Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mora clock...kinda'

My booth, Seashells and Lavender is filled. 
There were a couple of extra pieces that came home with me(that happens a lot). Sometimes the pieces end up in the booth at a later date...but most of the time, they live here at the lakehouse for a long, long time.
This clock was actually black, with gold trim.
It reminded me of the Mora clocks I've been seeing on some of the other blogs lately.

I planned on painting it a creamy white, then distressing it to make it look chippy and worn.
Amy, from Maison Decor, has done her last two posts on Mora clocks....ORIGINAL Mora clocks!
She has some gorgeous photos of them posted on her blog. Amy also gave the history of them on her latest post.
I do not have access to an original Mora clock, nor the finances to afford one.
So this "similar looking" one will have to do for me.
My home would not be appropriate to house an original Mora....but this pretend one fits in just fine.
Amy's home will be perfect for a Mora clock, however. Go over to Maison Decor, and take a tour. Amy really knows how to decorate like a pro!
I'm joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday.
Have a fun evening everyone!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Filling up my booth.

I decided to take some things to my booth today.
Orders for Spring have arrived, plus a few items found while junque-ing needed to be brought to the booth as well.
There is another large order on it's way...and there might be a problem finding room in the booth for any more items.

Oh dear...everything looks so squished in here.

And here......

and here.


not too bad.


Mr. and Mrs. Clock are a bit cozy.

At least the seashells have a window seat. They can visit with the neighbors in the next booth.

Maybe a larger booth would be a good idea.
We'll see how sales go this Spring. Last summer went well. I just sold the last of my white linen and lace pillows today. The colored, vintage tablecloth ones are left. The lavender sachets go pretty good, so I keep making those.
This is a nice hobby for me. I enjoy making things with the linens, and lace I collect. I also enjoy ordering the antique reproductions that people seem to like for their homes. Of course, going junque-ing is the most fun of all! Finding things to paint, or leave all chippy, and shabby to re-sell is always a delight.
Let's hope I sell a few things before the next big order gets here.
Have a great evening!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just a little floofing...

Since cleaning the old lakehouse, and getting things ready for the coming Spring, I moved a few things around.
I boxed up so much "stuff", yet still seem to have a lot of things that needed floofing.

One of my favorite "things" in the lakehouse is the "guest cottage" sign I ordered from Paula at Castle and Cottage when I first started blogging.

I got the silverware idea from Sarah, at a Beach Cottage, almost two years ago.  I've seen it on several blogs since, and still enjoy it.

A little grouping of milk, and cream bottles with some beaded serving spoons.

Some sweet vintage hand towels.
I tried to de-clutter by boxing things up, and sending them to St. Vinnie's.
Yet, I look around, and realize how much "stuff" there still is around here.
Oh well, we still have a few more weeks of winter. That gives me more time to box up a few more things.
If I look real hard, I'm sure I can find something.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring orders are arriving.

           It's the time of year that orders start arriving for my booth, "Seashells and Lavender".
The clock from the previous post was delivered with a few other items last week.
Don't you just love this cake pedestal?

I like to attach French tags to the items in my booth. The customers seem to like that little extra 
treasure they receive with their purchase.

Another wonderful piece is this cake plate.
I added this beautiful doily that Tete, from Beyond the Garden Gate sent to me, to enhance it's beauty.
(doily not for sale).

These cloches sold out, so I ordered more for Spring.
They are so sweet.

There are many more items coming in.
I will post about them once they are arranged in the booth, and things are set up for Spring.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Box it up!!!

After two weeks of going through the house, sorting through closets and cupboards, deciding what to keep,  what to send to St. Vinnie's, and what to send to my booth...I think things are finally settling in around this old lakehouse.

I have been ordering things for my booth, "Seashells and Lavender".
Sometimes I receive items with slight flaws.
Either I send them back to the supplier, or sell them at a reduced price.
Sometimes....I keep the item.
Like this clock.
It has a scratch on the glass, but unless you point it out to someone, it's not noticeable.

Instead of sending him back, or putting him in my booth with his twin brother, I decided to give him a home here at the lakehouse.

While sorting things last week, I took the wine rack off the counter.
It has more of a Tuscany design to it....and it never quite fit.
He will feel so much better at my daughter, Melissa's house....with all the roosters, and grapes, and bold colors.
The old French pie cupboard is back in place of the wine rack.
She was so happy to be back in her old spot.

Sitting next to her linen friends, and slate signs.
You could almost here her sigh....aahhhhhhh.

The wine is now gathered in this sweet little cart.
The bottles seem happier now that they can snuggle closer together.
I'm happier, because this is more my style.....vintage.
I'm sure there will be more things that will eventually find themselves in my booth, or at St. Vinnie's....but for now, things seem to be okay.....except for those wooden mashers, and rolling pins over there....hmmmmm.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Bonjour ami

Je vois le soleil!!
Il fait beau temps aujourd'hui.
Il fait du vent...but I'll take it!!!
The past few days it's been so cold and damp, it chilled me to the bone.

I'm still waiting for Monsieur Lakehouse to make that larger mantle for the living room, so I can move this smaller one to the bedroom.
I said I wouldn't shave my legs until he finished the task.
I'm not real sure who this is adversely affecting more.

