Friday, March 28, 2014

Bathroom redo...done, and Saturday Feature.

Finally, I get to share pictures of the upstairs bathroom.
I'm painting the trim today.
The hubster just finished caulking this morning.

For such a small room, it sure took him a very long time to get it finished!
Because it's so small in here, I can't photograph much.
There are new white subway tiles around the tub/shower.
We had the harvest gold tub re glazed white.
The bead board is white.
I painted the upper walls mushroom-white.
Hardware was replaced, and hopefully we will have new flooring in the near future.

I found this oh so sweet little hamper last year, and have been waiting to use it in this room.
The new shower curtain from "Summers at the Cottage" is hanging, and I just LOVE it!!!
My youngest daughter, Melissa, found the hooks at Target in the RA Simply Shabby Chic section(I forgot to get a photo). They look like clear glass door knobs.
I know you can't see much...but to the right, there's a little cove where the potty is...and that's about it. Even though it took a while to complete, it was worth the wait.
I'm joining Nancy for the monthly party Every Room In The House that she hosts at her beautiful, and fun blog A Joyful

If you stop by on Saturday, I'll be over at Kris' beautiful blog  "Junk Chic Cottage"  for the Saturday Spotlight Feature. Kris is a wonderful lady with a gorgeous blog!! If you like white, and shabby, then you will LOVE her blog, and her amazing home!!! Also, Susan at "Must Love Junk" will be featuring another blogger at her lovely blog!

Thank you for stopping by today.
Have a joyful weekend!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Working at the pharmacy....

I woke up, and pulled back the curtain to see a gorgeous blue sky with no clouds.
I would love to wake up to the sounds of birds singing.
Unfortunately, it dips down to single digits some mornings.
Our "spring" has been put on hold here at the cottage.

I don't mind waking up to silence on some mornings.
This morning wasn't one of those days, however.

I turned on the radio, and the "Happy" song came on.
Right away I was clapping, moving my feet, and had a smile on my face.
I guess when the birds aren't singing, we can always make our own music.

I wish we could listen to some "happy" music at the pharmacy.
Instead, we have to keep the radio on a station that plays oldies music day after day after day after day after day...........ugh. The same songs play over and over and over.......gahg!! affects your mood.
I feel more productive when I'm happy, and moving around, don't you?
At least they could give us a variety throughout the day.

Then there's the issue of some of us being a little more professional.
I agree....sometimes the laughing might get a little out of hand.
(I like a happy work place).
There are times, maybe, that not being able to breath because you are laughing so hard, might be a problem.....especially when the phone rings, or a customer needs to be waited on.
Yes, I can see where management might frown on this.

We probably shouldn't try to gross each other out with "I can beat that disgusting story" during work hours either.
AND when people that choose to live in their vehicles come in to pick up their meds, we should make more of an effort to not faint at the counter while waiting on them because of the extreme odors coming from their bodies, and clothing......causing more laughing from the rest of the employees.

The owner of the pharmacy is really good about letting us eat anything we want for free....except, of course, medications.  Drinks are only fifty cents. Which is a great deal, as long as we don't tell a joke as someone is taking a drink, and they spray it all out their nose, wasting it.
All in all I like my job. I like what I do there. I like the people I work with. I have made some really good friends that I can share things with, and know they understand how I feel.
That's not to say there isn't going to be problems once in a the music issue. Or a person that comes along that you would rather not have to work with. someone that doesn't follow the rules, or just rubs you the wrong way....not anyone in particular....just speaking in general.
I  hope your day is a good one. 
I have the weekend off!!!!  lol

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Using the weather to our advantage.

It's still snowing here in northern lower Michigan.
The temps are struggling to get out of the teens during the day.
This weather was great for our trip down state last weekend.
It was perfect for snow-boarding, and skiing with the kids.
It also works out well for getting things done inside.

I took a lot of the crystals off from the dining room light we took down last week.
I've been using them to decorate with here, and you can see in the first photo.
While down state, I went to my favorite antique mall with my youngest daughter, Melissa.
I didn't buy much, but I did find some small treasures to bring home with me.
An ironstone plate, two pitchers, a couple of doorknobs, and a few white pearl buttons.

Melissa and I also stopped at the Home Goods store so I could look around.
We don't have anything near our cottage, other than a Wall Mart. When I travel down to see the girls, it's always a treat to shop at the home decor stores, and specialty shops.
I'm supposed to visit with my niece on Saturday. After that, it will be back to working on the bathroom.
It seems to be taking quite a while to get that room finished.  I guess all of this adverse weather is a good thing for us here at the Lakehouse. It gives us more time to work inside the house.
Enjoy the rest of your week!!