Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Fall Mantle.

What a gorgeous Saturday!
A perfect day to spend at the market.
With a few fresh veggies in my cart, I headed outside to look at all of the heirloom pumpkins.

I found some beauties that I will share in another post, soon.
I was glad to find the mini white pumpkins for the mantle.

I don't use a lot of color inside when decorating for Fall, except for some Bittersweet, and Sweet Annie....hence the white pumpkins.

While I was out shopping today, I also found these lights.
The tips are colored, so they give off a warm glow, without being too overwhelming.

There are four colors in the clusters on the string of lights:
Sage, orange, white, and charcoal.

I don't usually use lights for Fall decorating anymore.
When I saw these lights on the display at the store, I thought I would give them a try.

Tonight I'm painting some acorns for a bowl for the table.
I saw them on Pinterest.
We'll see how they turn out.
So that's where I'm at with my Fall decorating. It's not much...but it's a start.
Hugs, and kisses~~~


  1. Debbie, I actually love those lights. I may have to have some...LOL you know how we are...we want it all.:):) I got myself some white pumpkins at Horton's today and a few small orange ones for the porch. I'd love to do more outside decorating, but the bugs are driving me nuts. All kinds of flying things. The weather is heavenly too, so I am ready for a high wind or frost. Glad you have a fun day. Blessings to all at your house. hugs and kisses, Susie

  2. Looks wonderful!!!!!!!

    Hugs, gena

  3. Oh so pretty Debbie! I love the lighting and the white pumpkins! You're off to a good start! Happy Fall!

  4. Looks so pretty Debbie. I love the lights and my faves are the white pumpkins too.
    Your fall mantel is so pretty.

  5. Debbie,
    Your mantel looks Fall-tastic, Love it all ... Me too I also adore the white baby boo pumpkins. I drive my husband insane with putting dimmer's on all my string lights so they give off the softest glow. Looking forward to seeing what other lovely touches you add in your Fall decor.

  6. I love your mantel and how it glows, so pretty and just right for fall.

  7. Your mantle looks lovely, especially with the warm glow from the mini lights. I like white pumpkins too, they go well with any decor.

  8. Very pretty! I haven't decorated for fall yet. Still running around doing outside chores. Your home, as always, is inviting and lovely, Debbie.

  9. Your mantel looks so pretty! Love the lights-what a great idea!

  10. Those lights look awesome - they give off very soft glow.

  11. Sometimes soft and subtle is much more relaxing and peaceful than bold and beautiful! I love what you have done! Blessings, Cindy

  12. You're so ahead of me...thinking about getting things out, just not moving toward it yet. I love your mantle...and I love lights for halloween...the purple ones. Have a good week, sweetie. I am going to the pumpkin patch today...

  13. Your fall mantel is lovely...reminds me so much of a dear friend and former neighbor of mine who would always decorate her home beautifully for each season!

  14. A mantel like this is almost all I would need. Reminds me of firelight. Like you, I like the strong color in very small doses. Beautifully done!

  15. A lovely autumn glow, Debbie. So romantic. I love it! xxx ~ Nancy

  16. Hello, So very lovely and just looks so peaceful! I always leave a string of lights up all year long! It just gives such a sweet glow! I still need to decorate my mantle and get my pumpkins! This will be the first year I have to buy them! I will remember to plant some next spring LOL
    Blessings, Roxy

  17. oh it's looking so cosy Debbie ....up till now we have had such wonderful weather that I haven't felt like decorating for autumn , but it's changing now and so I can look forward to cosy blankets, open fires and candle light ....enjoy your autumn weekend ...Gail x