Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mora clock...kinda'

My booth, Seashells and Lavender is filled. 
There were a couple of extra pieces that came home with me(that happens a lot). Sometimes the pieces end up in the booth at a later date...but most of the time, they live here at the lakehouse for a long, long time.
This clock was actually black, with gold trim.
It reminded me of the Mora clocks I've been seeing on some of the other blogs lately.

I planned on painting it a creamy white, then distressing it to make it look chippy and worn.
Amy, from Maison Decor, has done her last two posts on Mora clocks....ORIGINAL Mora clocks!
She has some gorgeous photos of them posted on her blog. Amy also gave the history of them on her latest post.
I do not have access to an original Mora clock, nor the finances to afford one.
So this "similar looking" one will have to do for me.
My home would not be appropriate to house an original Mora....but this pretend one fits in just fine.
Amy's home will be perfect for a Mora clock, however. Go over to Maison Decor, and take a tour. Amy really knows how to decorate like a pro!
I'm joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday.
Have a fun evening everyone!!


  1. What a nice clock and yes it reminds me of a swedish "Mora klocka" *smile*.


  2. I love Amy's blog with her original pieces, but I love yours equally well with your own take on items. That is just a darling "Mora" clock you have-I think this is one that might never make it to the shop. I guess you got EVERYTHING done at the shop then? Happy Tuesday to you- xo Diana

  3. Beautiful clock Debbie, even if it is not an original. I love the paint job on it too!

  4. Debbie, I do not know Mora clocks....but I think yours is adorable. Fits perfectly with your whites. Yes, you will probably keep it ahwile.:):) xoxo, Susie

  5. I think the clock is beautiful! And I love the name of your booth. I hope all is going well with it! :)


  6. OH MY GOSH! Where did you get that, Debbie????? I LUV IT LUV IT LUV IT! It would go so perfectly over here!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  7. I love it Deb, it does go so well in your beautiful home!

  8. Deb, love the clock and the makeover you gave it-just fabulous!!

  9. I love your clock...and it really fits your interior.

  10. What a really interesting clock, it's beautiful!

  11. HI Debbie! I love it!! I love how you call it a pretend clock! ha, that is so cute~mine came yesterday and I hope to get the pics up ASAP seeing as you have inspired me. I want to paint mine too, but for now I will show it in the color that it came. Thanks for linking to Maison Decor and saying such nice things, that is very sweet!

  12. gorgeous! I have the same one & did the same thing to it only in light gray & white-yours came out fabulous! :) chris

  13. Nice job on the clock, Debbie. Hope it goes tick tock for you for a long, long time. It looks really nice in your lovely home. Susan p.s. Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog, too.

  14. Your clock is beautiful. Love the distressed look. Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog, it made my day.



  15. I love your clock Debbie! It looks so pretty in your home. I can see why you decided to keep it.

    I'm sitting here looking out at a white world. We must have gotten half a foot of snow last night. The trees are all bent over with the weight of it. Did the storm reach you too?

    Have a lovely day! {{hugs}}

  16. Beautiful clock! Where did you find it? Thanks

  17. thats v cool indeed - great colours

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