Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Fall Mantle.

What a gorgeous Saturday!
A perfect day to spend at the market.
With a few fresh veggies in my cart, I headed outside to look at all of the heirloom pumpkins.

I found some beauties that I will share in another post, soon.
I was glad to find the mini white pumpkins for the mantle.

I don't use a lot of color inside when decorating for Fall, except for some Bittersweet, and Sweet Annie....hence the white pumpkins.

While I was out shopping today, I also found these lights.
The tips are colored, so they give off a warm glow, without being too overwhelming.

There are four colors in the clusters on the string of lights:
Sage, orange, white, and charcoal.

I don't usually use lights for Fall decorating anymore.
When I saw these lights on the display at the store, I thought I would give them a try.

Tonight I'm painting some acorns for a bowl for the table.
I saw them on Pinterest.
We'll see how they turn out.
So that's where I'm at with my Fall decorating. It's not much...but it's a start.
Hugs, and kisses~~~

Monday, September 22, 2014

Going to Market to Buy, not a fat pig.

Good Monday morning!
Before getting ready for work, I wanted to share what I found at the Midland Antique Show and Market on Saturday.
This was my first trip to the show. It's HUGE!!
They have a whole section just for "Shabby Chic".
The first piece I saw was this door plate from an old church in Detroit.
I could have turned it sideways, and added some hooks for a coat rack, I know...but I love it just the way it is.
I knew it would fit perfectly in this space.
I LOVE it!

Another vendor had this gigantic bush of Sweet Annie underneath a table. I asked if it was for sale.
She "was" planning to use it in her displays, but decided I could buy it if I wanted it for $5.00.
Choke, cough, $5.00! uummm.....YEAH!!!
I am very, very happy to have this highly allergic bush hanging in my dining room. 
There's enough there for all sorts of dried arrangements! L O V I N G IT!!!

Then I happened along another booth that had this garland of Bittersweet illegally decorating pieces of furniture, and all manner of decor in her booth.
Of course, the owner said it's growing all over her property..."of course".
So I asked if I could buy a garland from her....hmmmmmm.....okay....just this one.

I was happy to see one of my favorite vendors from another show I've visited, and purchased treasures from in the past.
She puts together these cute bottles for the season.

I found an old bottle for my window sill that I neglected to photograph for this post.
I also found this gorgeous piece of architecture.
I can only imagine the building it must have come from.
That's it. No pieces of furniture. No doors, or sashes. No chandeliers. Just odds, and ends. Little treasures that were enough to bring a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.
The best part was spending the day with Mr. L. gal pals this time. Just me and the mister walking around acres of booths on a sunny Saturday is good.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Changing with the season.

The subtle changes of the season, cause changes in my soul.
My mind, will, and emotions seem to slowly ease into the day to day differences.  Like the movement of the sun as it sets lower in the western sky.

The change of season affects the food I serve when we gather for lunch here at the Lakehouse.
The salads, and soups are of a heartier consistency.

I'm bringing in the last of the gorgeous summer pinks from the gardens.

Savoring every moment, site, and scent from a season ending.

Adding a few new pieces here, and the silver caddie, and matching salt, and pepper holder.

Moving the furniture around.
Something I seem to do with the change of seasons.

Basking in the sunshine as it streams in the windows, and fills the room!

Enjoying the way the room looks after moving the large pieces of furniture to different places.

And....being ready for the holidays with a full cabinet of wine from my favorite winery!!
As we let go of Summer, and embrace Autumn, may we all realize the beauty, and blessings in each and every new moment of the changing season.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Late Summer's Glory.

This is what I love.....
Waking up to the reflection of the sun dancing on the ceiling above the bed on a late summer morning.
A gentle breeze coming in through the open window, blowing the soft curtains on it's wake.

The sun looks like diamonds on the water.
Sparkling....almost blinding in the morning light.

I want to linger under the covers.
Breathing in the fresh air filling the room, and my senses.

For a moment, I think of returning to my slumber....but the day is calling.
As the sunlight fills the room, I rise to embrace the day.
I will miss these glorious summer mornings as fall slowly, silently slips in.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Working in the bedroom.

Yesterday marked the unofficial end to Summer, and I'm not taking it very well.
I kept myself busy trying not to think about the kids going back to school today by doing a little work in our bedroom.

I traded a junk man an old buck saw, and a two man saw I had hanging on the side of our shed for this antique iron bed frame.
The bed frame was pretty rusty, so the Mr. sanded it all down, and painted it for me. I cleaned up the brass balls, and vuwala!!!  We have a beeeeautiful old/new bed!

I did some painting in the little cubby(dry brushed a pale lavender on the walls in there). Then moved the faux fireplace over there.
I also moved the shabby vanity across from the fireplace.

Looks kind of cozy......

I changed the Rachel Ashwell comforter to this RA cottage rose quilt. Also added another RA quilt to the foot of the bed for the cooler evenings of September.

It won't be long, and we'll be using the little stove for some added warmth this Fall.

A few bottles on the vanity.

The shabby mirror a neighbor gave me a few years ago. I painted it white, then distressed it. 
Love the way it reflects objects in the bedroom.
I also spent some time looking for ideas on decorating for Fall online.  I'm just not quite ready to do that yet. I am still in Summer mode....give me a couple more weeks....maybe.