Sunday, February 19, 2012

Box it up!!!

After two weeks of going through the house, sorting through closets and cupboards, deciding what to keep,  what to send to St. Vinnie's, and what to send to my booth...I think things are finally settling in around this old lakehouse.

I have been ordering things for my booth, "Seashells and Lavender".
Sometimes I receive items with slight flaws.
Either I send them back to the supplier, or sell them at a reduced price.
Sometimes....I keep the item.
Like this clock.
It has a scratch on the glass, but unless you point it out to someone, it's not noticeable.

Instead of sending him back, or putting him in my booth with his twin brother, I decided to give him a home here at the lakehouse.

While sorting things last week, I took the wine rack off the counter.
It has more of a Tuscany design to it....and it never quite fit.
He will feel so much better at my daughter, Melissa's house....with all the roosters, and grapes, and bold colors.
The old French pie cupboard is back in place of the wine rack.
She was so happy to be back in her old spot.

Sitting next to her linen friends, and slate signs.
You could almost here her sigh....aahhhhhhh.

The wine is now gathered in this sweet little cart.
The bottles seem happier now that they can snuggle closer together.
I'm happier, because this is more my style.....vintage.
I'm sure there will be more things that will eventually find themselves in my booth, or at St. Vinnie's....but for now, things seem to be okay.....except for those wooden mashers, and rolling pins over there....hmmmmm.


  1. The clock is lovely with big numbers that you can see *smile*.


  2. Hi Debbie,
    I tend to do this too Debbie. I keep things that for one reason or another never make it to my booth. They just won't budge out the door no matter how hard I try! LOL!
    I love your pretty mantel with the clock. Love the wine storage too.


  3. Hi Debbie, this is a great looking clock and such a pretty display. The scratch adds to the charm, which like you said is not even noticeable.

  4. You had me with that 1st pic. LOVE, LOVE the clock.... I love clocks, collect them & I would have had to buy it from your booth, even with the scratch...
    Your pics are always so soothing....
    Hope you are well....

  5. Great clock and what a neat idea for your wine storage.
    Can u come clean out my house?

  6. Darling clock, Debbie! Everything in your kitchen looks so sweet and vintagey....just like you. Ummmm.....NOT that you're vintagey or anything - but you are sweet! lolol! I'm glad to hear that your booth is still going strong!! ♥

    xoox laurie

  7. Hi Debbie,
    Love the clock and it looks great where you put it.
    Hope you are doing well and enjoy your week!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  8. Love the clock Debbie, looks great on your mantel, I'd have kept it too!

  9. Love the clock. Have a thing for them. I need to do the same thing here. Just not the energy yet, but its coming. Been able to more every day now. I am so ready to be rid of about half of what I have. takes time. Big plans for me and Craig in the coming weeks. LOL
    Would like to have things done inside before spring comes along and calls me outdoors.

  10. I love your clock, he looks perfect with your other treasures. I hope you had a wonderful weekend sweetie, thinking of you!

  11. You have a movable feast of lovely objects in your wonder you're addicted to arranging and re-arranging!

  12. I would have kept the clock also, its very neat looking. I think its the time of the year where you just find yourself going thru the home,,,spring cleaning, finding new spots to add the new things we find. And of course ridding things we no longer enjoy.

  13. Hi Debbie: Where is your Seashells and Lavendar booth? In a flea market or what?

    Love all your visits and comments to my blog. Susan

  14. Love the dark pop that the clock gives that space!

  15. Everything looks fabulous and spring is such a wonderful time for looking forward and planning things isn't it...have a lovely week...Gail x

  16. Love the clock!!! Where can I buy one??

  17. OMG Debbie, that clock is so pretty! and the mantel it sits on is absolutely GORGEOUS! Did your husband make that for you? It's breathtakingly beautiful, really. Your home is very serene and calming, love it!


    I vowed to Michelle at Emerald Cove that I'd get out to see her one day, I'd love to meet you too!