Wednesday, June 30, 2010

White on white

Good evening all you bloggers, and people that look at blogs~~~

I've set another table for Tablescape Thursday over at Susan's...Between Naps on the Porch.

I fetched some white dishes to put together a mix and match kind of table setting this evening. I thought I'd use the sun porch, and my recent purchase of white wicker chairs as part of the tablescape.

Pier One Imports always has odds and ends for great prices. Whenever I shop there, I try to pic up a few things that would make a sweet little mis-matched table setting.

The little butter plates are antiques...I just love them.

I also like to layer different textures of adds to the mix.

My tablescapes will never be as elegant as some of the others shown at Susan's party. I just don't have the dishes, or storage to put together anything as beautiful as some of the other bloggers...but I enjoy sharing what I have all the same.

You must go over and see all of the wonderful tablescapes. You will be amazed. Be warned...drooling might occur.

I enjoy looking at all of the different styles, and personalities that come through in each setting.

Have a wonderful evening everyone.




First blog award

Hello everyone~~~~what a sunny morning here at the lakehouse!
I'm excited to share with you about my first blog award.
Deborah Lynn from Green Willow Pond left the versatile blogger award at my site.
Thank you Deborah!!!!
We are supposed to share seven things about ourselves, then send the award to seven other new blogs that we are following.
Here goes.....I love the Lord, first and above all.
Living at the lake is a dream come true.
Decorating is a passion of mine.
Gardening is also one of my favorite things to do.
Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, is my very best friend and sister in Christ.
My family...hubby and kids, and grand kids bring me unspeakable joy.
I'm addicted to blogging.
The newer blogs I'm following:
Okay....Blondie's Journal isn't a new blog, but is a very favorite of mine. Jane is a kind and encouraging person. She was one of the first people that started following me.
Of course, Heaven's Walk. Laurie is a very talented lady that has an eye for decorating, and gardening. Her house is awesome!
My Shabby Chateau. Donna finds creative ways to re-purpose things found at yard sales and thrift shops. She can make anything beautiful!!!!
Gone North is a brand, brand new blog. Kathy works with "reclaimed" wool. She is a real sweetie. You have to go over there and see her sweet blog.
Holiday in the Sun. Becky is one of the most encouraging people I've met in the blog world. She lives in Florida, and shares her amazing photos of the beach and shorelines.
La Maison Reid. Nancy is another talented lady that shows her many projects that make her house a "home". She amazes me!
Zany Mayd. Cheryl is a fun lady that shares memories and photos that bring back sweet memories of growing up. So happy to have met her.
Well...that's seven. I could go on and on, but the award calls for just seven.
You really need to visit all of these blogs. They are encouraging, entertaining, informative, and all the bloggers are such a blessing to me.
Thank you Deborah Lynn for the award. You are the best!!! Go over and visit Deborah at Green Willow won't be disappointed.
Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wicker whites

Good morning's so cold this morning, our furnace came on! What is up with that?!
Our weekend was spent with my BFF from Heaven's Walk...Laurie. We spent Sunday at the flea/antique market, and found some awesome treasures. I found these wonderful wicker chairs at a great shop just down the road from Laurie's house.
My husband surprised me yesterday by cleaning them up, and having them all painted by the time I got home from work.

I put this little table out on the sun porch, and added the chairs around for a summer gathering spot.
The paper lanterns added a cozy feel last night as we sat on the porch watching the boats go by.
I think this little spot will be a great place for "happy hour" in the evenings, and also for tea in the morning. is good.
Enjoy your day.
I'm joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Stop over and check it out!
Also sharing with Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home. Take a trip over to see some wonderful treasures.

Monday, June 28, 2010

From trash to treasures

Good Monday morning everyone~~~after a weekend of storms here in Michigan, it's cleared up and looking great this morning.

It's trash pick up day....and I thought I'd share some things that have been saved from the trash heap.

These old half posts I found in a barn down in Indiana. They are standing all over the place here at the lakehouse.

Everyone knows about window sashes....they are like "gold" when you use them to decorate with.

Weathered wood can be used in several this frame.
I love old shutters...especially the ones that are aged with a beautiful patina.

Vintage ceiling tiles are one of my favorites to use in my house. LOVE the chippy paint on this one.
And old frames are a must around here!

Great old pieces from Victorian porches make wonderful points of interest.

My daughter removed lots of pieces from her house to update...and I scooped them up to use in my home.

Don't you love the detail in this tile? It's one of my very favorite treasures!!

Laurie, from Heaven's Walk, and I went to a HUGE antique/flea market this weekend...and we found these awesome industrial baskets. You really need to visit Laurie and see all of her beautiful finds, and what she's done with them.

The wicker headboard makes a nice backdrop for my furniture on the sun porch.

Using vintage pieces adds interest and character to your home. It's not for everyone...but here at the lakehouse, it's a passion of mine.

You know what they say about "one man's trash".........

Enjoy your day.




Friday, June 25, 2010

Garden Party

Good Friday morning to you~~~~
as I took my morning stroll through the gardens this morning, I realized a party was going on.
It was a wild one apparently, because it scared the birds off their nest!

These happy folks greeted me at the door.

There were all kinds of guests. Tall ones, short ones, and everything in between. Since my gardens are VERY informal....everyone just mingles. No one keeps to themselves. They all wander around, showing up just about anywhere in the crowd.
Since I'm not a real organized person myself...I fit right in.

