Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mr. Lakehouse

I've been blog-hopping today.
How do you guys keep your houses so clean?????
Living with Mr. Lakehouse  is like living at deer camp 365 days a year!!
Shoes, socks, boots, coats, shirts, pants, hats.
Wallet, keys, glasses, cell phone.
Fishing poles, bait and tackle, hunting gear, and whatever else he's all left lying around the house and yard.
The poor man has no clue.

He loves to cook...and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how a person gets specks of 
grease on the ceiling above the stove?????!!!!!
You should see the stove itself after he makes breakfast! Why he even bothers to use a
pan is beyond me? He could just throw the eggs on the surface of the stove after he fries
Do you think it could be because everything is cooked at the highest degree?
The flames don't burn under the pan, they engulf the pan!!
The top of our stove looks like the back of a jet engine making ready for take off.

What in the world is it with the salt and pepper???? I doubt any of it ever hits the plate!
When you take the plate away after breakfast, you have a perfect circle where the plate sat...surrounded by 
salt and pepper!!!!!!  AND crumbs from the toast, and coffee, milk, and orange juice, and jelly, and butter, potatoes, etc.

When he's finished, there is always something else he must do besides the clean up.
I'd really rather do that job myself.
Using the frying pan to wash the dishes in isn't my idea of being sanitary.

Maybe I'm just being wenchy, but I like the table, counter tops, butcher block, and stove to be washed down with hot, soapy, bleach water....not cold, greasy, dirty water....that's IF he remembers to wash them
at all.
Watching as he slides the grease soaked dishcloth around and around the table makes my stomach lurch.

Don't take this wrong.
Mr. Lakehouse is a real sweetheart.
He's a "farm boy".
Sometimes I wonder if his mom ever let him stay in the house???


  1. Oh- I am so glad to know that I am not alone. I am always amazed by those women that have a helpmate in the house. Most days I feel like I have a Hellmate for partner. He is THE messiest man on Earth (well yours may be a twin). He cooks the same way (when I don't beat him to the draw). When our kids were little once in a while he would fix a meal and the kids clue that dinner was ready was when the smoke alarm went off (TRUE STORY)!

    And, the hamper! Why do I have a hamper? It is because there is a general area to surround with discarded underwear and Tshirts.

    However, he is good at preaching...and I seem to be the perfect congregation to preach at! lol Can't live with 'em- so- it's love em or leave em, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Too funny Debbie...I think we all hear you on this one! Especially the part about smearing grease around thinking they're cleaning it up:)

  3. Aww, I'm pretty sure you could be writing this about a lot of husbands out there! I think I've brow beaten my husband for so long that he now does a pretty good job of cleaning, but it will never be the same as what I do! I think some men aren't able to see what we see, or maybe it just doesn't bother them. It's probably a healthier way to live to not stress over every little thing...well except for the unsanitary parts! hehe

    Kat :)

  4. LOL- I have several of those guys...and you know we love them to death as we all want to drown them sometimes, its the little things they do that make all of that go away. Men, just another test in this lifetime, and one of our biggest blessings. ;)

  5. LOL! That sounds so much like home! The only difference is somehow you've worked the miracle of getting yours to cook for himself. How on earth did you accomplish that?

    Such pretty photos in this post, I love your style!

  6. Well Debbie he still sounds like a keeper to me! I think your home always looks lovely and very clean. Must be behind the scenes we do not see.

  7. made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. Yep, I have one like that, too. He has cleaned up his act a lot though. If he just kept his things in the house as neat as his garage...


  8. Debbie,
    I think it is a guy hubby is the same way. He took care of me and the house after I had my biopsy. I was thankful that he was there for me, but I kept thinking of all the things that I would have to redo after I felt better. LOL...

  9. HA! You're not alone, sista o' mine! lol! I just figure that God had me become Hubby's wife so that I could pick up after him. Simple as that. hehehe! And you know that your hubs and my hubs, being both farmboys, were just raised like that. You know...we can always use the comeback, "What!? Where you raised in a barn?" and have it be totally true. lolol! Salt and pepper on the table? How about sprinkling it from head height as he's cooking because (I think that) he thinks that's the way the chefs on TV do it. lolol! Gotta love'em, though! And just consider the source, Debbie. (They're MEN.......shhhhh!!!! Can't expect too much.)

    xoxo laurie

  10. Lol. Thanks for a much needed laugh tonight. In 30 years I doubt my husband has ever washed the kitchen table, but hes a great cook, so I don't complain ....too much. Although he used some tools a week ago, then left them on the floor in my office, where they still are. That makes me crazy.

  11. Debbie,
    Is my husband at your house? sounds like it!!
    He loves to cook to and the grease is everywhere! and he loves to not use the dishwasher and stack dirty dishes in the sink then fill it with water! yuck.
    i will keep him anyway!

  12. I hear you!!
    Don't get me started on the bathroom after he shaves!!

  13. Thank goodness, my hub doesn't try to cook! Litterbug, he is...papers, books, vitamin supplements, cups and dishes left around the house wherever he decides to light. But, now that I don't have a job, cleaning up after him fills the hours :)

  14. Put that to music and you have the theme song for almost all married women! It also applies to offspring for me..sigh...
    Has he had his eyes examined lately? I only see the dirt in my house when I rarely leave my glasses on when I come home .. Then I pop them on and YIKES...doggie hair tumbleweeds everywhere. <3

  15. How funny Debbie, Stush is the same way, he always cooks so I don't dare complain but it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen after he's done.LOL He also using my table and chairs as a clothes rack!

  16. I am going to have to buck the flow here and admit, my husband is cleaner than I least in some areas. He does a lot of dishes, and cooks many meals. He used to do laundry, but I told him to stop (he was ruining too many clothes).

    He picks up after himself better than I do, but when it comes to dusting or cleaning bathrooms he is blind. I can't complain though and I've learned to keep my mouth shut when he leaves crud in the sink after washing dishes. It took him 15 minutes to wash them and I only had to dump the strainer.

    I know all you ladies want him now...sorry, he's taken ;)