Sunday, February 5, 2012

A happy weekend.

What a beautiful weekend!
The weather was unbelievable.
The skies were sunny, and the temps were in the mid 40's.
Perfect for the drive downstate.

I stayed at my youngest daughter's home Saturday night.
I was surprised to find out that Melissa is starting to like antiques.
After years of dragging her to antique shops, and vintage stores, Melissa and her husband, Kevin, are now looking at antique pieces to decorate their home with.
She's always decorated in a more contemporary style.

When Melissa asked if I wanted to go to the antique mall with her Saturday afternoon, I had to act casual, when I really felt like jumping up and down with excitement. of my daughter's likes my style of "stuff"!!!!!  Woohooo!!!!!

I left Melissa's house this morning, and stopped in to visit with Kelly and her family for a little while.
We had a nice time.

From there, I drove over to Erin's house to spend some time with her family.
Erin is my middle daughter.
She always picks up things for me that she thinks I would like for the house.
Erin lives close to Target, and since they have Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic line, Erin always finds something 
that goes well in my home.

Erin was looking at the Shabby Chic curtains for me...but they were all picked over, and clearanced out, so she couldn't find pairs for the bedroom.
Across the aisle were Xhiliration brand curtains.
(I  recently saw these curtains on two different blog posts, and thought they were very nice.
I really liked the layers of ruffles, and could imagine them swaying in the summer breeze.)
As soon as I got home this evening, I fluffed them in the dryer, then hung them on the window.
I think they add to the romantic feel of the room.
My girls bless me so very much...not just by the gifts they give to the way they keep me in their hearts.
Remember when your children were younger? They reached an age when their friends seemed to be more important than you as a parent were?
I'm so glad it changes back.
The girls actually want to spend time with me..... and I LOVE it.
I hope your weekend was happy.


  1. Glad you had a great weekend and came home with a treasure. I don't have girls, but I know what you mean when the kids want to be around you again. My boys find time for their momma!

  2. What a wonderful weekend you had with your girls, love the curtains, so pretty! I changed my style of decorating and so did my daughter I guess they have more of us in them than they realize:) Hope you had a great time with your grandchildren!

  3. Debbie- Sometimes it is hard to believe that my girls want to hang out with me instead of their girlfriends. lol I sometimes wonder if they are afraid I am getting older and won't be able to hang out with them forver. Whatever it is- I am blessed by it!

    Your room is beautiful and I LOVE those curtains. They are very romantic looking. Off to bed here soon. Packing for Florida tomorrow...and cleaning the house. xo Diana

  4. They do change...thankfully! Mine are doing it slowly. Since my oldest became an interior designer, she has shown a more greater appreciation of my shabby farmhouse way of decorating. The crazy way I mix things up. We learn so much from blogging, especially in finding what we love and seeing it in beautifully decorated rooms. She was a totally modern girl but had to adapt to all sorts of styles for her work. Now she sees me as a source for ideas. And she respects me!!!!

    I am happy that you are finding this with your daughter. I think our tastes always stay in the back of their minds and they revert to what is comfortable and familiar. No?


  5. Glad you had a nice weekend. Your room is beautiful. I especially like that lamp shade.

  6. Beautiful pictures.

    Regards from Sweden

  7. Hi...sounds like a lovely weekend !! those curtains are super nice....! It's about zero degrees here ...just getting the open fire started to snuggle up in front of...enjoy your week..Gail x

  8. Wasn't this weekend just beautiful!? I loved it and even had the windows open for a bit. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time and I love the curtains, they are so soft and so pretty in your room.

  9. I agree it is wonderful spending time with our grown children. Glad you had such a great weekend. I like the curtains too.

  10. So glad you had fun Debbie!
    I actually had a day out with my daughter today...made some great memories!

  11. Wasn't this weekend just beautiful, Debbie? Couldn't have asked for a more perfect one! I'm so glad that you were blessed with a happy weekend with your girls. You sure raised them right. ♥ Your new curtains make your bedroom look so romantic. Sure hope that Mr. LH won't want to take them down and wear them or!

    xoox laurie

  12. How fun it must be to have daughters to shop with. My mom was my best shopping buddy ever...

  13. So glad you had such a great time!

  14. I can hear the love in your voice as you write about your girls. It is so wonderful when they want to be with you. Jamie and I love to shop together. Her taste in decor is similar to mine with a slightly more modern edge.

    The weather was a little cooler up here, but still warm for this time of year. Enjoy the warmer weather tomorrow and have a great day!

  15. I adore those curtains Debbie. Watch out Target...I'm on my way...
    Isn't it great when our girls follow in our footsteps? Three of my four girl love the same style as I and one likes rustic cabin look. We all have so much fun shopping together.
    Thank you for your sweet note about my blog :)

  16. Well I never had the pleasure of having a daughter~but I always wanted one. Its so nice to read this story. Glad you had fun shopping at antiques and Target for the kind of stuff you love too. When my third son was born, he got a canopy crib anyway!! I had to get it out of my system, so I decorated it like he was Prince William!

  17. Sounds like you've got to great daughters!!! Love the pretty curtains too!