Everyone was having a great time. Especially me.
Hope your morning is full of fun!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love of Lavender

Hello my fellow bloggers~~~It's a cool morning here at the lakehouse. I was out cutting some lavender...mmmmmmmm. I love that fragrance. It fills the house with such a wonderful scent.
I love hanging small bunches here and there. It looks pretty in a pitcher on a tray of teacups...and also infused in the tea as well. I also like to use it in vinegars to dilute the pungent smell, and add a softer flavor.

Adding lavender to your linens is a wonderful way to spread that heavenly scent.

Drying the heads and using it in sachets, and also sprinkling it on the floors before sweeping also helps spread the scent through your home.

Lavender looks lovely spreading throughout the garden. I love it's color...even the silvery blue of the leaves and stems.
The little flowers that open are so pretty.
I just love about you?
I'm sharing this with Secret Garden Cottage for Feathering Your Nest Thursday. Why don't you head over there and check it out.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A cup of tea

Hello everyone~~~it's time to join in the fun over at Susan's for Tablescape Thursday. Lets pour ourselves a nice cup of tea, and see who is visiting Between Naps on the Porch today.
I'm sharing my new cups, and "tea for one" pot and cup from Nature's Journey.
I fell in love with this tea pot with the hydrangeas on it. Just HAD to have it!
Then when I turned the pot around, I saw the lovely butterfly and delicate flowers. The cups have such pretty flowers, and French postage stamps on them.
The colors are wonderful!!!
On the front side, there are these nature scenes that
are so charming.

I knew this set would be great for a garden tea here at the lakehouse.

So...won't you join me? Relax, and enjoy your tea. I'm anxious to see what the others are sharing for Tablescape Thursday.
When you are finished.....come back and pour yourself another cup of tea.
I love it when you visit.
Debbie xxxooo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dreaming of Paris

Good morning chicabooms~~~~The sun is shining and the birds are's a lovely morning here at the lakehouse.
I would like to show you my guest bedroom today. I'm sharing this at Faded Charm for White Wednesday this week.
When I spent a month in France with my late husband and his family, we slept in an iron bed. It was gorgeous! The windows were huge, with grand shutters(and no screens). Every morning I'd wake up with three stray cats in bed with me. Where they came from is a mystery, since we were on the third floor of the home in Paris!
I always wanted an iron bed after that time we spent in France.
There was also a dressing screen in our room, and a wash stand. I have one that I'll share in a coming post.
When I put this room together, I wanted it to look like our room we had in Europe.

I had these hanging baskets in my shop, and brought this one home.

These bird houses were also a shop item.

I found the ceiling tiles while shopping at a local consignment shop. LOVE the way they look above the iron bed! The bed was sitting outside one of my favorite "cottage" shops here at the lake.

I added one of the pillows I made out of linen table clothes. The dressing screen I found at another local shop.
Once the room was put together, it reminded me of my time in Paris. Simple and sweet.
Great memories of a great time in my life.
I hope you enjoy the guest room. If you ever visit here at the lakehouse, you can sleep here...and dream of being in Paris.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

From black to beachy

Hello everyone~~~getting ready for another Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps on the Porch with Susan.
I thought I'd share my dining room transformation. My house was very "dark" primitive country for a few years. After painting the walls and beams and bead board, I wanted a brighter lake house look. I made the valances out of sailcloth, and added lots of bottles and shells. The chairs were painted white, and also a blue that I mixed to get just the right shade. The chandelier was painted white, and just recently the crystals and drops were added. The cupboards went from mustard, and black to white. I took up the oval wool rug, and just went with the wood floors.
I removed the dark country accents, and have been adding vintage items here and there. I cannot believe how bright and clean it looks now. I love the blue and green of the bottles and jars on the sills...reminds me of the water just outside our windows.
Hope you like the changes as much as I do!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Evening at the lakehouse

Good evening lovies~~~~what a wonderful time of day here at the lakehouse.
I was putting the fresh from the outside linens on the bed, and happened to look out the window. I caught a glimpse of the sun just as it was going down over the trees. AND hubby was out there watering the cottage garden for me.
The window box looks just as pretty from the inside as the outside.

It's so still and quiet, with just a single bird chirping his song.

What a peaceful feeling to know that God has everything under control. I had an overwhelming sense of joy as I watched from the bedroom window as life unfurled just a few feet away.
I didn't intend to post anything this weekend....but couldn't resist sharing such a gorgeous evening with you.
I hope you are enjoying yourself, wherever you are.
Sweet dreams.

Friday, June 18, 2010

I'm pooped

Good Friday to you~~~~It's been a long day for me. I had to drive my granddaughters back down state(which is a three hour tour) today. I feel a little jet lagged. After returning home, I took a stroll around the house to make sure the girls didn't forget anything. I noticed the window boxes are filling in nicely. Compared to the first pics I shared on here, the boxes are really looking good. As is the clematis growing on the porch rail.

The flowers on the water side of the house have brighter you can see. I enjoy red geraniums, and can't have boxes without them included. The boaters going by always notice the red flowers. All three of the windows have similar arrangements in them...yet aren't exactly the same.

I have a lot of work to do, getting the lakehouse ship shape again. I can't believe how active three little girls can be. Even so....I loved every minute of their visit.
Now for a nap.....