Friday, March 21, 2014

Working at the pharmacy....

I woke up, and pulled back the curtain to see a gorgeous blue sky with no clouds.
I would love to wake up to the sounds of birds singing.
Unfortunately, it dips down to single digits some mornings.
Our "spring" has been put on hold here at the cottage.

I don't mind waking up to silence on some mornings.
This morning wasn't one of those days, however.

I turned on the radio, and the "Happy" song came on.
Right away I was clapping, moving my feet, and had a smile on my face.
I guess when the birds aren't singing, we can always make our own music.

I wish we could listen to some "happy" music at the pharmacy.
Instead, we have to keep the radio on a station that plays oldies music day after day after day after day after day...........ugh. The same songs play over and over and over.......gahg!! affects your mood.
I feel more productive when I'm happy, and moving around, don't you?
At least they could give us a variety throughout the day.

Then there's the issue of some of us being a little more professional.
I agree....sometimes the laughing might get a little out of hand.
(I like a happy work place).
There are times, maybe, that not being able to breath because you are laughing so hard, might be a problem.....especially when the phone rings, or a customer needs to be waited on.
Yes, I can see where management might frown on this.

We probably shouldn't try to gross each other out with "I can beat that disgusting story" during work hours either.
AND when people that choose to live in their vehicles come in to pick up their meds, we should make more of an effort to not faint at the counter while waiting on them because of the extreme odors coming from their bodies, and clothing......causing more laughing from the rest of the employees.

The owner of the pharmacy is really good about letting us eat anything we want for free....except, of course, medications.  Drinks are only fifty cents. Which is a great deal, as long as we don't tell a joke as someone is taking a drink, and they spray it all out their nose, wasting it.
All in all I like my job. I like what I do there. I like the people I work with. I have made some really good friends that I can share things with, and know they understand how I feel.
That's not to say there isn't going to be problems once in a the music issue. Or a person that comes along that you would rather not have to work with. someone that doesn't follow the rules, or just rubs you the wrong way....not anyone in particular....just speaking in general.
I  hope your day is a good one. 
I have the weekend off!!!!  lol


  1. Its always a good thing when you like your job and the people around you...even if they make you spew pop through your nose. I cannot imagine being one of those who lives in their cars, having to come in and face anyone trying to get the meds they need. They must be so embarrassed and you know that their self image is rock bottom. How awesome that they can come into a place where people are having such a good day, you know that has to rub off on them...and probably why they pick your store. Just one smile can make such a difference in a person's day. It may be the only 5 minutes of "happy" they have in their whole entire day. You always make me smile, grin and out right giggle at times, so I know how much you being there must mean to them. I hope you have a good weekend off and I wish your birds will start singing for you. ;) We are hitting 70 here today...and then it goes back to icky.
    Love you, girl.

  2. LOVE all of your photos today. Sigh.
    I laughed reading about the workplace... guess you could always change the lyrics on the oldies. :)
    Happy Spring, Debbie!

  3. Debbie, You should have some vick's salve handy. I always heard it's what the drs. put under their noses when performing autopsies. I feel like doing that if I get near a heavy know when their clothes are full of smoke. I worked with mostly men before I retired...they were like many more brothers...always a hoot around them. Maybe if you played different music very softly , they would let you change the station. Blessings for a great weekend...we may get more snow..bummer. xoxo,Susie

  4. LOL - Your post cracked me up! I want to come and work with you. Sounds like fun..

    The girls that work at our pharmacy are the best - good personalities, know a lot of their customers by name and always smile, even when they are swamped with work. And they work hard too. Enjoy your weekend my dear friend!

  5. I really enjoyed hearing about your job, and the icing on the cake was seeing your beautiful photos! I'm glad you have fun at your really makes it all worth while. And working with the public...the good feelings ebb and flow with the demeanor of the customer...that's hard. So have fun.

    I go to Walgreens. Sometimes the music surprises me...maybe it has something to do with a young manager, it can be downright funky! lol! I wish I saw more smiles, but these days with insurance being so frustrating, I can understand their worried, harried looks. Bless all of you that have to deal with our misplaced feelings.

    Hope you have a great weekend. Deb, :)


  6. You always make me smile when I visit your blog, Debbie! I know just what you mean Debbie about that boring old music! I remember once waiting in CVS for a prescription, and a Bee Gees song came on. All the sudden I was oh so tempted to start dancing, but of course I resisted, as I worried that people would think I was nuts! That must be challenging dealing with the public all the time. I am in love with all of your birdcages! That little vignette inside your birdcage is just adorable, what a fun surprise!! I will have to keep my eye out for some that I can redo (and this time keep, rather than sell!). Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh- What a fun post. I would NOT want to work with I would be wetting my pants laughing and you would get ME in all kinds of trouble-----I KNOW you would! It is great to work with people you can have fun with.

    I don't know what it is but our pharmacy AND our grocery store all plays the same old music all the time, too. UGH- xo Diana

  8. Glad you love your job Deb. I wonder why the always play oldies music! That would drive me batty!

  9. It sounds like you have so much fun at your job! (And I think a job should be fun! As long as you get your work done, what's the harm?)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  10. Thank you Debbie for shopping by, lové your vignettes, but then why wouldn't I ? They are just my rustic neutrals with aged grey's. nice to hear you love your job, I do too!

    Stay warm and embrace what ever spring gives you, we here on the desert have fickel weather as well, some mornings sunny, some grey and windy !

    See you soon.

  11. I am loving every picture in this post of your beautiful vignettes Debbie! You have such wonderful taste my sweet friend!
    I think you must be a blast to work with :) and I'm sure if we worked together, things would get out of hand in a hurry! The constant music thing would drive me crazy I'm afraid and I would probably quit after two days of it, but we could sure have fun for those two days :))))))
    Thank you Debbie for the sweet words you left about me on Kris' blog. You are such a sweet friend to me and I'm so grateful to know you.
    much love...

  12. Jesteś bardzo romantyczną kobietą , też kocham śpiew ptaków . Dobrze , że na wesoło odbierasz ludzi , rozumiem ,że czasami to nie jest przyjemne.:)