I now have to wear slacks to church because my legs look like "chia pets".
My son in law says he believes in Sasquatch.
And...my granddaughter wanted to know if I wanted beads in the corn-rows.
One good thing...I don't need to wear long underwear while shoveling snow.
The bad thing...when the mantle finally gets finished, I'm going to need a machete to get through all this under growth!
Au revoir.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm procrastinating.
There is sooooooo  much I should be doing today.

God could make a whole family out of all the dust in this house!
Hmmmmm.....maybe He will, then I won't have to clean it up...
Just kidding.

I pulled all the slip-covers off the furniture, and washed it all.
Is it just me, or does white attract dirt to it like a magnet?
I'm beginning to see why Ray Romano's mother covered her furniture with plastic.

Mr. Lakehouse bought energy efficient appliances. I doubt he took into consideration I would be resetting the dryer on the "fluff" setting six or seven times for every load.
I'm not real good at unloading the washer, and dryer.

The first thing I have to do is clean Mr. Lakehouse's bathroom....I just hate having to put on that wet-suit, mask, and snorkel!! Since I've put on a few pounds, it's really a pain.

Oh well....I guess the  ammonia water is hot enough for me to start cleaning out the micro wave oven.
The hubs warmed up a bowl of chili yesterday without a cover. It looks like he cooked some road kill in there.
Time to suit up.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Could it actually be snowing?

Seems kind of silly that I would be taking pictures because it's snowing here in Michigan in February.
The thing is...just yesterday, we had no snow...just grass.
Last weekend I didn't even wear a coat when I was downstate. We all wore hoodies, and sweaters.
I came downstairs this morning to a very bright dining room. Unfortunately, it wasn't sunshine making the room so bright. It was snow.

The flakes are huge!
It's coming down fast, and furious.
I really don't mind. It's supposed to snow...it's winter!!!

We've only been dumped on a couple of times this year.
It's been a pretty mild winter so far.
Since we live in a resort town, the weather has hurt the businesses up here.
We could use some snow.
I actually like getting snowed in...as long as we don't lose power that is.
It's fun to have the fire crackling. A pot of chili on the stove. A jig saw puzzle on the table. Lonesome Dove playing. A pile of your favorite magazines, and a quilt on the sofa. Of course, and this is a must...your computer on and ready to blog hop the afternoon away.
So.....bring it on Mother Nature!!!! Let it snow!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A happy weekend.

What a beautiful weekend!
The weather was unbelievable.
The skies were sunny, and the temps were in the mid 40's.
Perfect for the drive downstate.

I stayed at my youngest daughter's home Saturday night.
I was surprised to find out that Melissa is starting to like antiques.
After years of dragging her to antique shops, and vintage stores, Melissa and her husband, Kevin, are now looking at antique pieces to decorate their home with.
She's always decorated in a more contemporary style.

When Melissa asked if I wanted to go to the antique mall with her Saturday afternoon, I had to act casual, when I really felt like jumping up and down with excitement.
Finally....one of my daughter's likes my style of "stuff"!!!!!  Woohooo!!!!!

I left Melissa's house this morning, and stopped in to visit with Kelly and her family for a little while.
We had a nice time.

From there, I drove over to Erin's house to spend some time with her family.
Erin is my middle daughter.
She always picks up things for me that she thinks I would like for the house.
Erin lives close to Target, and since they have Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line, Erin always finds something 
that goes well in my home.

Erin was looking at the Shabby Chic curtains for me...but they were all picked over, and clearanced out, so she couldn't find pairs for the bedroom.
Across the aisle were Xhiliration brand curtains.
(I  recently saw these curtains on two different blog posts, and thought they were very nice.
I really liked the layers of ruffles, and could imagine them swaying in the summer breeze.)
As soon as I got home this evening, I fluffed them in the dryer, then hung them on the window.
I think they add to the romantic feel of the room.
My girls bless me so very much...not just by the gifts they give to me.....by the way they keep me in their hearts.
Remember when your children were younger? They reached an age when their friends seemed to be more important than you as a parent were?
I'm so glad it changes back.
The girls actually want to spend time with me..... and I LOVE it.
I hope your weekend was happy.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Yes!! It's Friday!!

I'm excited for the weekend.
I'll be heading downstate to visit with my girls and their families.
I haven't seen our newest granddaughter in over three weeks.

Babies grow and change so fast.
I'm anxious to see how she looks.

Maddie called a few days ago wondering when I could go to her house and stay.
She just turned ten in November. I'm happy she still wants to spend time with her old granny.

Maddie's sister Charlotte will be there. Charlie is quite a "corker". She always gives me a run for my money.
Their baby sister is Olivia. Our newest addition.

I'm sure I'll have to stop over and visit with Ethan, Kayla, and Anson while I'm down there.
If I don't, they will, for sure, be at Maddie's house!

On my way back north I will stop in to see Zoey, and Sadie.
By the time I get home, I'm usually exhausted.
I try to fit in as much as I can in two days.

The two and a half hour drive down isn't so bad...driving back seems to drag for me though.
The weather is supposed to be mild, and sunny.
Depending on what time I leave, I like to stop half way up at Kohl's.
It helps break up the long trip...AND I can always use a pair of new earrings.
Enjoy your weekend!