roses!

    Things are just now starting to wake up here. Last week I added a dwarf hydrangea, moonbeam coreopsis, daisies, veronica and forget-me-nots to my little garden (and will be keeping my fingers crossed that they will survive the cold winters here).

    Such happiness in a cottage garden with something new to enjoy throughout the season! :)


  12. Your cottage garden is beautiful and the roses are stunning. I only have one rose bush here but thoroughly enjoy it. It is finally blooming too. Your garden is packed with blooms through and through. Thanks for sharing. It's great you took the time to take the pictures. They will be a nice memory to hang on to come winter.

  13. Debbie, It's so pretty around your gardens. I love all the roses. That yarrow is beautiful too. I need to weed my flowerbeds. Hope you are having nice weather, so you can be out and enjoy nature. I love being outside when I can. Bless you sweet friend, love you, Susie

  14. It's going to be amazing when all those buds open Debbie! You have so many beautiful varieties in your garden. I love that you have veronica in yours as well. Don't you love it?! I know you must love it there amid all your blooms. My roses are being chewed up by aphids this year and the leaves are covered in spider mites. The drought is really taking it's toll on the garden this year. But I always say---there's next year to have a beautiful garden. Overall it's doing better than I expected with little water.
    Thank you sweetie, for your lovely comment on my post. It's always a joy to hear from you.
    sending hugs...

  15. Oh my Debbie your Roses and whole garden is gorgeous. I felt like I was looking at a garden magazine as I scrolled down your pictures. Just beautiful. I bet it smells heavenly out there.

  16. Oh I just love it when the roses are coming into bloom...ours are starting and they smell so delightful! I don't have that speedwell but maybe it needs to go on my shopping list ...not that I have any room for another plant as I plant everything so tightly there is no room for weeds ! haha! Have a nice weekend...Gail x

  17. Oh Debbie your garden is so wonderful <3.So many roses and other flowers in bloom.The smell must be so delightful.I so enjoyed your garden tour and look forward to more pictures.
    Have a splendid week.